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A look to the future- Part 1

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  • A look to the future- Part 1

    Every week I will give you my opinion on who will be the next great ram, via the nfl Draft. this weeks focus the Qb

    Jimmy Clausen- this kid is an excellent qb Who is only going to get better, he committed to notre dame earlier this year, he is sure to be a stud at notre dame.

    Mark Sanchez- Committed to USC last season. he got his scholar ship taken away but has since got it back, he is going to push for the starting qb job this fall.

    Zack Frazer- Pennsylvania has a long history of producing great qb's, but none has piled up more passing yards in a single season than fraser. he threw for 3,674 yards and 27 touchdowns last season. he has committed to Notre dame.

    Matt Stafford- stafford opend eyes during his 2003 sophmore season by throwing for 3,100 yards. expect stafford who has committed to georgia to post numbers similar to the ones he produced as a sophmore this fall.

    now which one would be the better fit, jimmy clausen would fill the spot nice and be an able backup to marc bulger. now by the time clausen comes to the nfl bulger would be entering his 11th season, clausen has excellent arm strength and would be the first ram qb with above average arm strength. Now I am not saying the other 3 would not do any good I am just saying that Clausen is the Better Qb for us. But until then, this is marc bulger's show to run.

    Join me next week to discuss wide recievers.

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  • eldfan
    Considering Clausen for the Rams next QB
    by eldfan
    Considering Clausen for the Rams next QB
    by VanRam on Nov 24, 2009 3:58 PM CST in 2010 NFL Draft 35 comments

    Ok, with Bulger's tibia fracture barely days old and the (likely) end of his career with the St. Louis Rams, it's time to start talking QB of the future. Not that we haven't been talking about that since the last draft, but such chatter earned a new lease on life with Bulger's injury.

    Carneros got it started yesterday with this post, and I'm going to feed the fire some more today. First, a quick review of the Rams QB options moving forward. Boil it down to the essence, and the Rams have three options at QB for 2010: 1) sign a free agent (personally, I like Jason Campbell if they go this route), 2) draft a QB or 3) keep one of the in-house options, Bulger (if he can return) or Boller. Note that 2 and 3 are not mutually exclusive.

    And now, I submit for your consideration Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen.

    With Sam Bradford on the mend, Clausen is racing to the top of draft boards, at least among QBs. I think he'll be the first QB taken in the draft. I guess we'll have to see how much fan damage he incurred on a punch to the face this weekend. Will the Rams take him? Should the Rams take him?

    Why Clausen?

    Let's start with the stats, more specifically, the stats that can tell us something about success at the next level. According to the Lewin Career Forecast, the two most important things to look at when trying to gauge NFL success are a QBs career starts and completion percentage.

    Clausen's a junior this year. He took over starting duties early in his freshman year, true freshman year, and ended up starting in nine games, and started every game in two seasons since then. For his college career, he has a 62.2 percent completion rate, a stunning 67.3 percent this season.

    His TD to INT ratio of 23-4 speaks to his accuracy as a QB.

    One thing I like about him is his ability to find receivers and create plays where others cannot. That's something the Rams have really been missing. Yes, St. Louis lacks the established talent at WR, but after watching this season of west coast offense move forward in fits and starts, it would be wise to have a QB that could find receivers or even go through the reads.

    I'm not qualified to judge much about college players, especially the "intangibles". Talk of Clausen's acumen for the game, ability to read defenses and assuredness resonate for a long suffering fan of this team. Here are a couple of scouting reports from FFToolbox and Walter Football.

    As a junior, there's still no gaurantee that Clausen will declare for the draft this year. I'd be pretty shocked if he didn't given the fact that his stock is skyrocketing. In fact, with Bradford unlikely to be ready for the Combine, I wonder if Clausen does separate himself from the rest of the...
    -11-25-2009, 08:31 AM
  • shower beers
    Jimmy Clausen the best NFL-ready junior quarterback in league history
    by shower beers
    ***DISCLAIMER: The following article is an article independent of shower_beers. The opinions expressed in this article are of another party, and in no way endorses this opinion as his own ***

    Here's something juicy to hold everyone over until draft time.


