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  • Mock Draft!!!!!

    Ok all you draftnicks....

    On Sunday February 24, 2002 I will be participating in a LIVE Mock Draft for this year.

    If you have any ideas please let me know here or by email ([email protected]).

    Right now i am banking on us re-signing Hakim and Fletcher (despite all our previous arguing). With AZ's performance in the SB, i think he solidified his role in the WR slot, especially with the possibility of Proehl retiring and the eventual retirement of Bruce in a few years.

    Here are positional rundowns of what i will be looking for (in order of priority) - These are in order of priority, but are not set in stone. Also, remember we will have the 31st pick...

    1. CB
    2. S
    3. OL
    4. LB
    5. QB
    6. WR

    That's what i'm looking at now, i've got some spreadsheetsso far with the help of, let me know if you guys got any ideas of who i should look out for (sorry Nebraska fans, I CAN'T take Crouch).

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    Difficult one DJ when we don't know which FA will be re signed and which of the palyers exposed to the expansion draft will be taken.

    If you're right and Az stays then you can put Wr low priority but if he goes AND Proehl retires I reckon WR is the No 1 need

    The I'd go for DB's (plural) safety or CB but more of the former

    Then LB but depends on Fletcher being re signed and whether Fields goes in expansion

    QB: I'd probably wait and see whats out there in free agency rather than using a draft pick

    OLine - if Tucker goes then we might need but there are a lot of youngster in the wings waiting : Spikes, Noa, St Clair I'd not spend a high pick on O line but some low picks to develop would be useful.

    You need to set up your spreadsheet and rate the players rather than saying we mUST have x or xx in round x

    Just my 0.02 worth



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      Thanks DOD, that was all stuff i was considering.

      As far as the FA's go, i am assuming (yes i know what happens ) Based on the reports we were getting all year. That's why i put the WR so low - although last year we got screwed with St. Paul and Wynn (sp) not playing to their potential.

      As far as QB goes, i always like the idea of someone waiting to take the reins after the starter retires (worked good for the Whiners). That's also why i put QB so low.

      Those two together may or may not be selected which brings up another point...the multiple DBs...

      You hit the nail on the head and i have been thinking this all year, we were very weak on the depth chart here and i will definitely be looking for multiple players in the draft to fill the spot. I don't remember hearing too much about the depth in the draft at DB, but i'll give it a shot.

      That 1-6 was just a positional analysis of what I thought we needed in what order, i didn't put down multiple selections.

      As far as OL and LB I have no clue whatsoever what to do there, i was thinking maybe a lineman in the later rounds, just to have one in there, and a LB in a later round for the same reason. I'm not sure if Fields will be taken in the Expansion Draft or not, i haven't even seen who we're leaving unprotected.

      As far as a spreadsheet, i'm in the process of making one, i've been printing out TSN reports so i'll get something up ASAP. I wish this was pushed later into march when we know more, but oh well i guess.

      Thanks for the input


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        The Rams re signed St Paul during the week which MIGHT help on the WR front.

        Exposed to the expansion draft- Tucker , Fields, Allen, Shepherd and Cohen

        If two of allen , Cohen and Fields were to go it would leave LB very thin


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          Thanks DOD, i couldn't find the list anywhere....


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            Sorry DJ, shouldn't quote names off the top of my head , Cohen isn't on the list Justin Watson RB is- sorry