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  • AFL and NBC, etc.

    Well this past week the Arena Football League signed a deal with NBC for an exclusive deal beginning in 2003. This is definitely big news and legitimizes the league.

    I'm definitely looking forward to the new season as my Buffalo Destroyers did a massive overhaul and the Rochester Brigade (af2) are in a division with 4 Expansion Teams!:o

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    I, for one, am thrilled. I can't see Arena Football where I am. I would love to watch, esp. since it would be a taste of football in the offseason from the NFL. And since Warner is a product of Arena Football, I'd like to see where that talent comes from.


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      it's actually a really cool league, the games are very fun and exciting. I bet you'd like it ;)

      As of right now, the AFL looks to be on the best footing its ever been on.


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        Does the Arena League have a website?


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          Official AFL website:

          Official AF2 website

          Fan site - probably better than the above two:


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          • DJRamFan
            NFL Owners Say They Won't Buy Stake in Arena Football League
            by DJRamFan
            Mon, 25 Mar 2002, 6:07pm EST
            By Curtis Eichelberger

            Orlando, Florida, March 19 (Bloomberg) -- National Football League owners said they won't exercise their option to become minority partners in the Arena Football League.

            The NFL had negotiated a three-year option in 1999 that allowed it to buy between 24.5 percent and 49.9 percent of the 16- team indoor league before March 31.

            During their annual meetings in Orlando, Florida, NFL owners said they supported individuals buying arena league teams, but were against the league taking an ownership stake. Eight NFL owners have bought arena league franchises.

            ``We couldn't reach a consensus,'' said NFL spokesman Greg Aiello. ``It could be revisited, but not at this meeting.''

            Arena Football League Commissioner David Baker wasn't immediately available to comment.

            The decision, which would have required approval from 24 of the NFL's 32 owners, comes less than three weeks after the indoor football league signed a contract to play its games on General Electric's NBC network beginning in 2003.

            If the NFL had exercised its option, it would have shared in the arena league's advertising, sponsorship and merchandising revenue.

            ``A lot of people here think it's a good thing, but I'm not convinced it's football,'' said Pittsburgh Steelers owner Dan Rooney.

            NFL Ties

            The NFL still has a close relationship with the arena league, overseeing its officiating department and lending expertise in negotiating marketing agreements.

            The NFL owners who have bought arena league teams are Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys, William Clay Ford of the Detroit Lions, Daniel Snyder of the Washington Redskins, Tom Benson of the New Orleans Saints, Pat Bowlen of the Denver Broncos, Wayne Weaver of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Bud Adams of the Tennessee Titans, and John York and Denise DeBartolo York of the San Francisco *****.

            Orlando Predators Entertainment Inc., the only publicly traded company in the arena league, was down 36 cents to $3.10 a share.

            The arena league plays indoors on a 50-yard field with eight men to a team. It has produced many NFL players, including two- time Most Valuable Player Kurt Warner of the St. Louis Rams.
            -03-25-2002, 04:08 PM
          • DJRamFan
            Arena League eyes Salt Lake for possible expansion
            by DJRamFan
            By Aaron Cole
            Deseret Morning News

            Among the bevy of current major-league franchise rumors in Salt Lake City, add one more: an Arena Football League team.
            An AFL spokesperson confirmed Monday that an ownership group from Salt Lake City has contacted the league about a possible expansion to the Salt Lake area.
            "We have received a preliminary inquiry from an ownership group in Salt Lake. We will be exploring Salt Lake as a possibility," AFL representative Chris McCloskey said. "Salt Lake is a good market for an AFL team and has a good track record with pro sports franchises, namely the Utah Jazz."
            While Salt Lake will have to meet several requirements before an expansion team is granted, it does not appear to be beyond reach.
            No indication has been given as to whether or not Salt Lake would be granted an AFL franchise or a developmental franchise in the AF2 league. The AF2 is the AFL's equivalent of baseball's minor leagues.
            If placed in the AFL, Salt Lake would be a smaller market, but not the smallest. Current teams exist in Grand Rapids and Austin, both smaller than Salt Lake in relative size. The AFL currently has teams in seven of the 10 major markets in the United States, with several expansion options such as Washington, D.C., and Houston.
            If placed in the smaller developmental AF2, Salt Lake would be bigger than most current teams, such as Bakersfield and Birmingham.
            The AFL's popularity and attendance have grown over the past several years, prompting recent expansion to cities such as Denver and New Orleans, and attracting owners such as John Elway and Jon Bon Jovi.
            Strong ownership is one of the stringent qualifications a potential franchise will have to meet before an AFL team is approved.
            Although representatives from the AFL league office have said that contact from an interested party from Salt Lake has been preliminary, several additional steps will be necessary in the expansion process.
            First, an informal inquiry needs to be made from a potential ownership group. Then the AFL will investigate its potential new market. Then, contingent on an approval from the AFL Expansion Committee and Executive Board, three-quarters of the Board of Directors must approve the bid.
            There are 19 teams in the AFL and 25 teams in the developmental AF2 league.
            -06-30-2004, 11:01 AM
          • txramsfan
            Scottish Claymores fold
            by txramsfan

            GLASGOW, Scotland -- The Scottish Claymores NFL Europe franchise has folded due to falling attendance, leaving the league with only one team outside of Germany.