    This is Matt McGuire's NFL Draft blog, where he'll talk about the NFL Draft, anything that has to do with football and whatever else is on his mind.
    Send Matt an e-mail here: (removed)
    All other e-mail, including advertising and link proposals, send to: (removed)

    Posted Dec. 29, 2009

    Junior Quarterbacks - Jimmy Clausen

    I bet you never thought in the past month that Notre Dame junior quarterback Jimmy Clausen is one of the most underappreciated quarterback prospects in the history of the NFL Draft. But after reading this blog entry, you just might change your mind.

    First, I am going to tell you why you might not like Clausen, and let's be real here, there is a lot of bias against him. Some criticism is warranted, but a lot isn't.

    Notre Dame is the most hated football program in America, period. They are the Duke of the gridiron. Automatically, you hate Clausen because he went to Notre Dame, just like you hated J.J. Reddick because he went to Duke. If you want to make an analysis as objective and professional as possible, then you need to cut the crap and get over the Notre Dame hate if you have it - and a lot of that is out there. Think about it: if you put Sanchez on Notre Dame and Jimmy Clausen at USC, then Sanchez is the hated prospect and Clausen is the beloved underclassman.

    Maybe you don't like Clausen because of the blond, spiky hair, or the limo appearance he had when he was a senior in high school to declare for Notre Dame. These aren't "low profile" characteristics and automatically, you might have disliked him.

    For whatever reasons you're down on Clausen, please put them in the back seat and have an open mind when reading this blog entry.

    Clausen just amassed one of the most impressive junior seasons among pro-style quarterbacks in the past 10-20 years.

    Let's remember that Clausen had a very bad offensive line this year for Notre Dame. Sure, he had good weapons, but the running game was poor and receivers Michael Floyd and Kyle Rudolph missed significant action (eight games missed total between them).

    When Floyd went out, Clausen stepped up. With a bum turf toe, he didn't play at all in the second half and led the team to a game-winning drive to beat Purdue. The following week, he posted 422 passing yards against Washington. Over the next three games (USC, Boston College, Washinton State), Clausen threw for 774 yards, six touchdowns and zero interceptions....
    -03-08-2010, 08:19 AM
  • AvengerRam_old
    What I'm looking for in a franchise QB
    by AvengerRam_old
    Taking a franchise QB prospect in the top 10 picks of the draft is a daunting task. Will you end up with the next Matt Ryan/Joe Flacco, or the next Alex Smith/Jamarcus Russell?

    There will never be a pefect formula for this, and if there were, I doubt I'd be the one to discover it, but for what its worth, here are the things I'm looking for:

    1. MPTs (Minimum Physical Traits)
    Top QBs don't all come in the same shape and size, but I do think there are a few minimum traits that, if lacked, will doom a QB to no better than mediocrity. They are: arm strength, physical bulk, and "pocket footwork."

    Arm strength refers to the ability to get the ball out and to a receiver quickly. It is a function of two factors: (1) release speed and (2) velocity. One factor can compensate for another, but the best QBs have both.

    Physical bulk, I believe, is more important than height. I'd rather have a well-built 6'1 QB, than a 6'6 string-bean. Otherwise, an injury-filled career is too big a risk.

    Finally, "pocket footwork" is, in my opinion, far more important than running ability. Give me a guy who knows how to step-up, side-step and roll out over a guy who can take off and run for first downs.

    2. Contagious Confidence
    People often mistakenly mistake brashness or vocal presence for leadership. To me, its more a question of a guy who displays confidence in his demeanor, what he says, and how he plays when the chips are down. Give me a guy who can throw 3 interceptions in the first half, shrug it off, and throw for 3 TDs in the second half.

    3. Unaided College Productivity
    Combines and workouts serve a purpose, nothing compares to productivity in game conditions. There's a caveat, though... beware of "aided" productivity. A college QB who racks up great stats in a non-pro style offense, against outmatched competition, or through "all-purpose" yardage will rarely be able to duplicate their productivity when they reach the NFL. You also have to throw out won/loss percentage, to a large extent. There are simply too many great college teams that merely carry their QB along for the ride. I'd rather have a smaller-school guy who plays in a pro-style offense and puts up great stats against teams with similar talent on the roster.

    So... how do I evaluate the top current prospects for the 2010 draft?

    Well, in terms of MPTs, I look at Locker and Clausen as the top prospects. McCoy and Bradford have some "bulk" issues that concern me, though in Bradford's case, his fragility may be overstated. In terms of footwork, I'd give McCoy the highest grade (though I'm not sure I've seen any college QB with better footwork than FSU's Christian Ponder).

