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  • Bomar off OU football team

    Bomar off OU football team
    By John Helsley and Justin Harper

    NORMAN --- Quarterback Rhett Bomar is one of two players who have been dismissed from the Oklahoma football team, according to several sources.

    Oklahoma released a statement confirming that two players had been dismissed by the team, but did not identify them. The school said the players violated NCAA rules by working at a private business and taking "payment over an extended period of time in excess of time actually worked."

    Bomar, who set an Oklahoma freshman record with 2,018 passing yards after taking over as the Sooners' starter in the second game last season, was one of the two players who had been permanently dismissed.

    "We spend a considerable amount of time addressing our players regarding their personal conduct and the NCAA rules," head coach Bob Stoops said. "They know exactly what we expect from them. Ultimately, they have to make right decisions. The same holds true for our boosters. When they do not, the consequences are serious, and we will not tolerate this behavior.

    "Our team and university actions are necessary because of the intentional participation and knowledge of the student athletes in these violations," Stoops said.

    A top-rated recruit out of high school, Bomar redshirted his first season while 2004 Heisman Trophy winner Jason White completed his career. Bomar lost a quarterback competition to Paul Thompson last fall, but was named the starter after the Sooners lost to TCU in the first week.

    He started Oklahoma's final 11 games and completed 54 percent of his passes, while throwing 10 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. Oklahoma finished 2005 by winning six of its final seven games, including a victory against Oregon in the Holiday Bowl.

    "I firmly believe that our program is stronger than any individual player and that a championship program cannot compromise its values," Stoops said in the statement.
    Wow, that's huge news.

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    Re: Bomar off OU football team

    Somebody dug this up and threatened to expose it or this would never have happened; would have been covered up or swept under the rug so to speak. It happens with most top level programs, IMO. However, Bomar will be missed. OU can kiss it's BCS hopes goodbye now (if they had them to begin with). It is awfully late to revamp under another QB without having to make changes to schemes and playcalling. We shall see how this plays out...


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    • NJ Ramsfan1
      It Could be A WHOLE LOT worse
      by NJ Ramsfan1
      I have had my patience tested for years dealing with the futility and disappointment of the Rams. And to lend me some much needed perspective, I sometimes look at other franchises and realize things could be much, much worse:

      1)Washington Redskins- is there a more dysfunctional team in all of sports? First, they've taken heat for their politically incorrect nickname. Secondly, they're led by a meddlesome owner, Daniel Snyder, who is George Steinbrenner without the winning. They've been through several coaches recently and have a QB for whom they traded a king's ransom who appears shot. Their record is terrible and they mailed it in weeks ago. They signed a talented receiver, DeSean Jackson, who wore out his welcome elsewhere and whose effort in Sunday's Giants game was an embarrassment (and to think some people actually wanted US to draft him awhile back). They actually had a playoff appearance three years ago. Seems like it's been 50 years.

      2)Oakland Raiders- The late Al Davis is probably vomiting in his casket- although truth be told, they started their downward spiral the last few years Davis was alive. Wasn't Reggie McKenzie supposed to clean up this mess?? They've signed numerous free agents and re-tooled the roster to no avail. The carousel of coaches, the Lane Kiffin embarrassment, the numerous blowout losses and clueless front office don't appear as if anything will change anytime in the near future.

      3)Jacksonville Jaguars- Given our representation in the dome the past few seasons, maybe we shouldn't throw stones, but is there another team in football who'd be missed less if they disappeared off the planet tomorrow? No excitement, no stars, a terrible record and a guy drafted as a franchise QB whose every 3rd throw is an interception. This team has no relevance whatsoever.

      Honorable mention:
      NY Jets- They've regressed every year since their AFC Title game appearances in Rex Ryan's first two years. And with Geno Smith at the helm, it's time to start over yet again. Still looking for their first SB win in the last 45 years.

      Cleveland Browns- Another team mired in a hopeless cycle of mediocrity. Never won a Super Bowl. Ugly uniforms. Haven't had a quality QB for any length of time since Bernie Kosar. And don't count on Johnny Football to be any type of savior. The bloom will be off the rose soon enough.

      Chicago Bears- Maybe their inclusion is a tad unfair since they haven't been hopelessly futile in years past, but this year's epic implosion and underachieving roster offers major concern for this franchise's future. A supposed QB guru, Marc Trestman, was brought in to get the most out of Jay Cutler, the highest paid bum in football. How's that working?

      And with Tampa and Carolina not lurking far behind the above listed group, maybe being a Rams fan isn't so bad. We have some talent. We have a decent defense. We have good specialists. We have a veteran...
      -12-16-2014, 07:03 AM
    • Guest's Avatar
      Great News
      by Guest
      We're not playing Detroit this season so we won't have to worry about losing to a team that haven't won a game yet.
      -11-23-2008, 05:57 PM
    • RamsFanSam
      Officiating this past season...
      by RamsFanSam
      I have a few minutes here before I go to catch up with my best friend from high school. I haven't talked with him for 25 years. So, while I am waiting for the hot water heater to catch up, I figured I would have my say.

      The new uniforms worn by the zebras this year did nothing to hide their lousy eyesight.

      Rams fans were at the bad end of lousy officiating during several games this year, but we were not the only ones. In the majority of the games I watched (and with Sunday Ticket and the Red Zone channel, it was a lot) I saw a lot of 'non-calls', a lot of 'over-done' calls, and a lot of bogus calls. Probably the worst of all was the pandering to the NFL's 'pet' QB's.

