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Conference standings in Bowl games

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  • Conference standings in Bowl games

    Conference Standings
    Name (Teams) Record
    Atlantic Coast (8) 3-1
    Big 12 (8) 3-3
    Big East (5) 2-0
    Big Ten (7) 0-3
    Conference USA (5) 0-4
    Independents (I-A) (2) 0-1
    Mid-American (4) 1-1
    Mountain West (4) 3-1
    Pacific-10 (6) 2-3
    Southeastern (9) 2-1
    Sun Belt (2) 1-1
    Western Athletic (4) 2-0

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    Re: Conference standings in Bowl games

    Iowa Got Hosed!


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      Re: Conference standings in Bowl games

      Missouri lost to Oregen State, 39-38, bad referees, Bernard fumbled in the endzone and they didnt called it and a ref was standing two yards from the player that fumbled!!! Bowl Games need better refs!!


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        Re: Conference standings in Bowl games

        Originally posted by RamsFan16 View Post
        Iowa Got Hosed!
        How do you figure?


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          Re: Conference standings in Bowl games

          Originally posted by BigGameMN View Post
          How do you figure?
          It could have been 34-6 and RF16 would have still claimed that his beloved 'Hawks got hosed. He is a rabid fan, rightfully so, and is just taking it too seriously...Stay true to your school RF16....


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            Re: Conference standings in Bowl games

            Ok, we shouldn't have been in this situation but anways with 52 seconds left we needed a stop against Texas. They ran the ball and we stopped with like 46 seconds left AND the 'Back went out of bounds BUT the Refs didn't stop the clock they let it play we got the ball with 10 seconds and then only did some play where we flick it back to eachother. ... God, two TDs Texas had were two huge holding plays by Texas in front of the refs.

            Here's the out of bounds


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              Re: Conference standings in Bowl games

              Here is the updated conference standings going into Jan.1 games. Big East undefeated!

              Conference Standings
              Name (Teams) Record
              Atlantic Coast (8) 4-3
              Big 12 (8) 3-5
              Big East (5) 3-0
              Big Ten (7) 2-4
              Conference USA (5) 0-4
              Independents (I-A) (2) 0-1
              Mid-American (4) 1-1
              Mountain West (4) 3-1
              Pacific-10 (6) 3-3
              Southeastern (9) 4-3
              Sun Belt (2) 1-1
              Western Athletic (4) 3-1


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              • DJRamFan
                Pac-10 could find itself left out of 'lower' bowl bids
                by DJRamFan
                Nov. 10, 2004
       wire reports

                The way things are going in the Pac-10, the conference could have as many teams playing in the four Bowl Championship Series games as it has in the other 24 bowls.


                No. 1 Southern California can clinch a berth in the Rose or Orange bowl with a win against Arizona this week, and No. 4 California is in good position to grab an at-large spot in the BCS with wins in its final three games.

                Arizona State and the winner of this week's UCLA - Oregon game also will be bowl bound. But after that it gets dicey. The conference could have anywhere from zero to three more bowl teams, leaving four spots possibly open.

                Being unable to fill all of its bowl slots is less important to commissioner Tom Hansen than getting two teams into the BCS for the third time in the system's seven years.

                "That's the important measurement," Hansen said. "We've been the best conference top to bottom for a number of years. People said, 'You have good teams but not great teams.' This year we have two great ones. It's a very fine development. I'm proud of it."

                It also has some outside observers very interested in how the next few weeks play out in the Pac-10. Because every bowl berth the Pac-10 doesn't fill is one that could open up for a school from the Mid-American Conference or an independent such as Navy.

                Hansen has already given the Silicon Valley Bowl and Emerald Bowl permission to talk to other teams in case the Pac-10 doesn't have teams for those games.

                "We told them, 'It does not hurt our feelings. You have to protect yourself,"' Hansen said.

                MAC commissioner Rick Chryst, whose conference already has four eligible teams and only two bids, has already begun lobbying for a spot in the Silicon Valley Bowl.

                "Three times in the last six years, the MAC has had a 10-win team not get invited to a bowl game," Chryst said. "We're trying to do our work and make our calls."

                There are a few problems contributing to the Pac-10's inability to fill its bowl slots, most importantly an 11-game schedule that requires teams to go 6-5 instead of 6-6 to become bowl eligible and dominant teams at the top of the conference.

                This week's games will go a long way in determining which Pac-10 teams will be bowl eligible. The conference has seven bowl tie-ins and would have eight if two teams make the BCS.

                The loser of the Oregon State- Stanford game will join Arizona and Washington as teams eliminated in the running. Washington State also would drop out if it loses at Arizona State or next week to Washington.