    In terms of "contagious confidence," my subjective viewpoint is that McCoy and Clausen receive high marks....
    -10-27-2009, 02:30 PM
  • Varg6
    Real Speculation Begins on Clausen...
    by Varg6
    Per *Rumor Central*

    For over a week, we've been speculating on which NFL team would draft Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen if he went pro. Take the "if" out of that equation now, because's Joe Schad is reporting that Clausen will declare for the draft. So was he pushed in that direction by some unruly fans? We got word from's Joe Schad on Tuesday that Clausen was decked in the face by a surly Notre Dame fan on Sunday morning. It certainly didn't help keep him in school.

    Clausen is one of the more intriguing names on Mel Kiper Jr.'s Big Board, and some analysts think he could be the first QB drafted this April.

    Here was Kiper last week on the teams that might be interested in the gunslinger:

    Mel's take-

    "Leaving all the coaching chatter aside, which could obviously affect his decision, Clausen could certainly be the top quarterback taken. I think he's certainly capable of going in the top 10 or 12, and remember, St. Louis might want a quarterback, Washington might want a quarterback, we're not sure if Oakland will draft one, but they're another team with a problem at the position. The struggles at Notre Dame you can't put on Clausen. He's been battered, particularly early on. But he can play the position and personnel people know it. Comparing him and [UW's Jake] Locker, for instance, Clausen is far more refined at this stage."


    The reason I posted this was because of that one sentence in Mel's quote about personnel people. It'll certainly be interesting to see what we do in the upcoming draft.
    -11-26-2009, 09:44 AM
  • shower beers
    Clausen to enter draft
    by shower beers
    I'm sure this excites a lot of you here...

    per ESPN:

    Jimmy Clausen enrolled at Notre Dame to learn about the NFL. Looks like he's learned enough.
    Following the advice of deposed Irish coach Charlie Weis, Clausen has decided to forgo his senior season and enter this April's draft. Rated as perhaps the top quarterback in this year's class, he is believed to be coveted by St. Louis, Cleveland and Washington -- three teams that will conceivably pick in the top 5.

    Coach Weis told me whether he was going to be here or not be here, it was time for me to go. He thought I've improved so much since I came to Notre Dame. So, I'm taking his advice, and I'm going to head out.
    -- Jimmy Clausen
    "After the season, in talking to my parents and obviously Coach Weis, I just feel it's the right time,'' Clausen told on Monday before a scheduled 2 p.m. ET news conference in South Bend. "Coach Weis told me whether he was going to be here or not be here, it was time for me to go. He thought I've improved so much since I came to Notre Dame. So, I'm taking his advice, and I'm going to head out.''

    The consensus No 1 high school recruit in the country three years ago, Clausen chose Notre Dame over USC solely because of Weis' NFL pedigree. Weis -- who tutored both Tom Brady and Drew Bledsoe in New England -- assured Clausen he would prepare him best for the pro game, and Clausen rewarded the coach with a spectacular junior season.

    He completed 68 percent of his passes, and threw 28 touchdowns with only four interceptions -- three of which were tipped. Weis has told NFL scouts that Clausen "didn't miss a read all year," and particularly raved about his accuracy and personal growth.

    As a freshman, coming off of elbow surgery, Clausen weighed only 190 pounds and played behind a porous offensive line. He was vilified during that year's 3-9 season, but bounced back as a sophomore to lead Notre Dame to its first bowl victory since 1994 (over Hawaii). In the offseason before his junior year, he invited several Irish receivers to his home in Westlake Village, Calif., and the bonding experience paid off. He was picked as a team captain, and ended up throwing 24 of his touchdowns to wide receivers Golden Tate and Michael Floyd.

    The Irish slumped to a 6-6 finish, and Clausen was sucker-punched by a fan outside of a South Bend bar after a devastating overtime loss to Connecticut. But six days later, he threw for 340 yards and five touchdowns at Stanford, and his ability to persevere is why several general managers, who have requested anonymity, believe he is the most NFL-ready quarterback in this year's draft. They say he's already mastered an NFL offense, has already been subjected to a leaky offensive line and has already been part of a rebuilding process. They like that he played his entire college career...
    -12-07-2009, 08:24 AM