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  • Coker Fired!!!!!

    YESSSSS!!!!!! Larry coker was fired today! I have been waiting for this day all season long!!!
    Built RAM tough

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    Re: Coker Fired!!!!!

    The handwriting has been on the wall, so to speak, for some time now. It has only been when rather that if he would be fired. Whomever takes over has a tall order to accomplish. They will be operating under the recently imposed "zero tolerance" on player behavior and be expected to compete for a national title immediately. That is a tough act to accomplish. We shall see how possible this will be and who the replacement will be.


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      Re: Coker Fired!!!!!

      The two people I'm hoping for to coach the team are greg shieano(rutgers coach) or randy shannon(miami defensive coordinator) there are many other names on the list, spurrier, the west virgina coach, and a few more I can't think of, lol, but I have to admit that miami is not the most glorous job when your trying to take them out of the hole they are in, the fan base is "what have you done for me lately"( I try to go to all the home games every year) and you MUST enforce a zero policy, the thing that pisses me off though about fans on other teams are that people assume every player that goes to miami is a "ganster thug" kind of person and that "gangster thug" tag may be true of select few players but when you ask someone about miami, they think about a trouble school, if you check the record during the past few years, it hasn't really been that bad, one more thing that might screw miami over is that donna shalala,(the president of UM) raised the GPA to get into the school, and that takes away many good recruits from our school, but I shall wait it out and I will post my opinions on all of the offseason moves they make
      Built RAM tough


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      • Nick
        Dolphins head coach Nick Saban accepts University of Alabama job
        by Nick
        After repeated denials, Saban takes Bama job news services
        Wednesday, January 3, 2007

        Nick Saban has accepted an offer from Alabama to coach the Crimson Tide and leave the Miami Dolphins, two weeks after declaring "I'm not going to be the Alabama coach."

        Saban's agreement with Alabama is for eight years and a fully-guaranteed $32 million, according to's Len Pasquarelli. Saban can potentially earn an additional $700,000 to $800,000 annually in bowl-game bonuses.

        Saban told team owner Wayne Huizenga of his decision in a face-to-face meeting Wednesday morning. Saban then informed all of his coaches by speakerphone that he was leaving the franchise to coach Alabama.

        In a news conference at the team's facility, Huizenga told reporters he was not upset by Saban's departure.

        "It is what it is. We have to move forward," Huizenga said. "We want the best for Nick and [his wife] Terry. I like Nick a lot and think he could have won here. I'm a Nick Saban fan."

        As of late Wednesday morning, Saban was not yet headed to Tuscaloosa for a formal introduction.

        "All indications are that he's coming, but I know they're not in the air yet," an Alabama athletic department official told's Mark Schlabach.

        Saban had issued repeated denials that he was interested in coaching Alabama, one of the most high-profile and high-pressure college coaching jobs in the country. After he turned down the Tide in early December, they offered the job to Rich Rodriguez, but he decided to stay at West Virginia.

        Alabama made a formal offer Monday after rumors swirled for weeks that the Crimson Tide were continuing their pursuit of the former LSU coach, who spent five seasons in Baton Rouge before leaving for the NFL. Saban was 48-16 at LSU and won the 2003 BCS national championship.

        He walks away from the Dolphins with three years left on a deal worth approximately $4.5 million a year.

        In the past, Huizenga has been persuasive when dealing with coaches. He talked Don Shula into retirement in 1996, talked Jimmy Johnson out of retiring three years later -- Johnson lasted one more season -- and was able to lure Saban to the pros in 2004 after other NFL teams had failed.

        But this time, Huizenga failed to change Saban's mind.

        "First of all this was never about money," Huizenga said. "It's never been about money, Nick never talked to me about money, Nick never talked to me about an extension. I honestly believe this was not about money.

        Saban was 15-17 without a playoff appearance in his two seasons as Dolphins coach.

        "In my opinion, the Dolphins have always been about winning. I just want everyone to know that it's really all about winning now," Huizenga said. "I don't...
        -01-03-2007, 10:15 AM
      • BrokenWing
        A Dark Road
        by BrokenWing
        Just the other day I was talking to my girlfriend like I am want to do and I mentioned the number of UNC (where she goes to college) players on the Rams and she eventually said I might need to start looking for a new team to follow if they don't start winning soon. I of course dismissed such notions out of hand, not for me the bandwagon fan.

