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Pete Carroll plays Halloween trick on USC

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  • Pete Carroll plays Halloween trick on USC

    Carroll Treats Team to a Little Trickery
    By Gary Klein, Times Staff Writer

    USC got into the Halloween spirit Monday as Coach Pete Carroll treated unsuspecting players and coaches to a perfectly executed trick play with help from running back LenDale White.

    As the top-ranked Trojans went through stretching exercises, White irritably jawed with teammates and assistant coaches. The exchanges continued and with about 10 minutes remaining in practice, White barked at Carroll, saying he wasn't getting enough carries.

    As stunned players looked on, Carroll yelled at White and told him to leave the field. White exited, followed through the gate by a group of reporters, and boarded a cart and angrily threw a pair of athletic gloves as he was whisked away.

    After practice, Carroll told stunned players they could not let distractions get in the way and that the Trojans had lost players before and moved on.

    Offensive line coach Pat Ruel interrupted Carroll and pointed to a six-story building beyond the practice field fence. From the top of the building, White was yelling in apparent anger.

    Suddenly, a stuffed figure wearing White's No. 21 jersey fell from the rooftop, a few players gasping in disbelief while most erupted in relieved laughter.

    "I thought it was real," wide-eyed long snapper Will Collins said.

    White returned to the field laughing and said that Carroll had prepped him for the prank. "We wanted my teammates to really believe it," he said.

    Added Carroll: "He was most convincing. He did a great job."

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  • JFMose
    Uni Watch interviews Rams longtime equipment manager Todd Hewitt
    by JFMose

    Uni Watch » Uni Watch Profiles: Todd Hewitt

    As many of you know, the Rams fired longtime equipment manager Todd Hewitt back in January. Today we have an extensive interview with him, but it wasn’t conducted by me. It was done by football historian Robert Harvell, whose photo archives have been featured here on the site many times.
    Robert interviewed Todd last month, and the resulting transcript was recently posted over on Helmet Hut. But Robert and Helmet Hut honcho Curtis Worrell both felt that the interview deserved to be published here at Uni Watch as well. After reading it, I wholeheartedly agreed.
    As you’ll see, the interview has nothing to do with Todd’s firing. That’s another topic for another day. This is all about the work he did with the Rams, the team’s uniform history, and so on. It’s really good stuff — enjoy.
    Robert Harvell: Todd, when did you start working for the Rams?
    Todd Hewitt: Well, my dad was hired by the Rams in 1967. I was 11 years old at the time and helped out in the locker room and was a ball boy. In 1978, I was officially hired by the Rams as Assistant Equipment Manager and continued to work with my dad until his retirement in 1984. In 1985, I took over as Rams Equipment Manager, although my dad remained with the team as Equipment Manager Emeritus through 1994, the Rams’ final year in Los Angeles. In 1995, the Rams relocated to St. Louis. My dad joined us there for one final year. So all told, I was with the Rams for 44 years and have worked under 14 different Rams head coaches! Funny, I still remember when the Packers came to town in 1967, my first year with the team. I walked down the Coliseum tunnel flanked by Vince Lombardi and Bart Starr!
    RH: How many hours per week would you put in once camp began?
    TH: Let’s put it this way: Once camp started I definitely spent more time at work than at home. In at 5am, leave at 7pm, seven days a week. The only day I’d take off during the season is the Sunday of the bye week. The players’ day off was a treat, because I’d “only” work from 5am to 4:30pm. But I made up for that on game day, especially when we returned from road games, often working very late. It wasn’t unusual for me to spend the night at work after road games. During the off-season I typically worked five days a week, from 6am to 4:30pm.
    RH: Like most teams, the Rams have changed their uniform color schemes over the years. Do you have a favorite?
    TH: Honestly, I like them all. For sentimental reasons, I really like the blue and white. But I would have to say that my favorite color scheme was what we wore from 1973-1999, the blue and yellow, what we wore when we won the Super Bowl. In fact, when we wore those colors again for a throwback game, I realized just how much I missed them, they were just so vibrant. I really like the current uniforms as well, but they are so much darker than what we wore before....
    -05-18-2011, 04:08 PM
  • Nick
    White ex-cons and law-abiding black men on same level in NYC job hunts
    by Nick
    Races unequal in job search: study

    Law-abiding black men fare no better than white ex-cons when it comes to interviewing for jobs in the city, according to a study released yesterday.
    In the year-long study, co-sponsored by the city Commission on Human Rights, 13 men went on 3,500 undercover job interviews around the city.

    White candidates offering resumes mentioning phony criminal backgrounds got called back 16% of the time - the same rate as black men with identical credentials and crime-free backgrounds.

    Whites with clean backgrounds got called back 21% of the time, compared with 6% of blacks whose resumes had a phony felony conviction.

    "I think there is a deep reservation on the part of employers to trust young black men," said Bruce Western, a Princeton University sociology professor who co-authored the study with Devah Pager, a Princeton colleague.

    "Not only do [ex-offenders] suffer, but those who suffer the most are black," said John Jay College President Jeremy Travis. "They suffer this double whammy."

    Anthony Nurse, 25, a black man who went on numerous job interviews as part of the study, said some interviewers wouldn't even shake his hand - even when he said his record was clean. "I would see my white partner being interviewed, and then when it was my turn the whole demeanor changed," he said.
    -06-17-2005, 09:01 AM
  • DJRamFan
    White out: Gladiators look elsewhere for coach
    by DJRamFan

    Danny White
    Gladiators could not meet coaching candidate's salary demands

    Las Vegas was No. 1 on Danny White's list of potential coaching destinations, but the Gladiators did not make hiring him a priority and a deal almost certainly will not be reached.

