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I hope Mike Williams gets reinstated

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  • I hope Mike Williams gets reinstated

    He was just chasing the dream we all wish we had. Then when the court system screwed him, not necessarily Clarett, the NCAA committee should let him back in.

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    Re: I hope Mike Williams gets reinstated

    Thought I read somewhere that he would be allowed to return. If there has not been a decision, then I agree, the NCAA should let him return.
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      Re: I hope Mike Williams gets reinstated

      Tx, just curious what you mean by "the court system screwed him."

      The court ruled against clarett in a decision that was predicted by nearly every legal expert. the decision to overule the lower court was highly likely at the time that williams made his decision to come out. I am not necessarily disagreeing with the ability to reinstate him, but i think he took his chances with the court ruling and lost. I dont see how he got "screwed."

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        Re: I hope Mike Williams gets reinstated

        I'm undecided on this. It seemed obvious to me that whenever Williams announced he was coming out for the draft, the NFL was planning to or was in the process of appealing the ruling allowing players like him into the draft. Unless Williams was guaranteed that he'd be able to enter the NFL (at which point I'd say let him back in the NCAA), then he was taking a risk by declaring and obviously it didn't work out for him. But that was his risk to take. I just don't know.


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        • DJRamFan
          USC still unsure of WR Williams' status
          by DJRamFan
          Aug. 24, 2004
          By Dennis Dodd
 Senior Writer
          Tell Dennis your opinion!

          It's looking less likely that USC receiver Mike Williams will play in Saturday's season opener against Virginia Tech.


          Williams' eligibility status remained up in the air Tuesday, four days before the season begins. He is attempting to regain his amateur status after declaring for the NFL draft, hiring an agent and accepting money from his representative.

          Coach of the No. 1 Trojans, an optimistic Pete Carroll, said on Tuesday there is a "possibility" that Williams could still play in the opener. However, time is running out.

          USC faxed what is thought the be the final documents needed by the NCAA regarding Williams on Tuesday. The school now awaits the NCAA's decision.

          A school source considered Williams' chance at reinstatement at "50-50 at best."

          "It's been so frustrating of late that things have not been able to culminate to an end," Carroll said. "We'll just sit on it and see what happens."

          With him, USC gets another Heisman Trophy candidate (quarterback Matt Leinart already is considered the favorite) added to its already powerful lineup. Without him, the Trojans will have to move on with a largely inexperienced, but talented, set of receivers.

          USC already will be missing starting tailback Hershel Dennis, who is indefinitely suspended for a violation of team rules.

          While there is no "drop dead" date for Williams to be able play this week, the team leaves for the Washington D.C. area on Thursday. Presumably, Williams could hop on a flight as late as Friday, if he is cleared.

          "The NCAA has been so methodical about this," Carroll said. "I'm not surprised it's gone this long, just by the feel of it."

          Williams has been held out of practice the past two weeks as USC put in the game plan for Virginia Tech. Most likely, there are three possible outcomes to his future:

          He could be declared permanently ineligible by the NCAA;
          He could be reinstated by the NCAA;
          He could be reinstated by the NCAA after being suspended for one or more games.
          The 6-foot-5, 230-pound rising junior has been one of the most dominant receivers in the country the past two years. The Tampa, Fla., product caught 95 passes for 1,314 yards and 16 touchdowns last year in helping lead the Trojans to a co-national championship. He was projected as a first-round choice after declaring for the draft.


          Williams declared for the NFL draft after Maurice Clarett's legal challenge briefly opened the door to players less than three years out of high school. The NFL retained its three-year rule because...
          -08-25-2004, 10:04 AM
        • Nick
          Mike Williams will NOT be reinstated to the NCAA
          by Nick
          The NCAA has denied the reinstatement request by Southern California wide receiver Mike Williams, handing down its ruling Thursday. USC has filed a seperate request.

          I have to say I agree with the decision.
          -08-26-2004, 01:53 PM
        • MauiRam
          Goodell challenges Gregg Williams ..
          by MauiRam
          Bernie Bytes: Goodell challenges Gregg Williams
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          Monday, March 26, 2012

          * If you think NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is in the mood to hit Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams with a lifetime ban from coaching in the NFL, guess again. Judging by Goodell's words to Williams, it appears that the Commish is willing to show mercy.

          Peter King of Sports Illustrated disclosed the contents of a letter written by Goodell to Williams in handing down Williams' indefinite suspension for his leading role in the New Orleans' Bounty scandal.

