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  • NFL Madden 2011

    People, please save you're money today. Go spend that $70 on some Rams stuff instead of Madden 2011.

    It had maybe one cool new feature and is definently not worth the money.

    It looks like Madden 2006. I think Madden 2010 was the best game of all time.

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    Re: NFL Madden 2011

    I could have told you this.... Regardless, good post. For the rest of you, you have been warned!

    Actually wait... have any gamers out there heard anything in regrads to the 2k lawsuit against EA? I'm tired of this one game monopoly b.s. and I personally always preferred the 2k series anyways.

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      Re: NFL Madden 2011

      Originally posted by mikhal5569 View Post
      I could have told you this.... Regardless, good post. For the rest of you, you have been warned!

      Actually wait... have any gamers out there heard anything in regrads to the 2k lawsuit against EA? I'm tired of this one game monopoly b.s. and I personally always preferred the 2k series anyways.

      Amen brother.

      I love the 2k series of football. ALL of my friends and I played 2k and refused to play madden. Until madden got mad and made them the only person in football games. I miss 2k5 so much. To be honest if they updated the roster I would much rather play 2k5.

      I'm glad I won't be buying 11, i didn't even buy ten just rented.

      Are the graphics the same as in the commercials? Because to me it looked like in the commercials that they went backwards in graphics from madden 10.


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        Re: NFL Madden 2011

        Yes they are much worse. Madden 10 in my opinion was the best game I ever played. It looks like they took Madden 2009 and just redid some minor changes and put some new features in.

        If they had worked off madden 2010 and just fixed a few glitches and dumb things, it would have been the best game ever!

        But I'm assuming if they did that, they would have nothing to do for Madden 2012, correct?

        My opinion, its terrible, don't get it. Or at least get the demo or rent it or something.


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          Re: NFL Madden 2011

          It's funny, I see these posts every year, then when I buy the game I see none of what they are talking about, including the player ratings.

          I looked up comparison shots of madden 10 and 11 and 11 looks a lot like 10 except with some sharper lighting and some other minor upgrades. Considering that consoles have limited graphics capacity before a new console has to come out, I'm not really sure why anyone is surprised. It's not a computer game (anymore) they can't upgrade the graphics massively with each new release, the consoles just won't support it.

          As for 2k, played it once, hated every second of it. I couldn't even figure out how to throw the ball to the receiver, let alone do anything else. If I want an overly complicated game I have better options.

          Madden is what it is, instead of freaking out over it every single year, just don't buy it, or do and accept its limitations. Not really sure why there's so much fuss every year.
          "I've been saving the Universe for over a thousand years. I figure it owes me just this once."


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            Re: NFL Madden 2011

            I am not high maintenance and if they honestly just kept Madden 2010 and put the new players in it I would have bought it.

            They totally screwed it up. I always liked the Madden series until now.


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              Re: NFL Madden 2011

              What's different about it? From everything I've seen and read it's the same game. The graphics look pretty similar, with some refining but no major changes and from what I've heard there's nothing catastrophic about the game play.
              "I've been saving the Universe for over a thousand years. I figure it owes me just this once."


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                Re: NFL Madden 2011

                Well, in my case. I owned and played Madden 07 exclusively until 2010 came out. I simply didn't think the other games were worth my hard money.

                If somebody else decides to go out and purchase 2011, more power to them. But, I hold my football games to a higher standard. A 213-87 record can't be wrong.;)
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                  Re: NFL Madden 2011

                  Honestly Madden doesnt change things very much from edition to edition. Your best bet is to buy a copy and wait 3 years and but another, that way you get a wave of improvment and not just minor updates every year. I dont really care anymore, I am not buying madden until the rams start having a good year again, I only play with the rams online and it is almost impossible to win with them online. I just bought NCAA and that will be my football game this year.

                  For the record I also prefer the 2k series.


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                    Re: NFL Madden 2011

                    I dont know what you are talking about dude, I completely disagree. I just played the demo and it seems like they took Madden 10 and they didnt improve the graphics BUT they improved the gameplay a bit, they added the playcalling stuff which is not bad and they improved the presentation. So in general I dont think they improved it by much, but they didnt take a step back like you guys are claiming.

                    PS I love the added branching animation on sideline catches, catching passes and not dragging your feet used to be my pet peeve in past games.


