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  • Any Rams Fans Playing

    Call of Duty, Call of Duty UO, or City of Heroes?

    I do..

    What about fall of nations.. online browser game.. if you want to join, follow this link:

    Fall of Nations Game

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    Re: Any Rams Fans Playing

    I just got City of Heroes. You may see a character running around named... you guessed it... AvengerRam!


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      Re: Any Rams Fans Playing

      Which server? Archetype? Level?

      It's a pretty fun game, especially in groups.


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        Re: Any Rams Fans Playing

        I think he's on Infinity.

        I just created the character, and haven't even run him through the tutorial.

        He's a mutant/blaster with electricity based powers. The costume is - of course - gold and blue, and he had Ram horns.


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          Re: Any Rams Fans Playing

          Cool.. don't think I have anyone on infinity. I'm on Freedom, and have a Radiation/Radiation Defender as my primary.. lvl 50.. waiting on the next upgrade and the Kheldians.

          My next highest character is also on Freedom, a Fire/Radiation Controller.

          I tried an electricity blaster, but the main "gimmick" of electricity is the endurance drain of the enemy, and that didn't seem to be too valuable.. maybe it comes into play in later levels.

          If you have any questions about the game, let me know. There are lots of good web sites out there with information.

          For Halloween, they made some special villians, and you were able to go door-to-door "trick or treating". Then, you'd either get a "treat" of an inspiration, or a "trick" of 1-3 villians popping out of your level (or the highest lvl of someone in the team) It was pretty fun. There was also a monster on each level.

          The developers of the game are pretty cool.


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          • RamsFanSam
            Messages for the whiner fans?
            by RamsFanSam
            I promised I would return to their site after the game. I promised no gloating.

            Is there anything you wish me to convey to the dissappointed whiner fans? Remember, I promised I would be nice.
            -11-26-2006, 01:25 PM
          • hawaiianpunch
            The Best NFL fans
            by hawaiianpunch
            I watched this video today about the best football fans. And it made me a little upset. the part that made me the most upset was Torry Holt saying that the best fans in the NFL are from Pittsburgh.

            I believe that we as rams fans have to support them. ESPECIALLY FOR YOU FANS IN SAINT LOUIS. Now I know what a lot of you are saying. " We are 1-15 do you really expect us to go to every game?"

            I may be wrong about this. But the raiders suck. There fans go to all their games. They may not be sold out always but they always go in full force. I drove from Las Vegas to an Oakland game playing St. Louis, when the rams stunk. And the raider fans were in full force. After the rams had beaten them, I had to complement them on coming out for there team. And they really appreciated it.

            2 years ago when the rams played Pittsburgh and Chicago. I was watching the game and noticed that the rams fans there had dwindled. I heard more cheers on television for the other teams, then for the rams.

            Frankly I am shocked at our fans. Maybe Im over reacting cause i don't go to games in St.louis, and Im not there to see it for myself. And hey for all I know i could be over reacting so Im just saying my peace.

            St.Louis rams fans. Please "STEP UP" this year. I really never want to hear a future hall of famer of my team, say that another teams fans is that much better. Get a job, go to a game, be a true fan. If i lived in St.Louis I WOULD BE THERE EVERY GAME. "STEP YOUR GAME UP RAMS FANS."

            Love you guys though.

            -09-07-2010, 09:43 PM
          • Guest's Avatar
            Calling all Rams Fans Going to Sunday's Game
            by Guest
            I want to get together with some Rams fans at Lincoln financial Field. If we travel in packs the Philly fans might keep their comments to themselves ;). Please let me know if you will be attending this game.
            -09-02-2008, 08:56 PM
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            Rams fans= class; Seahawk fans= scum
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            Bunch of classless scum in Seattle. I understand class is an overrated part of sports fanatics but this goes way beyond the line and shows why you guys have decent fans that actually talk football and strategy and are not the dirtbags that call themselves Seahawks fans.

            Seahawks Huddle - Home of the 12th Man :: View topic - Welcome Giants fans: Wednesday's Jokes of the Day!
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          • RamsFan16
            Props to the Fans at the EJD.
            by RamsFan16
            I'm not going to lie, I expected it to be very quiet given our 5 game losing streak, but the Fans today were louder than any game this and last season. It was very suprising and reassuring that our fans actually care about football in St. Louis and that there are some that go to games!!!

            It was loud there all day!
            -11-26-2006, 02:16 PM