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Naked man charged with drunk driving

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  • Naked man charged with drunk driving

    Iowa City police say drunken driver was naked
    Posted: Jun 01, 2010 8:04 PM CDT Updated: Jun 03, 2010 8:15 AM CDT

    IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) - Iowa City police say they were able to track down a drunken driver who struck a street sign thanks in part to his clothing. His lack of clothing, that is.

    Police say witnesses told officers they saw a naked man drive away from a convenience store early Tuesday and hit a street sign.

    Police found the damaged car a short time later. The driver was gone, but police say they found the man, still naked, outside his neighbor's apartment.

    Authorities say the 20-year-old man had a blood-alcohol content of .189 percent, more than twice the legal limit. Police say witnesses from the convenience store were able to identify the naked man as the driver of the vehicle.

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  • ramsanddodgers
    Man in jail after sex romp in kilt
    by ramsanddodgers
    My first thought was we might need to take up donations for BRM's bail....

    Man in jail after sex romp in kilt
    The Associated Press

    FARGO, N.D. --A man was arrested on sex charges after an early morning escapade while wearing a kilt.

    Police say Nathan Blair, 24, of Moorhead, Minn., was wearing a black kilt when he exposed himself to motorists near a busy street and had sex with a woman in the backyard of a house.

    "In 17 years in this job I've seen a lot of different things. This is a new one," Fargo Police Lt. Pat Claus said Friday.

    Claus said Blair and a 20-year-old woman were arrested about 3:30 a.m. Friday after police found them having sex behind a home. The couple first ignored orders to "cease and desist," and then refused to cover up, Claus said.

    Both of them had been drinking, Claus said.

    "We've caught people engaging in amorous behavior before, but usually they stop when we ask them to," Claus said.

    Blair was still wearing a kilt and "FOR SALE" T-shirt when he appeared by video in court Friday morning. He pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor charges of fornication in a public place and indecent exposure.

    Blair's lawyer, Tanya Johnson Martinez, said she was still gathering information on the case.

    "We haven't seen any of the police reports yet so it would be premature for me to comment," she said.

    The woman had not been formally charged.

    Police received two complaints about a man exposing himself near one of Fargo's main thoroughfares. One of the complaints involved a sex act, police said.

    While investigating the incident, a friend of the couple directed police to the backyard of the home, Claus said.
    -07-27-2007, 07:52 PM
  • evil disco man
    Bengals' Nicholson arrested, charged with assault
    by evil disco man
    Bengals' Nicholson arrested on domestic violence charge
    Associated Press
    Updated: May 18, 2007, 11:19 PM ET

    CINCINNATI -- Linebacker A.J. Nicholson was arrested on a domestic violence charge Friday, the first arrest of a Cincinnati Bengals' player since commissioner Roger Goodell cracked down on misconduct last month.

    Nicholson already was one of nine Bengals players arrested during a nine-month span, turning the team into a prime example of player misconduct. The team had gone four months without having a player arrested.

    Police in nearby Taylor Mill, Ky., arrested Nicholson after a woman called 911 on Friday afternoon to say she had been assaulted by the second-year player. He was charged with fourth-degree assault, a misdemeanor.

    Goodell introduced a new conduct policy last month that stiffens penalties and holds franchises responsible when their players get into trouble.

    Nicholson, a fifth-round draft pick from Florida State in 2006, appeared in only two games last season, when he had a hamstring injury.

    Last March, Nicholson pleaded no contest to burglary and grand theft in Tallahassee, Fla., and was sentenced to two months in a work program. He had been charged with stealing electronic equipment and other items from the apartment of a former Florida State teammate.

    Nicholson was also placed on two years' probation, which could be jeopardized by his latest arrest.

    Taylor Mill police chief Steve Knauf said a woman called police to Nicholson's apartment at 3:10 p.m. on Friday, saying she had been hit in the face. The officer who responded saw that the woman had an injury by her eye.

    Nicholson wasn't at the apartment, but later showed up at the police station and was arrested, Knauf said. He faces up to 12 months in jail and a $500 fine if convicted.

    He was jailed in the Kenton County (Ky.) Detention Center following his arrest and released late Friday on $5,000 bond, jail personnel said.

    Bengals spokesman Jack Brennan said the team had no immediate comment because it was still gathering information on the arrest.

    The Bengals lead the league in off-the-field player problems.

    Receiver Chris Henry and middle linebacker Odell Thurman currently are suspended by the league for misconduct. Henry has been arrested four times since December 2005, and will miss the first eight games next season under a suspension imposed by Goodell last month.

    Thurman was suspended for all of last season after skipping a drug test and getting arrested for drunken driving. Last February, he pleaded no contest to drunken driving and received a 90-day jail sentence that was put on hold while he got treated for alcohol abuse.

    Thurman's sentence could be reduced at a hearing in June if he stays out of trouble and completes the treatment program....
    -05-19-2007, 12:48 PM
  • Nick
    Ex-Husker Alfonzo Dennard arrested in cop assault
    by Nick
    Ex-Husker Alfonzo Dennard arrested in cop assault
    By Sam McKewon and Sam Womack
    Published Saturday April 21, 2012

    Former Nebraska Husker football player Alfonzo Dennard was arrested on suspicion of assaulting a Lincoln police officer early Saturday.

