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  • AFL Regular Season attendance figures

    Philadelphia 16,851
    Columbus 16,286
    Colorado 15,233
    New Orleans 15,240
    Tampa Bay 14,348
    Chicago 14,085
    San Jose 13,138
    Orlando 13,086
    Arizona 13,000
    Los Angeles 12,590
    Austin 11,140
    Indiana 10,873
    New York 10,530
    Las Vegas 10,130
    Dallas 10,046
    Georgia 9,160
    Detroit 8,321
    Grand Rapids 7,469
    Carolina 6,829

    Total: 12,019

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  • Curly Horns
    Drive to ArenaBowl XVIII
    by Curly Horns
    Who are the top eight seeds heading into the AFL Quarterfinals next weekend? The Arizona Rattlers took the top spot. Find out who they play and the rest of the playoff seedings.

    Non-division winners are not put into multi-team tiebreakers until the division winner is seeded. Arizona finished ahead of Chicago and New Orleans based on common opponents. San Jose finished ahead of Chicago and New Orleans based on common opponents. Chicago finished ahead of New Orleans based on common opponents. New Orleans finished ahead of Colorado based on common opponents. Tampa Bay finished ahead of Los Angeles and New York based on common opponents. Los Angeles finished ahead of New York based on head-to-head.
    Tampa Bay (7) at San Jose (2), Saturday, June 5 at 2:45 p.m. ET

    Los Angeles (8) at Arizona (1), Sunday, June 6 at 3 p.m. ET
    Orlando (6) at Chicago (3), Sunday, June 6 at 3 p.m. ET
    Colorado (5) at New Orleans (4), Sunday, June 6 at 3 p.m. ET
    -05-31-2004, 12:13 AM
  • OldRamsfan
    A little more of NFL history
    by OldRamsfan

    Hope nobody minds just another tid bit of some NFL and RAM history ... HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL MY RAM FAMILY HERE AT THE CLAN ...

    Year-by-Year NFL Leaders

    (based on efficiency rating)

    Year Player, team , QB Rating

    1932 Arnie Herber, Green Bay 51.5
    1933 Harry Newman, N.Y. Giants 51.7
    1934 Arnie Herber, Green Bay 45.1
    1935 Ed Danowski, N.Y. Giants 69.7
    1936 Arnie Herber, Green Bay 58.9
    1937 Sammy Baugh, Washington 50.5
    1938 Ed Danowski, N.Y. Giants 66.9
    1939 Parker Hall, Cleveland 57.5
    1940 Sammy Baugh, Washington 85.6
    1941 Cecil Isbell, Green Bay 81.4
    1942 Cecil Isbell, Green Bay 87.0
    1943 Sammy Baugh, Washington 78.0
    1944 Frank Filchock, Washington 86.0
    1945 Sammy Baugh, Washington 109.9
    1946 Bob Waterfield, Los Angeles 67.6
    1947 Sammy Baugh, Washington 92.0
    1948 Tommy Thompson, Philadelphia 98.4
    1949 Sammy Baugh, Washington 81.2
    1950 Norm Van Brocklin, Los Angeles 85.1
    1951 Bob Waterfield, Los Angeles 81.8
    1952 Norm Van Brocklin, Los Angeles 71.5
    1953 Otto Graham, Cleveland 99.7
    1954 Norm Van Brocklin, Los Angeles 71.9
    1955 Otto Graham, Cleveland 94.0
    1956 Ed Brown, Chicago Bears 83.1
    1957 Tommy O'Connell, Cleveland 93.3
    1958 Eddie LeBaron, Washington 83.3
    1959 Charlie Conerly, N.Y. Giants 102.7
    1960 Jack Kemp, L.A. Chargers, AFL 67.1
    Milt Plum, Cleveland, NFL 110.4
    1961 George Blanda, Houston, AFL 91.3
    Milt Plum, Cleveland, NFL 90.3
    1962 Len Dawson, Dallas, AFL 98.3
    Bart Starr, Green Bay, NFL 90.7
    1963 Tobin Rote, San Diego, AFL 86.7
    Y.A. Tittle, N.Y. Giants, NFL 104.8
    1964 Len Dawson, Kansas City, AFL 89.9
    Bart Starr, Green Bay, NFL 97.1
    1965 John Hadl, San Diego, AFL 71.3
    Rudy Bukich, Chicago, NFL 93.7
    1966 Len Dawson, Kansas City,
    -12-01-2005, 09:20 AM
  • Aries51
    NFL Pre-Season Schedule
    by Aries51
    2005 preseason week-by-week schedule

