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[PD-Gordo]- Letters to Gordo: The not-so-mighty Quin

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  • [PD-Gordo]- Letters to Gordo: The not-so-mighty Quin

    Mizzou Nation is not happy as an air of resignation hangs over Quin Snyder and the basketball program.

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  • Ram-Robot
    [PD-Gordo]- Letters to Gordo: Alden takes a pounding
    by Ram-Robot
    Though we’re not hearing much support for Quin Snyder in this corner of cyberspace, athletic director Mike Alden is getting pounded.

    Link To Original Article
    -02-15-2006, 09:00 PM
  • RamWraith
    Letters to Gordo: Rams fans in foul mood
    by RamWraith
    Post-Dispatch Online Sports Columnist
    Wednesday, Jun. 01 2005

    As it turns out, not everybody is as optimistic about the Rams as your
    cyber-correspondent. Some folks still believe the sky is falling, in fact. Here
    is another sampling of opinions from Rams Nation, via electronic mail to the
    “Letters to Gordo” desk:

    * * *

    “I’m still amazed at lines like ‘the Rams will have to continue to have their
    explosive offense outscore their opponents,’ alluding to their ‘poor' defense.
    Please count up the number of games in which the ‘explosive’ offense scored 17
    or less points. SEVENTEEN!! You consider this to be ‘explosive’? And how many
    times was the ‘deplorable’ defense able to make the paltry ‘17’ hold up for a

    “Rather than casting aspersions at the different units, I subscribe to the
    reasoning that we have an offensive coordinator whom the most ardent of Rams
    fans can't name. We have a defensive coordinator who has no track record
    whatsoever. We have a defensive line coach who has been given not one, not two,
    BUT THREE NUMBER ONE DRAFT CHOICES, NONE of whom has produced anywhere near
    expectations. We have drafts that defy logic and/or explanation. Our troubles
    aren't ON the field, rather they originate OFF the field. When looking for
    areas requiring upgrades, start at the TOP, and work downward,

    -- Joseph Kurtz

    GORDO: Subtract the unfortunate Chris Chandler games and this was a very good
    offense. But your points about the coaching staff are well-taken; this is a
    make-or-break year for defensive coordinator Larry Marmie and a big year for
    the whole Mike Martz regime. Is this still one of the NFL’s elite teams or is
    it on the decline?

    * * *

    “And here are 10 reasons they won't win 8 games: Martz, Martz, Martz, Martz,
    Martz, Martz, Martz, Martz, Martz, Martz.”

    -- Williams Walker

    (Editor's note: The reader is referring to a recent Gordo column in which he
    gave 10 reasons the Rams will finish better than the 8-8 record projected by
    Vegas oddsmakers.)

    GORDO: Again, this is a big year for Martz. He’s had a productive run at head
    coach, though he drives fans and national media types crazy. Mike Holmgren
    wishes he had this sort of success in Seattle, where the players change but the
    program never gets much better. Jeff Fisher, Jim Haslett, Herman Edwards -–
    there are plenty of very good head coaches who wish they could match Martz’s

    * * *

    “While I concede that some of your points are valid, but in reference to point
    No. 5, ‘The secondary is no longer a primary concern,’...
    -06-02-2005, 04:23 AM
  • Ram-Robot
    BEST OF Gordo Letters to Gordo: Great Scott ... or not?
    by Ram-Robot
    Rams Nation is generally enthusiastic about the direction of the franchise -– but some skepticism has crept into the “Letters to Gordo” bin.

    Link To Original Article
    -02-03-2006, 09:02 PM
  • r8rh8rmike
    Gordo: Rams' Giant Step Backward Difficult To Explain
    by r8rh8rmike
    Gordo: Rams' giant step backward difficult to explain

    10 hours ago • By Jeff Gordon

    For the first 2 minutes 59 seconds of clock time Sunday, the Rams looked playoff-ready.

    They seemed prepared to beat the Chicago Bears, set aside last Sunday’s painful overtime loss at Minnesota, move back over .500 and climb into the NFC postseason picture.

    “Everybody had an agreement that this was the start of the season, this was our chance to put our stamp on the season,” tight end Jared Cook said. “We’re at the halfway mark and it’s time to become a new team, it’s time to become a better team.”

    They appeared energized by the large Edward Jones Dome turnout (58,653 tickets distributed, many to visiting Sons of Ditka). The stage seemed set for a huge victory, especially after the Rams raced to a quick 7-0 lead with a crisp first drive.

    Instead, they reverted back to the same old Rams during a crushing 37-13 loss.

    “We got outplayed, got outcoached,” Rams coach Jeff Fisher said. “We didn’t play well.”

    That summed it up nicely in 10 words or less. This loss offered nightmarish flashbacks to Fisher’s previous seasons here. Errant passes, dropped passes, drive-killing offensive penalties and massive defensive breakdowns led the Rams down a familiar trail.

    “It hurt,” defensive tackle Michael Brockers said. “Nobody likes to lose, especially this way and at home. It hurts.”

    The game started with such promise. Quarterback Nick Foles opened the first series by rolling out on a misdirection passing play and hitting Cook, who rambled 29 yards.

    One play later, running back Todd Gurley caught a pass from Foles and hurdled a defender on a spectacular 31-yard play. Then Gurley plowed through the Bears for 14 yards on two runs to advance the ball to the Chicago 6.

    One player later, Gurley crashed into the end zone and the Rams led. Finally their offensive play script produced early results in a game.

    “We came out, first drive, went down the field,” Cook said. “After that, it was just downhill, man. I don’t know. We’ve got to figure it out.”

    Yes, they do. Gurley is a great running back, but defenses are sitting on him. He gained just 45 yards on 12 carries Sunday. And once the Rams fell behind the Bears by multiple scores, they had to abandon the run.

    Foles was just awful, sailing many of this throws beyond his targets as if the footballs were filled with helium. He short-armed some other throws while restless Rams fans booed. He finished 17 for 36 for 200 yards, no touchdowns and one interception.

    “I feel good,” Foles insisted after the game. “I feel good dropping back, throwing, reading defenses — I feel good about it.”

    That makes one person who feels good about it. What happened to the Nick Foles who posted a 115.8 passer rating...
    -11-16-2015, 08:55 AM
  • Ram-Robot
    BEST OF Gordo Letters to Gordo: Great Scott?
    by Ram-Robot
    Apparently, not every citizen in Rams Nation is thrilled with the program new head coach Scott Linehan has put together.

    Link To Original Article
    -02-01-2006, 09:00 PM