      Hey, Zebras, I have a news flash for you. Football is a physical game. When a 350 pound defensive end, running at full speed, leaps toward the QB a half second before the QB throws a pass, it is impossible for said DE to stop in mid-air. He will hit the QB. Seriously, ask any high school physics teacher. Sometimes, the QB is going to get hit. Next time Brady or Vick or Manning gets knocked on his backside, think before you throw a flag. Ask yourself whether the defensive player could have avoided contact. I bet you'd find that the majority of the time, the defensive player couldn't have done anything to avoid the contact. Just look over at the little pansy QB, tell him that football is a man's game, so quit acting like a 'girly man'.

      Another thing I would like to point out is that you are supposed to be impartial. I believe that you should look the definition of that word up in a dictionary. I have asked around, and those who know football say that they thought Seattle benifited from 'non-impartial' officiating more than any other team. I'm not sure I agree, but I do think Seattle did get more favors from you than did teams like the Cards, Lions, etc.

      Someone (I wish I could remember who) suggested that the officiating of each game should be reviewed by an impartial group, and that the officials should be held responsible for their performance. Miss a blatant foul, get a big fine. Throw an unnecessary flag, get a big fine. I bet that the games would be officiated a lot more fairly once cash started disappearing from the pockets of the zebras who don't do their job well.

      Now, for my last point:

      I said football is a physical game. I know the zebras have to be 'in the action', but what genius thought a ball cap and a whistle would be enough protection when a 350 pound linebacker blindsides your butt? Seriously, I have seen 5 year old kids with enough sense to know that a helmet is a good idea when riding a bike.

      Then again, maybe if a few of them had some sense knocked into them (or some BS knocked out of them) it might not be a bad thing....but, no. Even I can't be that cruel unless it involves someone mistreating my family.

      Well, that's all the time I...
      -01-02-2007, 03:57 PM
    • Varg6
      Would the Rams show fire if...
      by Varg6
      Someone threatened to kill themselves if they didn't win next Sunday?

      Can this team show any intensity? Or care? If someone's life was at stake, would they care? Would they try...

      In no way am I trying to be funny, because this is no laughing matter. This team is awful and my point is that we have many, many bad seeds that need to be cut. I can't see myself claiming more than 15 players on a 53 man roster to continue playing for this team. And I'm not sure if I'd even put Bulger (I think his career is over as a result of poor offensive line play, not because I don't think he was a great QB, just not anymore...) in the 15...

      So, perhaps if someone's life was at stake, maybe they'd show some care for 4 quarters rather than when the game is already over. Garbage time, as so many of you have elegently put it.

      We need this team sold, plain and simple.

      Our season, our playoffs and Superbowl is unfortunately this offseason. If we don't make major smart, and professional changes fast, I don't think we'll be able to have a good team for another 5-10 years. I truly believe that this offseason is the time for the Rams to rebuild entirely. If we're going to spend the big bucks, it's now, this offseason.

      I want to see trades, big FA acquisitions that make sense, big name draft picks that make sense and I want a new attitude to this lifeless team.

      New owner, new FO, new coaches, new staff, and most importantly, new players.
      -11-23-2008, 02:19 PM
    • Rampingitup
      QB with nervous feet
      by Rampingitup
      I have seen numerous comments in other threads about the O line and Bulger. Some saying it is all Bulger's fault for not being nimble enough to avoid pressure or not fast enough in getting rid of the ball. In others all the blame falls on the O line. Here are my thoughts.

      Virtually all of the time when a QB gets nervous feet it is due to continuous protection breakdowns by the O line. A QB has a right to expect a 3 to 5 second window in which to run through his check downs. The Rams O line has been consitantly unable to provide that protection for several years. Key word, YEARS. Not one quarter. Not one game. Not one season. YEARS! The offense as a whole is going to be unable to produce if the O line can't, or wont, do its job.

      Someone in one of the other threads invoked the name of Jim Everret. The biggest thing I remember about the Jim Everret years was him having to run for his life down after down after down.

      During the height of the Warner years 99, 2000, 2001 he was able to count on the 3 to 5 seconds from his O line most of the time. It was after the O line began to fail that Warner was getting creamed.

      Now some of this issue can be blamed on injuries. I know "Injuries is never a legitimate excuse, every team has them." But if you look at the best teams in the league, Colts, Patriots, Steelers, Giants. They have very, very, very, few injuries to the O line starters. Their O lines are rock solid, and the QBs have faith and confidence in them. This translates into not worrying about the rush coming, and into finding the receivers and backs. In other words making the plays, not running for their lives.

      Once a QB developes nervous feet it is very hard to get their confidence back. It takes a long time behind a O line they feel they can trust. And while there are certain linesmen (Pace) that do their jobs and do it well, most of the current line is a sieve. Constant break downs in protection, constant penalties negating posative plays. You would think that nearly the enitre line were rookies, instead of 3 to 5 year vets. This week no false starts, but lots of other penalties. Last week 6 different players false starting.

      Right now the O line is my biggest concern and is the place that needs the most attention. Yes I know the rest of the team isn't doing that well either. But you have to start somewhere.

      First. STOP SHUFFLING THEM AROUND TO COVER AN INJURY!!!!!!! This severely disrupts the cohesion of the line as a whole. I do not care is sub player A is better at left guard than right tackle. When the O line has been practicing over and over with players in certain positions that is where they are needed. There is far less adjusting to do mentally if you only have one player moved than several players moved. The entire concept of practicing is to become so familiar with your position that you no longer have to think about how to play it. Every...
      -09-15-2008, 10:55 AM