                The UCLA-Oregon loser would need to win its final game with the Bruins ending against USC and the Ducks finishing with Oregon State....
                -11-11-2004, 10:13 AM
              • DJRamFan
                Boise State could replace Utah in Liberty Bowl
                by DJRamFan
                Nov. 21, 2004
       wire reports

                BOISE, Idaho -- Boise State is in line to take Utah's spot in the Liberty Bowl, now that the Utes have all but locked up a spot in the Bowl Championship Series.


                The Liberty Bowl has a contract with the Mountain West Conference that requires the league's champ to play the winner of Conference USA in Memphis, Tenn., on New Year's Eve.

                Officials with the Liberty Bowl have started discussions with the Western Athletic Conference and Boise State to have the Broncos (10-0, 7-0 WAC) fill the vacancy left by MWC champ Utah.

                The matchup Liberty Bowl officials are hoping for is No. 10 Boise State taking on No. 7 Louisville (8-1). The Cardinals' only loss was against Miami.

                Broncos-Cardinals would match the two highest scoring teams in the country and it might be the only game with two teams in the top 10 of the BCS standings, outside of the national championship game in the Orange Bowl.

                "If it happens, we think that we would have the most compelling, exciting bowl game outside of the national championship game. There is no doubt about that," Liberty Bowl associate executive director Harold Graeter said before Boise State's 55-14 win over Louisiana Tech on Saturday.

                "Both of these teams play an entertaining style of football and that's what we're looking for."

                Contractually, the Liberty Bowl could have forced Utah to play in Memphis. But Liberty Bowl executive director Steve Ehrhart, who was in Salt Lake City for Utah's 52-21 victory over BYU on Saturday, said he will continue to work with MWC commissioner Craig Thompson on a deal to free the Utes.

                "We understand the landscape and wish Utah well," Ehrhart said

                By beating Louisiana Tech, the Broncos extended the nation's longest win streak to 21 and tied BYU for the most consecutive conference wins at 25.

                They also clinched at least a share of their third consecutive WAC title.

                The Broncos still need to finish out their regular season Saturday at Nevada. Louisville has two games remaining, versus Cincinnati Saturday and at Tulane on Dec. 4. A win next week will wrap up the Conference USA title for Louisville and a spot in the Liberty Bowl.

                Then, there's still the matter of Boise State sneaking into the BCS.

                With losses Saturday by Michigan and Florida State, the Broncos -- No. 9 in last week's BCS standings -- still have the slimmest of hopes of joining Utah in the big-money games. They would need loses by California and Texas to even have a shot.

                Still, that was enough for Fiesta Bowl representative Steve Horrell to spend Saturday in Boise.

                "That football can bounce some funny ways sometimes," Horrell said. "These...
                -11-21-2004, 05:01 PM
              • DJRamFan
                UAB accepts first bowl invitation
                by DJRamFan
                UAB takes Hawaii Bowl invitation

                Blazers accept first bowl invitation

                Nov. 28, 2004

                BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) - Alabama-Birmingham accepted an invitation Sunday to play in the Dec. 24 Hawaii Bowl, the team's first trip to a postseason bowl.

                The announcement came after Saturday's 26-21 loss to Southern Mississippi.

                The UAB Blazers (7-4, 5-3 in Conference USA), will meet an opponent still to be determined.

                "This first bowl game for our program is special, not only for our current players, but also for all the other guys from past years who played a part in getting us started," coach and athletic director Watson Brown said in a statement.

                The team has played at the Division I-A level since 1996.
                -11-29-2004, 01:17 PM
              • DJRamFan
                MAC to Replace Pac-10 in Silicon Valley
                by DJRamFan
                MAC team will take the spot of a Pac-10 team on Dec. 30th.

                Nov. 23, 2004

                SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) - The Mid-American Conference agreed Tuesday to send a team to the Silicon Valley Football Classic bowl game on Dec. 30.

                The MAC team will take the spot contractually reserved for the Pac-10's seventh-place team to face a Western Athletic Conference team. The Pac-10 won't have enough bowl-eligible teams to fill its spot.

                Fresno State has represented the WAC in all four of the previous Silicon Valley bowl games, and the Bulldogs could return this season. Miami of Ohio, Akron, Bowling Green, Marshall, Northern Illinois and Toledo are the current bowl-eligible MAC teams.
                -11-26-2004, 08:21 AM
              • Aries51
                Some Bowl Results
                by Aries51
                Better late than never....

                Heres a few Bowl results:

                Rose Bowl

                Miami 37 Nebraska 14

                Orange Bowl

                Florida 56 Maryland 23

                Sugar Bowl

                LSU 47 Illinois 34

                Fiesta Bowl

                Oregon 38 Colorado 16

                Gator Bowl

                Florida State 30 Virginia Tech 17

                Cotton Bowl

                Oklahoma 10 Arkansas 3

                Citrus Bowl

                Tennessee 45 Michigan 17

                Peach Bowl

                North Carolina 16 Auburn 10

                Holiday Bowl

                Texas 47 Washington 43

                For more results go to:

                :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:
                -01-05-2002, 11:23 AM