    American Bowl: Aug. 6

    Atlanta vs. Indianapolis (ESPN2/ESPN)

    Hall of Fame Game: Aug. 8

    Chicago vs. Miami (ABC)

    Week 1: Aug. 11-15

    San Diego at Green Bay (ESPN, Aug. 11)
    Philadelphia at Pittsburgh (ESPN, Aug. 15)
    Baltimore at Atlanta
    Kansas City at Minnesota
    Chicago at St. Louis
    Dallas at Arizona
    Denver at Houston
    Detroit at New York Jets
    Seattle at New Orleans
    Miami at Jacksonville
    New York Giants at Cleveland
    New England at Cincinnati
    Oakland at San Francisco
    Buffalo at Indianapolis
    Tampa Bay at Tennessee
    Washington at Carolina

    Week 2: Aug. 18-22

    New Orleans at New England (FOX, Aug. 18)
    Minnesota at New York Jets (CBS, Aug. 19)
    Dallas at Seattle (ABC, Aug. 22)
    Arizona at Kansas City
    Philadelphia at Baltimore
    Carolina at New York Giants
    Chicago at Indianapolis
    Cincinnati at Washington
    Cleveland at Detroit
    Green Bay at Buffalo
    Jacksonville at Tampa Bay
    Miami at Pittsburgh
    Oakland at Houston
    St. Louis at San Diego
    San Francisco at Denver
    Tennessee at Atlanta

    Week 3: Aug. 25-29

    Atlanta at Jacksonville (ESPN, Aug. 25)
    Pittsburgh at Washington (FOX, Aug. 26)
    Indianapolis at Denver (CBS, Aug. 27)
    St. Louis at Detroit (ABC, Aug. 29)
    Arizona at Oakland
    Baltimore at New Orleans
    Buffalo at Chicago
    Cincinnati at Philadelphia
    New England at Green Bay
    Houston at Dallas
    Carolina at Cleveland
    New York Jets at New York Giants
    San Diego at Minnesota
    Seattle at Kansas City
    Tampa Bay at Miami
    Tennessee at San Francisco

    Week 4: Sept. 1-2

    Atlanta at Miami
    Cleveland at Chicago
    Denver at Arizona
    Detroit at Buffalo
    Green Bay at Tennessee
    Houston at Tampa Bay
    Indianapolis at Cincinnati
    Jacksonville at Dallas
    Kansas City at St. Louis
    Minnesota at Seattle
    New Orleans at Oakland
    New York Giants at New England
    New York Jets at Philadelphia
    Pittsburgh at Carolina
    San Francisco at San Diego
    Washington at Baltimore
    -03-16-2005, 02:53 PM
  • OldRamsfan
    NFL Franchise Year-by-Year Genealogy History
    by OldRamsfan
    NFL Franchise Year-by-Year Genealogy
    Should be hope you enjoy !!!

    The American Professional Football Association was formally organized to begin play in fall of 1920. Jim Thorpe of Canton is elected APFA president and membership fee is set at $100 per franchise. The original teams are:
    Canton Bulldogs
    Cleveland Tigers
    Dayton Triangles
    Akron Professionals
    Rochester (N.Y.) Jeffersons
    Rock Island Independents
    Muncie Flyers
    Decatur Staleys
    Chicago Cardinals
    Hammond Pros
    Later, the Buffalo All-Americans, Chicago Tigers, Columbus Panhandles and Detroit Heralds joined the league prior to the 1920 season.
    The Chicago Tigers fold between the 1920 and 1921 seasons.