    "Right now they have no shot," White said Monday. "I haven't heard from them. It does (surprise me) a little bit because they were the front-runner going in because of their closeness to Phoenix."

    White built a successful resumé with the Arizona Rattlers, winning two Arena Football League championships and making five ArenaBowls in 13 years.

    Gladiators general manager Dan Dolby said two factors have worked against a more aggressive pursuit of White -- team owner Jim Ferraro's unavailability because of business overseas and White's asking price.

    Dolby would not comment on White's salary parameters, but a source said he was seeking more than $200,000. Frank Haege, fired as Gladiators head coach last month, made a base salary of $110,000.

    "From a compensation standpoint, we were too far apart," Dolby said. "It was a lot of money for the coaching ranks of the AFL."

    The sides were so far apart, Dolby said, that a deal would have been extremely difficult even if Ferraro had been in the country. Ferraro returns to the United States on Thursday.

    White has been more hotly pursued by other AFL teams, such as Grand Rapids and New York. He said he met with officials from both clubs recently, but that he was considering other teams, which he declined to name.

    Grand Rapids had wanted an answer from White by today, but he said he would make a decision on his job search by next week's AFL board of directors meeting in Las Vegas.

    "I've been actively involved with several teams ... but Las Vegas isn't one of them," White said.

    With White no longer a serious candidate, assuming he ever was, that leaves seven others on the list the Gladiators are considering.

    Those candidates are: current Gladiators assistants Stan Davis and Ron James; Oklahoma City (af2) offensive coordinator Sparky McEwen; New Orleans VooDoo defensive coordinator Kevin Porter; Oklahoma City head coach Gary Reasons; Carolina Cobras interim coach Ron Selesky; and Indiana coach Mike Wilpolt.

    The list will be trimmed by next week, and in-person interviews will begin.
    -08-10-2004, 08:29 AM
  • DJRamFan
    USC's White day to day, but plans to play
    by DJRamFan
    Jan. 01, 2005
    By Dennis Dodd Senior Writer
    Tell Dennis your opinion!

    MIAMI -- USC's leading rusher LenDale White remains day to day for the Orange Bowl with a sprained right ankle.


    White tweaked the ankle on Dec. 4 against UCLA. He practiced for the first time since then on Wednesday.

    "I think he'll try to play. I think every kid will try to play this game," said associate head coach Ed Orgeron said.

    White's presence in the lineup is key because of his powerful straight-ahead style. The 6-foot-2, 235-pound sophomore leads the Trojans with 985 yards. His 15 touchdowns are tied with Reggie Bush for the team lead.

    White said Friday he felt "10 times better" than Wednesday's practice and that the injury will likely be aggravated during the game.

    "I'm going to fight through the pain," he said.
    -01-01-2005, 02:56 PM
  • DJRamFan
    White pulls out of running for Rampage job
    by DJRamFan
    Wednesday, August 11, 2004
    By Gary Bond
    The Grand Rapids Press
    Danny White, whose interest in the Grand Rapids Rampage head coaching vacancy made him the No. 1 candidate, said no Tuesday.

    White threw his name into the hat after he was fired three weeks ago by the Arizona Rattlers. He had a deadline of Tuesday to inform the Rampage of his intentions.

    White told Rampage general manager Scott Gorsline thanks, but no thanks. The reason was mostly geographical.

    "It was a tough decision turning down the coaching opportunity in Grand Rapids because I was impressed with everything about the city and organization," White said.

    "I was presented with an unique coaching opportunity, one I can't elaborate on right now and I expect this opportunity will be announced no later than the Arena Football League's board of directors meeting next week in Las Vegas.

    "When everything happened with Arizona, Grand Rapids was the first team to call and make me an offer. They have been first class with everything they did and someone is going to get a great organization to work and coach for."

    White, who was born and raised in Phoenix, said he also has declined coaching positions in Las Vegas and New York.

    "White was very impressed with everything about the Grand Rapids organization and was happy with a lot of the parameters, including his contract we had talked about," Gorsline said. "In the end, though, he said he was pursuing another opportunity that was a great opportunity for him to be closer to home.

    "We knew geography would be a big issue with White especially with his family based in the southwest part of the country.

    "After speaking with Rampage owner Dan DeVos and minority owner David Green, I anticipate moving quickly in filling the job here. I don't know if we will name a coach this week, but I expect it will happen soon."

    Sources told The Press the AFL plans to announce next week that St. Lake City, Utah, will have an arena football franchise for the 2005 season and White will be the team's head coach.

    Without White, and Steve Thonn, who accepted the offensive coordinator's position with the Georgia Force, the Rampage are left with four candidates: Sparky McEwen, offensive coordinator for the arenafootball2 Oklahoma City Yard Dawgz; Kevin Porter, defensive coordinator with the New Orleans VooDoo; Rick Frazier, who finished the season as the Rampage interim head coach after Bob Cortese was fired after a team started 1-10, and Tom Luginbill, the head coach of the Detroit Fury.

    McEwen, who also was the Rampage's offensive coordinator from 2001-2003, and Porter, are candidates for the Las Vegas position. They plan to begin it face-to-face interviews no later than next week.

    © 2004 Grand...
    -08-11-2004, 11:03 AM