          According to the trustworthy King, this is what Goodell told Williams, and it obviously was intended to motivate Williams to do the right thing to gain reinstatement:

          "I will review your status at the conclusion of the 2012 season and consider whether, and if so, on what terms, you may be reinstated and again eligible to be employed in the NFL. In making this decision, I will give considerable weight to the extent to which you cooperate with my office in any further proceedings, as well as developing and implementing programs designed to teach players and coaches -- particularly at other levels of the game -- how to play football in a way that is safe, fair, and that respects the game and those who participate in it ... I appreciate that this decision will be difficult for you. I hope you will use the opportunity to reflect on how you can return to the NFL in a way that honors the game and improves it for those who participate in it."

          Goodell all but posted a five-point plan for Williams to follow to gain re-admittance to the NFL before the 2013 season. Goodell clearly wants Williams to take a positive and proactive role in speaking to high school players and coaches, college players and coaches, and youth football players and coaches.

          Message: respect the game. Play hard and tough, but respect opponents and their families. Bounties are against the rules, and morally wrong. Do not let the inherent violence of the game, the desire to win, and the wolfpack mentality overtake your decency and common sense.

          Williams should be comforted by Goodell's words.

          Goodell is providing Williams with a path back to the NFL ...

          * If Williams is reinstated, that doesn't mean the Rams will hire him back. It's too soon to know, though head coach Jeff Fisher clearly went out of his way last week to repeatedly praise Williams in a public setting. And don't forget that Fisher also hired Williams' son, Blake, as a defensive assistant. And Blake Williams isn't going anywhere (nor should he).

          * But here's my question: can Williams be the same defensive coordinator when and if he returns? Williams has built his career on cultivating an aggressive, attacking and violent mindset...
          -03-26-2012, 03:42 PM
        • MauiRam
          Opinion: Gregg Williams should get a second chance ..
          by MauiRam
          From The Redzone:


          Now that disgraced defensive coordinator is looking into avenues for reinstatement to the NFL, many voices have called for his suspension to be extended to a lifetime ban and some pundits even look at his actions as criminal. LZ Granderson, senior writer for ESPN the Magazine, disagrees and feels that Williams should not have to wait longer than a year given the precedent set by transgressions we all can agree are worse than bounties.

          For example, in March 2009 Donte' Stallworth got drunk, got in his car and hit a pedestrian, killing him. He was convicted of manslaughter and was suspended by the league but not for long. He was reinstated after missing a season and signed with the Ravens. He has a lifetime suspension of his Florida driver's license but in March he signed as a free agent with the New England Patriots.

          Or look at Houston's Brian Cushing, who was named the 2009 defensive rookie of the year. He was busted for having a performance-enhancement drug in his system and was suspended but not for long. Four games is all that getting caught cheating cost him, and he kept the award.

          What about Michael Vick? Killing dogs and going to prison. Now he is the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.

          In light of these examples, why in the world would anyone think Williams will never work in the NFL again? That DUI manslaughter can be forgiven but for some reason bounties are the great unforgivable sin?

          The audio of Williams is disturbing but not entirely surprising. Sometimes guys in the pile at the end of plays will spit, bite, pull, kick, knee, elbow and that's at the high school level. The nickname for 2005 defensive rookie player of the year Shawne Merriman is "Lights Out." It is a declaration of intent to injure, and efforts to suggest otherwise are just feeble attempts to justify our love for something that is fairly barbaric.

          Williams didn't invent boundaries and he didn't issue them in empty rooms to hostile audiences. As one of his former players reportedly said, "Gregg's not the only one who has done stuff like this, but he's the one who got caught."

          Williams does not need sensitivity training. He has already apologized and did not challenge his suspension, unlike his boss Sean Payton. Let him sit for a year and come back at the same time as Payton, who didn't start the bounty program but knew all about it.

          If there's room in the league for players who get 'roided up before they go out to try to destroy each other, if there's room for players arrested for domestic assault multiple times, if there's room for a guy who got drunk and ran somebody over, I think there's room for a defensive coordinator who reportedly put $15,000 on Brad Johnson's head. Especially since no one in that room stood up and said "Coach, this is w...
          -04-21-2012, 01:23 PM
        • FestusRam
          So with the possibly inevitabld firing of Williams, does Mcginnis take his place?
          by FestusRam
          Well, ofcourse things were just going a little to good for our Rams this offseason, then this debacle is slammed in our face.

          At first I thought Williams would survive this. I hoped he would. However, with the general perception that he will miss quite a few games over this, I dont see him making it. We cant have our DC missing significant time.

          Besides, even if he isnt suspended, Fortuninerhater made a great point in another thread basically stating our defense will be under a microscope as long as hes here. Any injury or borderline "dirty play" to an opposing team will be scrutinized like no other. We really dont need that. Idk how anyone can disagree with that.

          With that said, my front runner is obviously Mcginnis.

          How does everyone feel about him as DC, perhaps compared to Williams, and what kind of defensive philosophy will we see him instill in our team?
          -03-05-2012, 06:16 PM