            Shutting down the Claymores was the "toughest decision this league has ever had to make," NFL Europe managing director Jim Connelly said Thursday.

            The Claymores had been in the league since 1995. The team averaged attendance of 10,800 over 10 seasons, but the numbers have dropped the past three years.

            "The economics of our league and the interest shown by other cities have forced us to look at whether there are other markets that give us a greater opportunity of improving our business," Connelly said. "We believe at this time that such an opportunity exists."

            The league said a new franchise will be announced "in the near future." Gelsenkirchen, Germany, has been mentioned as a likely venue.

            NFL Europe, which serves as developmental league for the NFL, already has four teams in Germany -- the Frankfurt Galaxy, Berlin Thunder, Rhein Fire and Cologne Centurions. The only non-German franchise is the Amsterdam Admirals.

            The league was launched in 1991 as the World League of American Football. The league, which originally featured 10 European and U.S. franchises, shut down after the 1992 season.
            -10-21-2004, 11:54 AM
          • DJRamFan
            Owner puts Firebirds up for sale
            by DJRamFan
            Arena football team may move if local buyer can't be found

            By Jeff Rabjohns
            [email protected]
            July 30, 2004

            The Indiana Firebirds are for sale and may move to Florida if a local buyer cannot be found in the next 30 days, owner David Lageschulte said Thursday.

            Lageschulte is searching for local ownership for the Arena Football League franchise that moved to Indianapolis from Albany, N.Y., before the 2001 season.

            If that doesn't happen, Lageschulte, a resident of Fort Myers, Fla., said he would look to move the team, possibly as soon as next season.

            "I would like that to be an option," he said. "First, I'd love to try to sell it and keep it in Indiana. We have wonderful crowds and wonderful games in Indiana.

            "If I can't, I would try to move it. Florida would be a choice of mine, but that would have to come with league approval."

            Lageschulte declined to tell his asking price for the team or what he paid for it. The most recent team to join the Arena league, the Austin (Texas) Wranglers, paid a $16.2 million expansion fee before the 2004 season. The sale of the Georgia Force before the 2003 season was reported at $14 million.

            With an influx of NFL ownership and a television deal with NBC, Arena football has seen its franchise values soar.

            "It's probably a little early to tell what the market will bear," said David Morton of Sunrise Sports Group, who along with Milt Thompson of Grand Slam III has been contracted by Lageschulte to search for potential owners.

            "To compare a new franchise . . . is difficult because this is an existing, established brand."

            Morton said he and Thompson are in the early stages of making proposals to potential buyers.

            Lageschulte purchased the team in August 2002 from Glenn Mazula, who owned the team since its inception in 1990.

            Lageschulte was an investor in the franchise since 1997. From 1993-95, he also owned an Arena franchise known as the Miami Hooters.

            One of the originators of the Hooters restaurant chain, Lageschulte is co-CEO of a company that runs 30 restaurants and bars. He also is part owner of a company involved in fitness centers, heavy equipment and environmental remediation.

            Lageschulte purchased control of the Firebirds with the intent that he would eventually sell the team.

            "We have some pretty stiff deadlines at this point. I love Indianapolis and the Indianapolis market," Lageschulte said. "Unfortunately, I live in Florida and that's the reason I wanted to sell the team or have someone take it over.

            "We have to find something in the next 30 days that at least smells like a deal."

            Playing in Conseco Fieldhouse, the Firebirds averaged...
            -08-02-2004, 03:59 PM
          • LARAM
            New All American Football League (AAFL)
            by LARAM
            Yesterday, I watched a one hour long special, for the 1st inaugural Draft for the AAFL. I'm not sure what to think. It mostly looks like a bunch of players that couldn't make onto NFL rosters. But regardless, I am looking forward to the games. It just might satisfy me during the dead time after the NFL draft. Not really sure what kind of TV contract the league has though.

            One thing I like, is the way they have structured the League and draft rights to players, to allow for a sort of local fan base. The current six teams are allowed exclusive rights to players from universities from within their own states, or within neighboring other words

            Team Arkansas...Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas

            Team Alabama....Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama

            Team Tennessee...South Carolina, Kentucky, Tenn

            Team Michigan...Illinois, Indiana, Michigan

            Team Florida and Texas...only from within their own states, because of the huge player/University base.

            ***All other states and Universities are up for grabs

            Some other notes:

            ***College style goal posts and Hash marks, 35 yard OT ball spot....all other NFL rules.

            ***10 game schedule from April thru July, One playoff round and then Championship game.

            ***Players salaries topped out at $50,000 dollars

            ***Tickets for games about $13 dollars

            ***Players must graduate from college

            Some of the players I recognized....

            Eric crouch.......Drafted 2nd overall
            Peter Warrick.....NFL BUST
            Tee Martin......QB Tenn, 8 years ago
            Tony Bua........Loved this guy out of Arkansas
            Marcus Randall...QB out of LSU a couple years ago

            Check out the site and draft results:

            All American Football League
            -02-17-2008, 10:25 AM