        For awhile, I put thoughts of the Rams aside and focused on other hobbies I have, like painting and putting together my numerous Warhammer 40k armies, coming up with new ideas for my novel and working on various other fictional projects I have going. Today, however, I was driving my mustang and thinking about how my parents were driving me insane today with all their phone calls and indecision and some how, I got to thinking about the Rams again. This time I looked at it from a fresh perspective not colored by my general displeasure with Sunday's game. I came to some conclusions about what the Rams must do going forward, putting my analytical skills as a Historian to use in the process to try and come to a conclusion not colored by emotion or team loyalty.


        What is going on?

        For awhile this season I have thought that perhaps it really was injuries, short off-season and so on. Perhaps we just don't have enough high quality players or maybe it was the Coaching Staff. Then, I read an article on that told me Chris Long, of all people, was talking about how "embarrassing" their run defense had been on Sunday. When is the last time Chris Long spoke out like that? Do you remember the last time Ram players started to speak out (Remember Steven Jackson's comment earlier this season)?

        I remember. It was the last year of Scott Linehan, it was the year of the eye rolls and the shrugs, the year the Coach lost the players. Has Spags lost his players? I think he's starting to. I think it started with Steven Jackson and I don't think it's going to get better. I can present no smoking gun evidence in this matter, but I can simply point you back in time and remind you of what has transpired before and what has been said of late.

        Do I believe we lack the quality players to compete? No. I look to the Bills and Bengals as evidence of this. Both of these teams are playing competitive football with only a few good men. Do the Rams have a few good men? Yes they do, they have Bradford, Steven Jackson, Brandon Lloyd, Chris Long and JL. Are they missing pieces? Certainly, but the same can clearly be said of the two teams I mentioned above. So what's the difference? I would suggest coaching. I think the biggest difference is that this Coach has lost his players and those two coaches have not.


        How do you move forward?

        I have seen people suggest blowing up the team. I think you wait for the year to end before making that decision. If that decision is made however, I suggest keeping Bradford...
        -10-24-2011, 02:46 PM
      • clarasDK
        The 101 of keeping your NFL coaching job
        by clarasDK
        Being black Monday and being bored in the off-season (sighs) I decided to use all my knowledge about NFL coaching (none) to make a nice guide for new and existing head coaches on how to keep their jobs in the NFL for many years.

        I see this as a developing wiki/faq so please feel free to add more insights too further help poor head coaches close to losing their jobs.

        Please bear with my English as this is not my main language and I am freaking tired from some random late overtime loss I watched yesterday night.

        Any similarity with persons leaving or dead is pure coincidence. As stated I do know nothing about being an NFL coach and this is only written based on pure logic thinking (or whatever you call what is going on in my brain)

        Team selection
        If you are just about to start in the business of head coaching and have not signed with a team yet there are some things you can do from day one to put yourself in a better position for a long term job.
        1. Find a really bad team to start with something like having a winning percentage of around .350 over the last 10 years. This is smart because even though you cannot pull of a single winning season in the following many years it does not take much effort to get a little better and you can just say: I am better than the coaches before me, things are improving. We will try harder next week.
        2. Try to find a team with a lot of young players or make it your mission to throw out old players and put in young players as soon as possible. That will give you a few years where you can just point to the fact that you are the youngest team in the NFL and that you are still learning
        3. Find a team with a QB in place so that you do not need to take the blame if he fails, that can give you some extra years of doubt. Doubt is your best friend this can be the biggest factor in giving your more years as a HC
        4. If possible, find a team that is a candidate for relocation within the next 4-5 years that will scare anybody else away and could give you another year or two. No matter how bad a job you do

        During the season
        1. Never play to win! Always play not to lose. This will in most cases not give you a winning record but there is a higher chance that you will just do enough. This will also make your fans bored who than do not show up for games. This is important to help the team relocation happen that can give you some extra years. You do not want your team to become too big a succeed and jeopardizing the relocation!
        2. Play calling should always be boring and conservative. Again keep fans away and play not to lose.
        3. The first 3-4 weeks of a season you will probably do fine as the opponents do not have tape on your gaming calling and maybe not on your QB. Then typically things will go downhill. Around game 8 change the QB and if really needed the OC. This will give you 3-4 good games again as the opponents again cannot study
        -01-04-2016, 11:23 AM
      • RamWraith
        Could the Rams go 0-16?
        by RamWraith
        By Bryan Burwell

        Before the season began, I was looking at the Rams' schedule and have to admit I thought the first six games were the easiest part of their schedule. I figured they'd be no worse than 4-2 and if things broke just right, they would roll into Seattle this week at 5-1 with this game sure to determine early-season supremacy in the NFC West.

