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  • Some serious thoughts...

    Guys, I haven't been on the Clan much lately - something about homework, family, and other responsibilities getting in the way - but, I think we should all remember some serious things on opening day.

    I'm sure most of you have heard by now about Caligirl - Cheri passed away recently. Don't forget to remember her family in your thoughts.

    Also remember the family of Drew Wahlroos, former Rams LB, who committed suicide this week.

    Adam Carriker, former Rams DL, had to rush his two year old daughter to the hospital recently. She aspirated a peanut and it turned into a serious lung infection. She is now home, seems to be recovering well, but did have to celebrate her third birthday away from her twin sister while she was still in the hospital.

    If anyone remembers a former member named Yoda, he lives in a suburb of Houston, and his home was seriously damaged by hurricane Harvey. He and his family are safe, but it will take them years to recover their losses.

    AvengerRam, aka RamsFanEsq, lives in the Orlando, FL, area, and he and his family are in the path of Irma. Remember them in your thoughts, as well.

    I doubt if anyone remembers Yakira (my daughter), who was more of a Danny Amendola fan than a Rams fan, and her husband Andy, live in Margate, NW of Ft. Lauderdale. While they aren't in the direct path of the eye, they are getting 75 MPH winds and heavy rains along with the occasional tornado warning. I would appreciate everyone remembering them in your thoughts too.

    If I have forgotten anyone, I apologize. Sometimes, we need to take a break from the football to remember life gets serious - and this is one of those times.

    If you know of anyone else, PLEASE add them to this list!

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    Nice thoughts, RFS, I too, was hoping the people in Florida would be spared catastrophic loss. I grew up there and still have friends there. Hoping our current members and all others make out ok.

    And God Bless all others mentioned here.


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      Good luck to you an your family RFS... Also my neice and her family live in Florida so it is on my mind as well. Hope all in these tragic days recover and are safe from the storms that are ravaging this part of our country now~!


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        Thanks, Sam! We made it through fine (still waiting for our electricity to return). Nice to have the Rams, this site, and a Week 1 win as positive distractions!