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  • Looking for Advice - New TV...

    Well, I was surprised by the responses for Utter's new Car Advice, so I thought I would also try to draw upon the Clan's Body of Knowledge.

    I am in the market for a new TV. A flat screen job - oh... 37-42 inches. With the new season on the horizon I want to be ready .. if you get what a I mean.

    So, if you have one and like or dislike, let me know.

    The prices down here in GA are around $2,300 and up. Best Buy is selling a Toshiba 42" for 2,300 ($1000 off as they make way for the upgrages).

    I have been watching prices come down, and have never been one to buy the newest and hottest tech gadget.

    Have also come to understand you either buy plasma or LCD - both are reported to have a 7 - 10 year screen life, which is a little perplexing!

    Please advise.

    GO Rams!!!

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    Re: Looking for Advice - New TV...

    A friend of mive had a plazma tv.she said that the gas that goes through the screen some what dried up and caused some real funky poop.She said never would she buy one again.This happened to her about 3 years into ownership.

    Hearing this,I'd say go with LCD.I'll be looking for a new TV in a few months also,I'm thinking about LCD.Have a great Toshiba right now, I've had it for 8 years,still works great,but the buttons are gone.If I didnt have a remote I'd have to change the channels and adjust the volume with a pencil.


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      I need to get a new car, this weekend most likely. My Jeep is a 93 Grand Cherokee and it is pushed my limits lately. It got new exhaust and a new radiator. The new radiator was defective and the transmition fluid mixed with the anti-freeze. Not so good for the transmition. I put another radiator in it, but now I am getting a bad feeling that tells me it probably has a head gasket leak. I hear gurgling. Oh yeah and a couple of weeks ago on a start of a trip down to NC, one of the calipers locked up. New rotors, and new calipers required. Money pit.
      :tut poor jeep

      So anyways. It is time for a new vehicle. I never buy new, so I am out of my element here. Does anyone have any recommendations for me?

      I need room for the dogs to be fenced in the back, and I need to be able to haul stuff. It pretty much has to be an SUV, since I don't want to put the dogs in a open truck bed.

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      What new albums have you recently purchased (or downloaded, or burned) that you would recommend?

      Here are a few I recommend highly:

      Garden State Soundtrack
      Loved the movie. Love the soundtrack. Great selections from The Shins, Zero 7, Colin Hay, Frou Frou, Bonnie Somerville and Simon & Garfunkle. Its rare to have an album with so many artists and not one throw away song.

      Green Day: American Idiot
      Okay, so its not that new, and hardly obscure, but if you've only heard the singles, you should give the album a listen. Its kind of a punk rock opera.

      Sarah McLachlan: Afterglow Live
      Two disc album has a concert DVD and CD. Great selections from new and old materials, plus (on the DVD) a nice cover of the Beatles' "Blackbird."

      Sarah Harmer: All of Our Names
      I've mentioned her before, and she has become one of my favorite artists. She's a singer/songwriter with a great voice.

      What is everyone else listening to?
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      Check it out!

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      I finally broke and decided to buy myself a hobby. Last week I purchased a 1976 Corvette. I plan a couple year restoration on the car with a major paint job next summer. The car is very sound and has only 17,000 on a rebuilt 383 stroker. A paint job and a few interior replacements and the car will be cherry.

      Bet you can't guess what color I am painting it. Metallic Rams blue!!

      I'm pumped! Heading out now for a ride around the lake.

      Anybody else into some of the old classics?
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      Let me be clear here... I like technology as much as the next guy, but it seems like there are a lot of things that people are apparently spending money on these days that I just don't get.

      So, maybe I'm just getting old, but...

      1) I will NEVER spend more than $50.00 on a cell phone.

      2) I will NEVER spend a penny extra for features on my cell phone such as a camera, video games or fancy ring tones (and, while I'm on the subject... who would spend their hard earned money to download extra ring tones for their phone?).

      3) While I'm sure I will one day buy an MP3 player, I'm in no rush. I figure that eventually the prices will shrink to virtually nothing (kind of like DVD players, which I also waited a long time to buy).

      4) I get really annoyed at the commercials that try to make it seem like OnStar and GPS systems in a car are NECESSITIES.

      5) Given how lame TV has gotten, is a Tivo really a necessary item?
      -08-20-2005, 10:10 PM