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                      Re: NFL Madden 2011

                      The last Madden I bought for myself as Madden 07 for the Gamecube. Had no real desire to spend 50 bucks for another upgrade. My brother actually got me Madden 10 for the 360 last year for Christmas, so when I do play, I use that, but I wouldn't have spent my own 60 bucks to get that.
                      I think they are suppose to start charging for online use if you don't buy the game new or something like that. I never play online anyway, but dang, they are really trying to get all they can out of this now.


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                        Re: NFL Madden 2011

                        Ehhh, the funnest game I've played was NFL Blitz, yes the rosters and graphics are all Stone Age material but the humor, unrealism, and penalties you can do deliberately provided me with some nostalgic fun. Sadly, Midway (the gaming company that made them) went bankrupt and EA, the managers of Madden nowadays only use their game as cash cow material, supporting them for a short period of time then afterwards leaving them to rot somewhere in time.

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                          6,000 Former NFL Players File Lawsuit Over Madden Likenesses

                          NFL Player Files Lawsuit Over Madden Likenesses
                          Posted Yesterday 8:04 AM

                          Former Bengals all-star running back Tony Davis, on behalf of over 6,000 retired NFL players, have filed a suit against Electronic Arts over the use of their likenesses in Madden NFL 09.

                          According to the players, Madden didn't use "classic" players' actual names or numbers, but did swipe the actual stats of well-known players. According to the court filing:

                          "EA's commercial exploitation of retired NFL players is both blatant and prolific, as the 2009 version of the Madden NFL video game contained over 140 'historic teams' containing likenesses of thousands of retired NFL players. EA was fully aware of its use of the retired players' likenesses was without authorization and that a license was needed."

                          "The only significant detail that EA changes from the real-life retired NFL players is their jersey number. Despite EA's 'scrambling' of the retired NFL players' numbers, the games are designed so that consumers of the Madden NFL video game franchise will have no difficulty identifying who the 'historic' players are."
                          Madden 09 allows players to edit the names of classic players too, essentially giving you the right to re-create the actual names of classic players, should you choose to.


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                            Re: 6,000 Former NFL Players File Lawsuit Over Madden Likenesses

                            I always wondered why classic teams never had names. I figured when they bought the rights to players names that meant current and past players.


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                              Madden 11

                              Seeing as Madden 11 is out soon i was wondering who everybody likes to add to their rams franchise? Last year i traded for Michael Johnson (DE Bengals) he was a star, him and Long formed a good partnership. I always end up getting a few corners too, because ours are badly rated! This year i managed to purchase NCAA football 11, so ill be able to import the draft class to this years madden, im definately drafting one of the big WRs when the time comes!!

                              Thoughts please....


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                                How do you think the Rams will fare in ratings? Seahawks and ***** are both 90 or over if i remember correctly!!
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                              • sjacksonrules
                                Madden, I hate you with a passion
                                by sjacksonrules
                                I see the update listing on pastapadre and I look at it hoping to see at least 7 updates theres 3......

                                First off I see Jason Smith OL STL Increase, from 85 to 86OVR
                                With him being our RT thats a good update because he is in I believe top 7 ranked RT's in the NFL on madden (not offical just a estimate) but wheres the update for saffold he played great and is only a 74 which makes mad because alex barron is 72 what is up with that? Just another reason to hate you madden.

                                Then I see Sam Bradford QB STL Increase, from 84 to 85OVR
                                I was thinkin cool that puts him up pretty high on the list for being a rookie. Freeman, ryan, and flacco are the only recent draft picks that are rated higher I would of liked to see a little higher maybe 86 but I am greedy lol.

                                Then I see Steven Jackson HB STL Decrease, from 95 to 94OVR
                                I am I thinkin to myself you have got to be kidding me.....

                                Steven was a 95 at the start of madden 11 and the season. Season goes on and he goes up to a 96. Then he goes down to 95. And finally now 94???? Are you kidding me madden.

                                They gave marc bulger a 2 point increase and he did literally absolutey nothing the entire year.

                                So seriously steven gets over 1200 rush yards , goes for 330 carries with 1 fumble the entire year (2 last year), scores a td in the pro bowl and goes down 2 point levels. Not to mention steven fumbles alot on the game for me at least and that shouldnt happen he doesnt fumble, EVER!

                                Madden YOU ARE A JOKE!!! I can not wait for the day that ESPN rishes from the ashes and strikes down madden and causes them to disappear entirely.

                                I am going to my local pawnshop tomarrow to buy 2k5. It honestly is still better than madden 11. I'll just custom make Sammy B and add a julio jones or something like that.
                                -02-17-2011, 09:11 PM