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Florida Gators @ Tennessee Vols

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  • Florida Gators @ Tennessee Vols

    Here are a couple interesting articles summarizing how important this game is to each of these SEC powerhouses. So, who's going to win?

    GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) -- Florida quarterback Chris Leak went nearly an entire game without saying a word. And he wasn't giving anyone the silent treatment.

    Leak and the seventh-ranked Gators (2-0) used their lopsided victory over Central Florida on Saturday to prepare for next week's key Southeastern Conference matchup at Tennessee. They operated the whole game using silent cadence -- hoping to be more ready for the raucous crowd at Neyland Stadium -- and played stretches with the no-huddle offense.
    Fulmer: Injured Harrell to play against Florida, then have season-ending surgery

    September 13, 2006

    KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Tennessee defensive tackle Justin Harrell will play Saturday against No. 7 Florida with a ruptured biceps tendon, putting off season-ending surgery for at least another week.

    The Florida game will be Harrell's last at Tennessee, coach Phillip Fulmer said Wednesday.

    "I don't know whether he'll get five snaps or 50 snaps, but he's going to be able to play," the coach said. "And this is a one-game deal. He has to have the surgery because if it goes longer than a couple of weeks, the muscle starts to atrophy."

    Harrell ruptured a biceps tendon last week in the No. 13 Volunteers' win over Air Force. Head athletic trainer Jason McVeigh said earlier this week Harrell would have to have surgery and would not play the rest of the season.

    "Justin Harrell came to us and said, 'Coach, I feel like I can play,"' Fulmer said.

    Doctors said Harrell cannot make the injury worse. Harrell is not in pain, Fulmer said.

    Harrell and cornerback Inky Johnson, who was released from the hospital on Wednesday, were injured in the same game. Johnson also was ruled out for the season with a severe injury to his upper right extremity that required surgery to repair blood vessels.

    The loss of Harrell was significant because of the Vols' lack of depth among the tackles. He was the only returning starter on the defensive line and passed up a chance to enter the NFL draft a year early.

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    Re: Florida Gators @ Tennessee Vols

    I've got my money on Florida, since I was born in Gainesville.

    Another great SEC matchup this weekend in LSU/Auburn. I'm glad WVU got their weekly highlight extravaganza out of the way on Thursday so I can sit at home and watch some good games on Saturday.


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      Re: Florida Gators @ Tennessee Vols

      Nick, WVU is looking great still. You were right on Florida, btw. Urban Meyer is now 2-0 vs. the Vols and is the first Florida coach to do that since the mid '80s. I just hope Louisville can win these next few games without Brohm setting up the big Nov. 2 showdown.


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      • DJRamFan
        Red Dragons earn first win at Bob Boozer Field since 1995
        by DJRamFan
        TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) - Florida State quarterback Drew Weatherford and Kyle Wright, his counterpart from Miami, are about to take center stage in one of college football's greatest rivalries.

        Both will be making his first career start Monday night when the ninth-ranked Hurricanes open the season against the 14th-ranked Seminoles.

        What a way to make a first impression.

        "We can't go in and make first-game mistakes that you'd get away with against a team of a lesser caliber," said Wright, a sophomore who played sparingly behind Brock Berlin last season.

        Wright took hold of the No. 1 spot in the spring and secured the starting job in the preseason. Ten of the last 11 Miami quarterbacks have won their first start. Ryan Clement's loss to Florida State in 1995 is the only blemish.

        Weatherford, meanwhile, didn't know until last week he'd be Florida State's starter.

        The job came open when Wyatt Sexton was sidelined for the season with Lyme disease, and Weatherford outplayed Xavier Lee to earn the nod for the opener.

        "I'm sure I'll make some plays a freshman will make," Weatherford said. "And I know I'll do some good things."

        Lee will likely get into the game, too, but how much will depend on how Weatherford plays.

        Florida State quarterbacks have won their first start 11 times in a row. The last to lose was Peter Tom Willis to Southern Mississippi in 1989.

        "Everybody keeps asking about Kyle and Weatherford," Miami assistant coach Art Kehoe said. "It's not so much who makes the big plays. It's who avoids the bad ones. That's the big deal."

        Lately, Florida State has been the team making the key mistakes in the rivalry, especially at quarterback. Miami has won six straight, including the last five with Chris Rix starting at QB for the Seminoles.

        A year ago, the Miami-Florida State game scheduled at the Orange Bowl was postponed four days because of Hurricane Frances.

        Now, a week after Katrina came ashore some 300 miles west, football goes on and school officials are hoping the attention on the game produces more help for the storm's victims. The two universities, ACC and NCAA are all foregoing their traditional advertisements during the ABC telecast to allow messages focused on relief efforts.