    The APFA is reorganized with Joe Carr elected league president

    The Decatur Staleys moved to Chicago but retain the name Staleys

    Teams that join the APFA for the 1921 season:

    Green Bay Packers
    Cincinnati Celts (play 1921 season only)
    Minneapolis Marines
    Evansville Crimson Giants
    Tonawanda Kardex (AKA Lumbermen - play 1921 season only)
    Washington Senators (play 1921 season only)
    New York Brickleys Giants (play 1921 season only)
    Louisville Brecks
    Teams that fold between 1921 and 1922 seasons:
    New York Brickleys Giants
    Washington Senators
    Tonawanda Kardex
    Cleveland Tigers
    Muncie Flyers
    Cincinnati Celts
    Detroit Heralds
    The APFA changes its name to the National Football League
    The Chicago Staleys change their name to the Chicago Bears

    Teams that join the NFL for the 1922 season:

    Milwaukee Badgers
    Marion Oorang Indians
    Racine Legion
    Toledo Maroons
    Teams that fold between the 1922 and 1923 seasons:
    Columbus Panhandles
    Evansville Crimson Giants
    Teams that enter the NFL for the 1923 season:
    Columbus Tigers
    Duluth Kelleys
    St. Louis All-Stars (play only the 1923 season)
    Cleveland Indians (play only the 1923 season)
    NFL teams that fold between the 1923 and 1924 seasons:
    Canton Bulldogs
    Cleveland Indians
    Louisville Brecks
    Marion Oorang Indians
    Racine Legion
    St. Louis All-Stars
    Toledo Maroons
    Buffalo All-Americans change their name to Buffalo Bisons
    Teams that join the NFL for the 1924 season:

    Cleveland Bulldogs
    Frankford Yellow Jackets
    Kansas City Blues
    Kenosha Maroons (play 1924 season only)
    Teams that fold between the 1924 and 1925 seasons:
    Kenosha Maroons
    Minneapolis Marines
    Columbus Tigers
    The Kansas City Blues change their name to the Kansas
    -04-11-2006, 11:31 PM
  • LA Rammer
    Los Angeles *****?
    by LA Rammer
    Los Angeles Whiners?
    Where next ... Santa Clara?
    Niners cease new stadium talks with San Francisco
    Posted: Thursday November 9, 2006 1:39AM; Updated: Thursday November 9, 2006 2:36AM
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    San Francisco's days of hosting NFL games may be numbered, now that the ***** are exploring other options for a new stadium.
    San Francisco's days of hosting NFL games may be numbered, now that the ***** are exploring other options for a new stadium.

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- The San Francisco ***** ended negotiations with the city about building a new stadium and plan to move to either Santa Clara or somewhere else in California, The Associated Press learned Wednesday night.

    Owner John York notified Mayor Gavin Newsom of the team's decision earlier Wednesday, the mayor's spokesman, Peter Ragone, told the AP.

    Team spokesman Aaron Salkin declined to comment Wednesday night. Messages seeking comment were left on the office and cell phone of Lisa Lang, the ***** vice president for communications.

    The sides had been talking over the last few months about building a privately financed stadium at Candlestick Point that was going to be part of the city's bid for the 2016 summer Olympics.

    Ragone did not know how the *****' decision would impact the Olympic bid. San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago are the three cities competing to be the U.S. Olympic Committee's choice to bid on the 2016 games.

    The team's current lease at Candlestick runs through the 2008 season and the team holds three five-year options that could extend it through 2023.

    The current stadium at Candlestick is one of the most run-down in the league, leading to the team's desire to seek a new stadium with revenue-generating suites and luxury boxes. The plan to build a stadium also included public housing, retail and office space.

    The city was not going to contribute any money to the stadium but was willing to possibly help with some of the infrastructure costs.

    York assured San Francisco officials that he was only negotiating with the city, but the team had talked in recent weeks to Santa Clara officials about the move, Ragone said.

    The ***** headquarters are currently based in Santa Clara, located about 30 miles south of San Francisco.

    Los Angeles and Anaheim also are seeking an NFL team. The mayors of the two cities met last month with new commissioner Roger Goodell to offer their competing plans to lure a team back to southern California.

    Los Angeles city leaders want to build a new stadium within the walls of the historic Memorial Coliseum, featuring 200 luxury boxes and 15,000 club seats at a cost of $800 million.

    Goodell also met with Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle about his city's plans to sell the NFL 53 acres at the below-market...
    -11-09-2006, 08:16 AM