        But now I am sitting here staring at the NFL standings and the Rams are one of only two winless teams, and it doesn't look as if it's going to get much better.

        I'm sitting here trying to decide how to quantify just how bad the Rams (0-6) really are. Are they merely awful, horrible and woefully inept, or can they take this wretchedness to an inglorious and historic excess?

        My good sportswriting colleagues in Miami are convinced that the Dolphins are the worst team in the NFL, but I beg to differ. Sadly, that isn't the only thing we both are being forced to consider.

        Can you say "0 and 16"?

        How is it possible that only four seasons after a 12-4 year and an NFC West championship, six seasons removed from an NFC conference title and eight seasons removed from the height of football excellence — a Super Bowl XXXIV championship — that a franchise can fall from the days of "The Greatest Show on Turf" to sparking conversations about whether it will become the first team in pro football history to finish 0-16?

        The Rams already are more than a third of the way down that unfortunate path, and with each dreadful defeat and every embarrassing failure, it's no longer something that should be immediately dismissed.

        The Notorious Man of the People (the Notorious MOP) does not take his duties lightly.

        The people want to know, so the Notorious MOP must provide answers:

        5 REASONS THE RAMS WON'T GO 0-16

        Did you see how bad division-leading Seattle looked Sunday night, getting stomped by previously winless New Orleans?

        The Rams play in the worst division in the NFL, which makes their lousy season all that much harder to understand. If the division leader can be that sorry and no-account and is tied with the Arizona Cardinals, whose new starting quarterback was unemployed last week, and the third-place team has an offense that is as bad as the Rams (the ’Niners are averaging 12 points a game), you have to figure the Rams will get at least one victory somewhere down the line. Call it the “blind-squirrel theory,” as in, even a blind squirrel can occasionally find a nut.

        The only things worse than the NFC West are the four other patsies on the Rams’ schedule. Those teams have a combined 6-15 record, and if you throw out the Browns’ 3-3 mark, then Atlanta,...
        -10-16-2007, 05:44 AM
      • viper
        Alas..the sky is falling once again
        by viper
        It never ceases to amaze me, how quickly my fellow Ram's fans will turn on thier team, their players and their coach. The clouds of "doom and gloom" lye low above the legion once again. Again the naysayers have their day, to lay their spew upon the feet of the horns.

        Ohhhh no, we've lost to the lowly dirty birds, Ohhh no, we've lost 6 out of the last 7 games, Ohh no, our captain has spoke out to the media about a few of his undisciplined guardians, possibly upsetting a few teammates, Oh no, our coach won't take responsibility and demand accountability from his youthful squires on the front lines, let alone the team as a whole.

        Granted, the legion has seen better days. But, why is it that the masses choose to dwell on the "darker side" of things rather the hope of a brighter day to come. Is there not a chance, a hope that a brighter day shall dawn as a result of the upcoming offseason. This season is lost, no doubt. Who can say that this was not a distinct possibility, considering that we would be brandishing a new head coach, a new defensive coordinator, new offensive and defensive schemes, new free agents, untested rookies and a decimated offensive line. Add to that a previously dysfunctional run defense, pass defense and special teams for the last several years and what do you get? The "2006 St. Louis Rams!" Hooray! We got exactly what we "should have" expected. Or at least considered the possibility that it could be a tough year. Well guess what, it has turned out to be a "tough year." A downright bleak season.

        But, ya know what, believe it or not, there has been improvement over last year. Our special teams have improved significantly in punting, coverage and returns. Our defense, is doing better in the turnover battle, our pass defense is improved and as hard as it may be to believe we do seem to be better at keeping opponents from scoring on us as much.

        Its easy to throw fuel on the fire proclaiming how terrible things are when the going gets tough. The question is where are you when your team needs your support? Anybody can belittle a losing team...and their is no question we are losing right now. But, in doing so, are you any better than the opposing team's fans that come to diss on your team. I haven't seen too many "positive" threads lately about our team that make me feel like this is the Rams home.

        I, personally, have unwavering faith in the positve attributes of the Rams! I choose not to wallow in the ever increasing muck and mire that seems to be prevalent around here lately. I agree that we are not where we want to be...far from it. But, I'm not going to participate in any "hanging" or "slop" parties or anything of the like.

        Why can't we focus on the good things about our team or future prospects. Maybe that means a higher draft pick next year or a few well scouted free...
        -12-05-2006, 10:53 PM