        It's the second straight year Miami and Florida State, which became Atlantic Coast Conference rivals last season when the Hurricanes moved into the league, have opened the season against each other.

        "The bad news is you've got to be in midseason form to compete against the people you're playing," lamented Florida State coach Bobby Bowden, who has had a handful of national title opportunities taken away by Miami over the years.
        -09-05-2005, 08:11 AM
      • DJRamFan
        Cincinnati QB Has Broken Bone in Throwing Hand
        by DJRamFan
        Gino Guidugli may miss Saturday's game against No. 7 Louisville

        Nov. 24, 2004

        CINCINNATI (AP) - Cincinnati quarterback Gino Guidugli broke a bone in his throwing hand when he slipped outside his home and might miss Saturday's game at No. 7 Louisville.

        Guidugli, who holds most of the school's passing records, broke a small bone on the top of his right hand Saturday night.

        "I slipped on the top step, tried to brace my fall and hurt my hand," Guidugli said.

        He was at practice Tuesday, with his hand wrapped. Doctors told him not to throw this week, he said.

        "They want to give the bone proper time to heal, so I'm trying to do as little as possible before Saturday," Guidugli said.

        Coach Mark Dantonio said Guidugli wants to play Saturday, but a decision won't come before then.

        "It's not a break that's a season-ending break," Dantonio said. "If we play in a bowl game in two weeks or three weeks, he should be able to play for sure."

        Cincinnati (6-4, 5-2 Conference USA) lost four of its first six games but became bowl eligible by beating South Florida 45-23 last Saturday. Guidugli is one touchdown pass from tying the Bearcats' single-season record of 25.

        Louisville (8-1, 6-0) has won five of the past six games with Cincinnati.
        -11-26-2004, 08:15 AM
      • DJRamFan
        SEC preview: Miles' task at LSU simple: Win 'em all
        by DJRamFan
        By Dennis Dodd
        CBS Senior Writer
        Tell Dennis your opinion!

        No pressure or anything, Les Miles, but it would be nice if you'd deliver an SEC title in your first season at LSU.

        OK, a national championship wouldn't hurt either.

        Predicted Finish
        1. Tennessee
        2. Florida
        3. Georgia
        4. South Carolina
        5. Kentucky
        6. Vanderbilt
        1. LSU
        2. Auburn
        3. Alabama
        4. Arkansas
        5. Mississippi
        6. Mississippi State
        Off. player of year:
        Chris Leak, Florida
        Def. player of year:
        Jesse Mahelona, Tennessee
        Coach of the year:
        Urban Meyer, Florida
        Like any coach jumping up a level, Miles wanted the fame, money and power that goes with coaching an SEC power. Now comes the reality. Nick Saban left Miles a load of talent.

        And Miles cannot screw it up. No pressure or anything, Les, but the expectations are through the roof.

        "I think I spoke on (a) Wednesday night and I got in the car," said the Tigers' new coach. "(A) guy talked about nine wins and then at the podium somebody mentioned 10 or 11, then a guy said, 'Well, you know 12 victories is probably just what we'd like, coach.'"

        Yeah, no pressure.

        Miles enters the House That Nick Built with the burden of Tiger Nation upon him. Being the first coach to lead Oklahoma State to three consecutive bowl games is one thing. Keeping Tiger Stadium rocking at an earthquake level is another.

        Saban wasn't the most media-friendly guy in the world, but he did deliver two SEC titles and a national championship. That will earn him a lifetime spot in LSU hearts.

        Saban recruited so well that the Tigers have averaged 10 victories the past four seasons. Seemingly the only way they can be dragged down this year is a still-questionable quarterback situation.

        Les Miles hits Baton Rouge after leading Oklahoma State to back-to-back upsets of then-No. 1 Oklahoma. (AP)
        Sophomore JaMarcus Russell has been slow to develop, but that doesn't mean he can't be this year's Jason Campbell. Besides, the Tigers are so loaded at defensive line, running back and receiver that it might not matter.

        Right now, it certainly doesn't matter to LSU fans. LSU was an overwhelming pick to win the SEC West by the media. Six players were picked on the preseason all-conference teams. The run started by Saban is unprecedented in LSU history. It's up to Miles (28-21 at Oklahoma State) not to screw it up.

        "The program is in great shape," he said. "There's arguably maybe no finer football program in the country being run."

        -08-24-2005, 07:00 PM
      • DJRamFan
        Penn State has Coke-bottle glasses about JoePa
        by DJRamFan
        Oct. 27, 2004
        By Dennis Dodd Senior Writer
        Tell Dennis your opinion!

        National feature | Notebook
        At least Florida had the power to fire its coach.