    Lincoln police said Dennard, 22, was fighting with another man outside a bar near 14th and O Streets about 2:15 a.m.

    When officers attempted to intervene, police said, Dennard allegedly pushed and then punched one officer in the face.

    It took four police offices to take Dennard into custody, according to police.

    The injured officer is a four-year Police Department veteran. He suffered a minor injury to the left side of his face, but did not seek medical treatment, police said.

    Dennard was arrested on suspicion of third-degree assault on an officer and resisting arrest. He was also cited for third-degree assault in connection with the bar fight.

    He was expected to remain in jail over the weekend. A judge will likely set Dennard's bail amount at a Lancaster County Court hearing on Monday.

    An All-Big Ten corner last year despite injuries, Dennard is expected to be selected in next week's NFL Draft. He was a second-or-third-round prospect on most draft boards.

    The arrest could hurt Dennard's NFL draft stock, said Gil Brandt, senior draft analyst for

    "I don't remember this kid having any problems before at least that I knew about - but it'll probably cost him a round in the Draft," said Brandt, who will have Dennard ranked as his No. 74 overall player Monday. That's near the top of the third round.

    Referees ejected Dennard from the 2012 Capital One Bowl for fighting with South Carolina wide receiver Alshon Jeffrey. "I just got frustrated," Dennard told The World-Herald in February. "We, as a team, lost our focus. The game just got out of hand. ... I take that blame. I'm not that type of person. I think (the NFL teams) know that."
    -04-21-2012, 09:51 AM
  • LongTimeFan
    Joey Porter arrested for DUI
    by LongTimeFan
    From Sports Illustrated:
    HTML Code:
    BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (AP) -- Authorities say NFL linebacker Joey Porter has been arrested in Bakersfield on suspicion of drunken driving and accused of assaulting an officer and resisting arrest.
    The California Highway Patrol says the 33-year-old player was confronted by officers early Saturday in a fast-food parking lot.
    Porter refused to provide his driver's license and began to roll up his window when asked to leave the car. Police say that when an officer reached to unlock the door Porter slapped the officer's hand.
    Porter eventually got out and complied with orders, placing his hands behind his back. He and a passenger were arrested.
    The 11-year veteran recently signed with the Arizona Cardinals. He also has played for Pittsburgh and Miami.
    Read More:
    For those upset that the Rams didn't try and sign him, this may ease the pain.
    -03-27-2010, 04:44 PM
  • Chiledog
    Maurice Clarett arrested again..
    by Chiledog
    From SI...

    After being arraigned earlier this year on armed robbery charges, former Ohio State star Maurice Clarett found himself in custody again Wednesday after a highway chase.

    COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- "Maurice Clarett was arrested early Wednesday after a highway chase that ended with police using Mace on the former Ohio State running back and finding four loaded guns in his sport utility vehicle.

    Officers used Mace to subdue Clarett after a stun gun was ineffective because the former Fiesta Bowl star was wearing a bullet-resistant vest, Sgt. Michael Woods said.

    "It took several officers to get him handcuffed," Woods said. "Even after he was placed in the paddy wagon, he was still kicking at the doors and being a problem for the officers."

    Police planned to charge him with carrying concealed weapons and other counts, Woods said. He was taken to police headquarters to be interviewed, then was moved to the Franklin County Jail.

    Wearing tan jail-issue clothes, he talked on the telephone in the booking area, separated from reporters by a window. He was to be held at the jail at least until an arraignment Thursday morning, unless his attorneys work out an agreement for his release, police said.

    Clarett made an illegal U-turn on the city's east side and failed to stop when officers, in a cruiser with lights flashing, tried to pull him over, Woods said.

    Police pursued Clarett onto eastbound Interstate 70 when he darted across the median and began heading west. Clarett drove over a spike strip that was placed on the highway, flattening the driver's side tires of the SUV.

    Clarett exited the highway and pulled into a restaurant parking lot, where officers removed him from the SUV after he failed to obey numerous orders to exit the vehicle, Woods said.

    After Clarett was placed in a police van, officers discovered a loaded rifle and three loaded handguns in the front of his vehicle.

    Woods said he did not know where Clarett got the guns or why he had them, and that federal authorities plan to trace their ownership.

    The 22-year-old Clarett is currently awaiting trial on two counts of aggravated robbery, four counts of robbery and one count of carrying a concealed weapon in a separate case. Authorities said he was identified by witnesses as the person who flashed a gun and robbed two people of a cell phone in an alley behind the Opium Lounge in Columbus in the early hours of Jan. 1.

    Messages seeking comment were left Wednesday morning for Clarett's attorneys in that case, Nick Mango and Michael Hoague.

    Clarett scored the winning touchdown in the second overtime of the Fiesta Bowl against Miami to lead Ohio State to the 2002 national championship, the school's first since 1968. But that was the last game the freshman played for...
    -08-09-2006, 06:40 AM