Youtube Channel??

So I noticed that after every game their tends to be anywhere from 3 to 5 instant reaction videos (even some during game streams) talking about our opposing team and how they did. The good, the bad, the ugly, etc. I was and have been debating for some time now to start a Rams channel because I feel their is not enough rams content on the web especially on Is this something people would be interested in watching? I have done youtube before so this would not be too new to me but ever since I can remember as a Rams fan this site has really been the only outlet where I can find true team discussions. I have been with this site now since at least 2005 if not sooner. Just an idea but i would love to hear other people opinions. I have even put a poll to get the communities opinion.

(I know it says my join date was Mar 2010 but I actually had an account prior to that but forgot my password and could not get into my email. Old account was StoneColdTavonAustin but also had this one made for some reason linked to my other email which I still have access to)