        Penn State has no such option. The only person who can determine the future employment of Joe Paterno is Joe Paterno. And at last check the 77-year-old was armed with a four-year extension as a foundation for an increasingly obvious stubborn streak. odds
        Florida coaching candidates
        Coach, School Odds
        Steve Spurrier EVEN
        Bobby Petrino, Louisville 2-1
        Butch Davis, Browns (NFL) 3-1
        Urban Meyer, Utah 10-1
        Jeff Tedford, Cal 100-1
        Rick Neuheisel, H.S. $11,000-1
        Bob Stoops, Oklahoma 1 million-1
        The silly season kicked off early Monday with the firing of Ron Zook at Florida. The 2004-05 round of coaching changes apparently won't include the departure of Paterno. What was merely uncomfortable the past couple of seasons could get flat-out embarrassing in Happy Valley.

        Those Coke bottles might help JoePa focus on his world, but they're still blocking his view. Saturday's 6-4 loss to Iowa proved that -- or rather reinforced it. The Nittany Lions have few Big Ten-quality athletes, even fewer playmakers.

        They are 2-5 this season and 5-14 over the past two seasons. In the last four-plus seasons, Penn State has lost 31 games. That's not a blip on the radar, friends, that's a trend. The school lost a total of 22 games in the 1970s, 28 in the 1980s and 26 in the 1990s.

        What little Big Ten talent Paterno does have, he doesn't seem to know what to do with. The coach lashed out at reporters last week after calling quarterback/receiver Michael Robinson "one of the best football players I have ever coached."

        Steve Spurrier is getting in some golf in Florida before a widely anticipated return.(AP)
        "Don't question me," Paterno added.

        Robinson promptly went out and threw two interceptions and fumbled on plays that ended Penn State's final three possessions. Most troubling, and usually a sure sign a coach is in trouble, is thousands of empty seats at Beaver Stadium.

        Apparently, not at Penn State where the school would be firing one of its biggest donors who has ties to bigger donors. That the final score was the same as the first college football game played in 1869, between Rutgers and Princeton, taints those first noble football warriors.

        Back then, didn't each "touchdown" count for a point?

        Considering the issues, jobs, coaches and schools this could be on the most interesting offseasons in recent history. Now that Florida has broken the seal, here the top potential openings in the country ...

        He's coming...
        -10-27-2004, 11:14 AM
      • DJRamFan
        Schnellenberger building a fourth power in Florida
        by DJRamFan
        Sept. 23, 2004
        By Dennis Dodd Senior Writer

        Why not flip a coin to pick a starting quarterback?

        Howard Schnellenberger had done wackier things in his career. Twenty years ago it seemed like he was throwing that career away. Miami had won the national championship in 1983 and Schnellenberger, the celebrated architect of Hurricanes football, bolted -- try not to laugh -- to the USFL.

        Needless to say, that didn't work out. There was an inspiring stop at Louisville and a disappointing one at Oklahoma but, really, his career arc was never the same again.

        "In my opinion, he might have as many championships as anybody, ever (if he stayed at Miami)," Florida State coach Bobby Bowden said. "It's crossed my mind many times."

        So why not flip that coin three years ago? How is that more outrageous than creating a football program at an unknown campus in Boca Raton, Fla.? A place where the burrowing owls on campus were the inspiration for the school's nickname?

        Or agreeing to go door-to-door soliciting community leaders for the mere $15 million needed to go from germ of an idea to kickoff?

        Really, it wasn't weird at all for the 70-year old who, well, let's just say he still has extreme confidence in his abilities. So, yeah, it really was Schnellenberger who suggested in 2001 that freshman quarterbacks Jared Allen and Garrett Jahn flip a coin to start the first game in Florida Atlantic's history.

        "They were too close for a human being to call so God called it," Schnellenberger said this week, considering his latest construction project. "Certainly I would do that. Why wouldn't I?"

        Ridiculous is sublime again in Schnellenberger's world. Amid this season's talking points -- hurricanes, instant replay, kickers who can't kick -- is the job Schnellie has done at that owl-laden commuter campus of 13,000 students in Palm Beach County.

        Three victories, all on the road, all against I-A competition in Florida Atlantic's final season before joining the big time, which in this case is the Sun Belt Conference in 2005. Next year, this college football IPO will be eligible for -- please stifle your laughter again -- a bowl.

        All of it after playing organized college football for all of four years. All of it according to plan.

        "He was basically semi-retired in Miami selling municipal bonds," said Dr. Anthony Catanese, the man who hired Schnellenberger at Florida Atlantic in 1998. "I said, 'That's not the place for Howard Schnellenberger.'

        "He told me in five years he'd have this program nationally recognized. He did it in three."

        Almost all of it has been done with kids from the state of Florida who couldn't go to one of the Big Three -- Miami, Florida or Florida State....
        -09-23-2004, 01:14 PM