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Just walked on a d1 football team.

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  • Just walked on a d1 football team.

    Interesting life I've had. I joined the army out of high school in 2008 and got out in 2013 to go to school full time. I tried out for the football team a couple weeks ago with my school, The University of Maryland, who are in the big 10, and I made it as a wide receiver at 5'11" and 188 lbs.

    The most interesting part, is that my wide receivers coach is one who coached both Tavon Austin and Bailey, pretty cool!

    I'll make the Rams roster one day and give a shout out to my fellow clanrammers! One can dream, right?

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    Dude that's awesome, congrats man!

    I hope you make the most of it, keep us posted!


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      Well done and hope you do well

      Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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        Good luck my friend! Congrats!
        Carolina Panthers @ Denver Broncos 2/7/2016 CBS 6:30PM EST Santa Clara CA!


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          Go for it! And best wishes amigo.


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            Unfortunately, guys that get drafted in the first round don't get to pick which team they play for. So you might have to wait a few years on a different nfl team before your agent can get you inked with the Rams.

            Best wishes bro. Go get em


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              Congratulations and good luck!


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              • Trevor
                Just walked on a D1 football team.
                by Trevor
                Interesting life I've had. I joined the army out of high school in 2008 and got out in 2013 to go to school full time. I tried out for the football team a couple weeks ago with my school, The University of Maryland, who are in the big 10, and I made it as a wide receiver at 5'11" and 188 lbs.

                The most interesting part, is that my wide receivers coach is one who coached both Tavon Austin and Bailey, pretty cool!

                I'll make the Rams roster one day and give a shout out to my fellow clanrammers! One can dream, right?
                -03-01-2016, 07:07 PM
              • MauiRam
                Austin relishes St. Louis escape
                by MauiRam
                By Jim Thomas

                Despite all his achievements and accolades at West Virginia, wide receiver Tavon Austin didn’t realize how many friends he had until he was chosen eighth overall in the NFL by the Rams two weeks ago.

                “Everybody expects a lot of things from you as far as money,” Austin said. “Everybody wants to be around you. My phone doesn’t stop ringing now. It feels like they’re counting my bank account now. So that’s probably the hardest thing for right now — just people.”

                People who are coming out of the woodwork, long lost relatives, “cousins” he never knew he had.

                “Oh, I’ve got a lot of cousins now,” Austin said. “The whole (city of) Baltimore is my cousin now. We’re just gonna try to keep focused and let my mother and all them handle it.”

                Austin, who is from Baltimore, already has changed his phone number.

                “So hopefully, it doesn’t get out again or I’m going to change it again,” he said.

                Welcome to that fishbowl otherwise known as the National Football League.

                With that in mind, Rams Park provided a safe harbor this weekend at rookie minicamp, with long days of meetings, installation periods, weight training, practice and more meetings.

                After all the pre-draft hype and buildup, it’s a safe bet that no one assembled at Rams Park was happier to get back to football and back on the field than Austin.

                “It means a lot,” he said after Saturday’s practice.

                Now, the adjustment process begins.

                On Friday and Saturday, Austin and the rest of the offensive players got about a dozen plays each day to learn. The verbiage in each play call is much lengthier than Austin had at West Virginia.

                And here, he’s getting the call in the huddle instead of looking at signals on the line of scrimmage as was the case with the Mountaineers.

                “You’ve just got to stay in your playbook and when you get out here, don’t worry about messing up,” Austin said.

                Helping him out is a familiar face. Fellow wide receiver and former Moutaineers teammate Stedman Bailey now is a Rams teammate.

                They have been roommates this weekend and spent Friday night studying the playbook in their hotel room.

                The studying apparently paid off because Austin said he had fewer mental errors Saturday than he did Friday.

                “I cut ’em down to a minimum,” Austin said. “I made a couple plays today, so I think the day went well.”

                Actually, he made more than a couple. Like a lot of skill position players, as well as the defensive backs, Austin had trouble with his footing on more than one occasion on a wet, slippery field Friday.

                But it was sunny and dry Saturday, and Austin showcased his speed and quickness during one-on-one and seven-on-seven passing drills.

                Blink and you missed him as a defensive back...
                -05-12-2013, 01:32 AM
              • MauiRam
                Rams rookies Tavon Austin, Stedman Bailey have something to prove.
                by MauiRam
                By Ryan Van Bibber

                Both players know they have a big role in turning around a struggling offense. They're ready.

                This is another busy offseason week for the St. Louis Rams. The team starts OTAs on Tuesday. For the new players, this year's rookie class, this is just another action-packed week in a hectic span that's been going on since January. But at least this week, the players have the coaches and veterans on hand as they dive deeper into the transition from college to the pros.

                "Oh man, it's is definitely crazy," Tavon Austin told TST last week at the NFLPA Rookie Premiere in Los Angeles, "just to see how many different positions I have to learn. After you relax, you start picking it up, but it's still kind of hard."

                To be exact, Austin has three positions to learn. The Rams have him working on the outside as well as anywhere and everywhere on the inside.

                "We work with a chip on our shoulder because we want to prove that we're very good wide receivers."-Stedman Bailey

                The Rams' first-round pick has a familiar face making the jump with him: former West Virginia teammate and fellow wide receiver Stedman Bailey, who was drafted by the Rams in the third-round. The two are roommates, for now, and helping each other learn offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer's playbook.

                "We're both learning the playbook together," Bailey said. "We get to quiz each other before we go to sleep, going over everything we went through in practice.

                "We understand each other very well," Bailey said of his Mountaineers teammate. "I know his strengths; he knows mine. We use our strengths to our advantage on the field. We work with a chip on our shoulder because we want to prove that we're very good wide receivers."

