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Right Place, Wrong Time - RIP Dr. John

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  • live4ramin
    Harbaugh Babys
    by live4ramin
    What's with these Harbaughs? If they're not throwing a girlie hormonal fit, they're up someones butt trying to get their way.

    Manoman. Numerous shots of Jim's tantrums and then John chewing ass on a powerless stadium official.

    What was it like in that house? Someone needed a time out.
    -02-04-2013, 09:39 AM
  • AvengerRam_old
    I look forward to the end of the blind squirrel regime
    by AvengerRam_old
    Sometimes the truth is clear, but we don't face it head on because we just don't want to believe. That probably explains my mindset during the reign of the "Three Blind Squirrels" (Georgia Frontiere, John Shaw and Jay Zygmunt). I simply did not want to believe that the Rams organization was being held back from the very top.

    Of course, the glory years of 1999-2001 made it easy to argue that our ownership/management team was, at a minimum, adequate. But, as many have pointed out recently, that was a mere blip on a long-time trend of mediocrity (or worse). Thus, our "Blind Squirrels" stumbled upon the proverbial acorn.

    From what I'm reading, though, the end may be imminent. It is clear that Georgia Frontiere's failing health will result in a transfer of ownership before long. Once that happens, we may see wholsale changes at the top. Truth be told, the owner of the Rams in... say... 2009 or 2010 may be a person who's name we don't now know, or at least have not contemplated.

    So, though I've been pushing for change at the coaching level, perhaps it even bigger than that.

    2008 may be status quo, but I think there are some big changes on the horizen, and that is something to truly look forward to.

    Heck, I waited 20 years between the Rams Super Bowls before. If it must take a few years to become the type of franchise we can really be proud of, I'll wait again.
    -12-24-2007, 09:49 PM
  • RamWraith
    ow that Jay-Z is out, success is possible
    by RamWraith
    By Bryan Burwell
    Tuesday, Dec. 23 2008
    The final hours of the Jay Zygmunt era ended early Monday morning,
    appropriately enough in a nebulous haze. By the time most of the second-floor
    employees began filtering into Rams Park, the dethroned team president and
    general manager had already vanished from the premises.

    His office walls were bare. His desk and shelves cleared of any traces that he
    was once there. By 7:30 a.m., no one was quite sure when he had left or under
    what terms.

    It would be several hours before a press release would be issued, and it hardly
    illuminated much. Just after 5 p.m., a one-page release was quietly issued in
    the pressroom. All that could be culled from it was that the man who had helped
    put together the brick and mortar of the Greatest Show on Turf era, then
    foolishly helped tear it down brick by brick, had "mutually agreed that he
    would not return" to his duties next season.

    Was he fired or did he quit?

    Did he retire with dignity or was he shoved out the door kicking and screaming?
    What does it really matter at this point? Let's not quibble over semantics. You
    can call it a "dismiss-ignation" or an indefinite sabbatical at gunpoint for
    all I care. All that really matters is that Zygmunt has finally left the
    building and the first critical step in the long overdue reconstruction of this
    tattered and dispirited franchise is now officially under way.

    If a highly skeptical St. Louis sporting public was waiting for tangible proof
    that owner and managing partner Chip Rosenbloom was serious about changing the
    losing culture of his organization, Zygmunt's departure is that first bit of
    valid evidence. No matter what Jay-Z's revisionist spin doctors say to defend
    him, Zygmunt's fingerprints are all over the inexcusable crime scene of this
    franchise's rapid fall from Super Bowl champ to NFL laughingstock.

    But rather than waste time debating with foolish surrogates and blithering
    gasbags over past facts already in evidence in NFL circles, let's instead deal
    with the future of the Rams as a legitimate organization. If you mill about the
    corridors of Rams Park these days, there is a sense that the restructuring of
    the organization means things are finally moving in the right direction.

    At the turn of the century, the Rams looked like a potential dynasty. Everyone
    got along. Everyone stayed in their lanes. Over here were business types doing
    contracts, crunching numbers and analyzing salary cap implications. Over there
    were the personnel gurus, brilliantly assembling a roster full of future Pro
    Bowlers and Hall of Famers. And in the other corner were the coaches who
    -12-23-2008, 10:19 AM
  • txramsfan
    Meeting celebrities....thanks for the idea Utter
    by txramsfan
    She is so right. So what if they carry a football, or act in a movie. They are people who help us get through our week. It's something to look forward to. However, don't you think they deserve to just mingle into society like the rest of us?

    Here's why i bring this up, (also because it could be a pretty cool topic) Austin has a music festival every March called South By Southwest (SXSW). You have no idea who you may bump into during this event because it is quite popular. My brother and I had a blast going to the event in 2001. Saw Los Lonely Boys when the ROCKED. They still do. Anyway, it was about a little after midnight and we had the munchies, so we go to the Magnolia Cafe on S. Congress from some breakfast food and in the booth next to us is the lead singer from Blues Traveler. I like the band but not a fanatic and besides, he was enjoying the company of a lady so why would he want to talk to my bald headed mug?

    Left him alone but he tended to talk very loud and was pondering this question.....What was the dogs name in the original Dukes of Hazzard? Me being the brain full of useless knowledge I knew the answer but tried to bite my tongue so I wouldn't interrupt. Finally, after what seemed to be 5 minutes but it was actually 30 seconds I blurted out "Flash". He was quite delighted and chatted with us awhile about nothing really but it was cool. Enjoying pancakes with Blues Traveler. Man I love Austin, TX....
    -04-03-2006, 10:52 PM
  • r8rh8rmike
    The Sopranos Ending
    by r8rh8rmike
    A lot of discussion, a lot of anger. If you saw it, what did you think about it?
    -06-11-2007, 05:07 PM