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Tennessee Valley Vipers vs Tulsa Talons 2009

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  • Tennessee Valley Vipers vs Tulsa Talons 2009

    I know we got a Tulsa fan or two around here. Tulsa is playing Tennessee Valley tomorrow (well, tonight actually, lol) at the VBCC. The Vipers have been incredible at home this year, and have an oustanding defense this year.
    Tulsa is coming in with a 10 game win streak and coming off a big win vs Green Bay.

    With how good Tulsa is, and how well the Vipers have been at home this year, this should be a fantastic game! I am going to this one, so for any Tulsa fans here, I'll be sure to post how it was when I get back.

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    Re: Tennessee Valley Vipers vs Tulsa Talons 2009

    And the Vipers came out with the victory, 55-39. The Vipers came out with a quick 14-0 victory, but the Talons were on their heels the whole game. The Vipers almost had a shut out 1st quarter if not for a kick return for a TD to end it by Tulsa.

    The Vipers defense was big again, and had 3 tremendous stops early, including back to back goal line possession stops to open the game. However the early lead was too much to overcome for Tulsa as they had their impressive 10 game win streak come to a close.

    I never once felt like the game was safe until the Vipers got the ball with just a few seconds left. It was a 16 point game (so 2 possessions would do it) with about 20 seconds left, and I know in the AFL a team can, and has, scored two TDs in just a matter of seconds.

    The Vipers are now 7-0 at home, but 3-3 on the road. They will look to fix their road woes over the next two games, as their next home game is not until July 25th.
    Tulsa will look to get back on track next week and remain on top of the Central Division.

    These two teams could very well meet again in the playoffs.


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      Re: Tennessee Valley Vipers vs Tulsa Talons 2009

      Sorry I wasn't around to post about this. My wife and I have season tickets for the Talons. We won the first round of the playoffs, then lost in the conference final to Spokane.


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        rams sked-path to the playoffs
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        We have 4 wins. Assume it takes 10 to get in. We have 10 gets left, meaning realistically, we need to win 6. Where do those six come from?

        Answer. Home vs kc, home vs ariz, home vs whiners, road vs oakland, home vs washington and road vs minny.

        Probable Losses. At sandiego, at seattle.

        We have a decent shot- at carolina and home vs. the bears

        In the "we have a decent shot" category, both of those could easily be losses.

        As i see it, given the second half collapse vs seattle and the loss to the whiners, we can certainly still make the playoffs, but we have virtually no margain for error at this point. No more mulligans. The oakland game scares the heck out of me, its the ultimate trap game. A terrible team, with us on the road, will we be up and ready to play? I dont think we should anticipate that 9-7 will get us in. Its not impossible, but not likely either. Thus, we cant even begin to think about the impact of a loss to either a sf, ariz or oakland at this point.

        I think it will all come down to those last two weeks and with wins vs washington and minny i think we get in.

        The game with the most upside of course is at seattle, because if we can find a way to win that game, all of this changes and we are right back in the hunt to win the west. If we lose that game, its wild card or bust in all liklihood, even if we wind up at 11-5 since they will hold the tiebreaker.

        I dont care how good the bears are, i think we have a shot against anyone playing at home. The game is also several weeks away and there is no telling the injury status of the teams at that point.

        When you break down the sked like this, you see why those early season games against lousy teams like detroit and green bay were must wins. People say "its early in the season there is plenty of football left." Sure there is, but there are only 16 games and you have to be realistic about your chances on the road, especially against the tough teams.

        Consistency is the key in the nfl and if you want to be a playoff team, you have to be solid, you cant play just to the level of your competition and you HAVE to put teams away when you have the chance, especially quality teams, and that is something we failed to do last sunday and it bit us in the butt.

        ramming speed to all

        general counsel
        -10-19-2006, 02:48 PM
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        OU vs WVU
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        I can't wait to watch this game. All i have to say is to watch out for DeMarco Murray the redshirted freshman. I went to high school with him and the guy is a beast. In the next couple years I have no doubt that he will be one the top draft picks and a heisman candidate. Im taking OU in this game.
        -01-02-2008, 12:55 AM
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        What "is" going to be acceptable?
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        As far as Headcoach Scott Linehan goes. How many wins do we the fans need to see in the first half of the 2008 season before we start calling for his head?
        Of course taking into consideration the difficult schedule we have for the first half of the season.

        @ Philadelphia
        vs. Giants
        @ Seattle
        vs. Buffalo
        @ Washington
        vs. Dallas
        @ New England
        vs. Arizona

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        Rams vs playoff teams
        by Guam rammer
        After watching a couple of the games this post season its evident we would'nt stand a chance even if we tried to play our best game. intensity, coaching, game planning, all aspects of these games we were lacking. Its hard to wonder how we even fielded a team on sundays. We took a beating all season long for our lack of preparation and desire. for the coaches and players that are still in the hunt they deserve to be there. And as a fan of the rams i can only hope that soon someday we can once again play with the big boys of this league with a sense that we belong in that elite group.
        -01-13-2008, 05:09 PM
      • laram0
        Indoors vs. Outdoors
        by laram0
        Our RAMS have played 5 games "indoors". 4 at the Edward Jones Dome and 1 on the road at the Superdome. Our record in Dome games is 1-4 our only dome win coming on the road. However we were competitive in all 4 of our games at home. With any luck at all we would have split the 4 home games.

        1. Lost vs Caorlina 27-13 (Steven Jackson fumbles twice)
        2. Lost vs San Fran 17-16 ( Holt fumbles through the endzone & Dante' Hall fumbles a punt)
        3. Lost vs Arizona 34-31 ( The refs stole this game from us)
        4. Lost vs Cleveland 27-20 ( Ahead 14-3 when Steven Jackson goes out with the back injury)

        Our offense has put up 117 points and averaged 361.4 net yards per "Indoor" game.

        Outdoors is a completely different picture. Granted obviously all "outdoor" games are road games. We are 1-4 "outdoors" with our lone win coming against the pathetic Whiners.

        1. Lost @ Tampa Bay 24-3
        2. Lost @ Dallas 35-7
        3. Lost @ Baltimore 22-3
        4. Lost @ Seattle 33-6
        5. Won @ San Fran 13-9

        Our offense has scored 32 as in thirty-two points in 5 "outdoor" road games. While averaging an equally embarrassing 224.8 total net yards per game.

        The good news is that we have 6 regular season games left to play. 4 of which will be played "in" the Edward Jones Dome. The other 2 will be at Cincinnati and Arizona.

        My question is this: Does our team have a problem with "outdoor" football? I mean liars figure but figures don't lie. We are horrendous "OUTDOORS"!
        -11-19-2007, 06:01 PM