                Bailey compares himself to Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers. Both tend toward the smaller end of the spectrum for players at that position, but over the year's Smith has established himself as one of the most reliable pass catchers in the game.

                "He's not the tallest guy around but he makes amazing catches and plays with a chip on his shoulder every snap," Bailey said. "I admire that about him. I try to model my game after him."

                Austin doesn't offer a comparison for himself.

                Their attitude is exactly what it should be for rookies. Both players are obviously hungry to make their mark on the game, but that's only a starting point.

                Jumping from the college game to the NFL isn't easy, especially for wide receivers. Like most teams, the Rams have seen their prospects grapple with the transition. Brian Quick, the first player picked in the second round of the 2012 NFL Draft, saw his playing time limited during the season after struggling to learn the finer points of the pro game in training...
                -05-21-2013, 10:37 PM
              • Richbert88
                5 Benefits of having Tavon Austin & Stedman Bailey together.
                by Richbert88
                Via Bleacher Report (so take it with a grain of whatever)

                Prior to the 2013 NFL draft, fans and media members alike had a feeling the St. Louis Rams would select two wide receivers. The only problem was no one knew who those two receivers would be. Names like Cordarrelle Patterson, Tavon Austin, DeAndre Hopkins, Robert Woods and Justin Hunter were all logical early-round choices.

                Austin’s stock rose considerably as the draft drew near, so the possibility of drafting him looked bleak. But the Rams didn’t let his ascension into the top 10 scare them off. St. Louis’ front office pulled the trigger and executed a blockbuster draft day trade with the Buffalo Bills to ensure its selection of the first-team All-American.

                That meant the selection of one wide receiver was down with one to go. In the third round, no one believed the Rams would select another West Virginia wideout with Quinton Patton and Da’Rick Rogers still on the board.

                Rogers ended up going undrafted for off-the-field issues, and Patton wasn’t held as in high regard as Stedman Bailey, so St. Louis made the move.

                Drafting Bailey meant the organization drafted two wide receivers from the same school in the first three rounds of the draft. That’s not something that happens everyday. Yet, it didn’t matter that both players went to the same school. The only thing that mattered was the on-field ability of both players. Less than two months in, the move appears to already be paying dividends.

                Let’s break down the five benefits of having Austin and Bailey together in St. Louis.

                Learning Together:

                No one person learns new material the same way. Some people are categorized as visual learners, while others are categorized as auditory or kinesthetic learners. Whichever style of learning best suits you will ultimately help you digest something new and fresh—just ask two of St. Louis’ newest additions.

                Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey were college teammates and the best of friends at the University of West Virginia. Their tight bond on and off the field helped the Mountaineers turn in the 12th best offense in collegiate football last year. Moreover, their strong work ethic helped one another land in the NFL this past April.

                Since entering into the NFL a short time ago, Austin and Bailey have been viewed as integral pieces of the Rams offense in 2013. General manager Les Snead and head coach Jeff Fisher have big plans for both rookie wide receivers. So, it only makes sense that the organization decided to put the two players together during organized team activities.

                As roommates, Austin and Bailey will help one another make sense of a foreign language (St.Louis’ playbook). Here’s what Bailey told Ryan Van Bibber of "We're both learning the playbook together. We get to quiz each other before
                -06-29-2013, 01:24 AM
              • MauiRam
                Bailey Brings Big Play Potential
                by MauiRam
                Nick Wagoner Senior Writer

                Although he measures in at less than 5’9, Tavon Austin’s outsized statistics and talent have a way of casting quite a large shadow.

                Heading into this year’s NFL Draft, Austin’s electrifying combination of speed, athleticism and production had every NFL team raving about his potential as a NFL-caliber game breaker.

                And while Austin was plenty deserving of all of those plaudits, one of his West Virginia teammates was lurking in the shadows with numbers that in some categories actually trumped those of his teammate.

                If Austin’s numbers were reminiscent of a video game console, Bailey’s were something straight out of an arcade.

                So when the Rams found themselves on the clock ready to make the 30th pick in the third round, No. 90 overall, they paid no mind to the fact that they’d already landed Austin and wasted little time taking the opportunity to double down on Mountaineer wideouts.

                “I think you have to look at it from this standpoint: We had them on the board based on their grades, not based on what school they attended,” Rams coach Jeff Fisher said. “(Bailey) was up there. He was high and it was a great opportunity for us. The staff has already gotten several calls from clubs that were a little disappointed that were right behind us – that’s usually the case. He’s a great young man and is very, very talented. Both of them (Bailey and WR Tavon Austin) had outstanding workouts.”

                To Fisher, Rams general manager Les Snead and their respective staffs, Bailey was far from a secret. They were well aware of his exploits and had invited him to St. Louis for a pre-draft visit.

                But when the Rams delegation went to Morgantown to put Austin through a private workout, quarterbacks Kellen Clemens and Austin Davis knew that Austin was high on the Rams’ radar.

                What Clemens and Davis didn’t know was that the other receiver they’d be throwing to was also well-regarded and quite talented in his own right.

                By the time the respective workouts were finished, Clemens and Davis couldn’t help but gush about what they’d seen from Bailey.

                “I think that going to that private workout, hearing what our quarterback said about this kid, I think ESPN or whoever said he’s got some of the best hands in the draft,” Snead said. “That’s kind of what’s been reported. But to hear the quarterback say, ‘This guy is 5’11, whatever, but it’s like throwing to a 6-foot-3 guy. He goes up and gets the ball.’ So I think that private workout really helped solidify that pick for us.”

                For his part, Bailey said he got positive feedback from the Rams upon completion of the workout though it was hard to get a read on anything during the process. That’s because there were some people not involved in the workout milling about and Fisher had done his best to maintain a poker face, at one point even asking...
                -05-07-2013, 12:47 AM