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Pittsburgh WR Derek Kinder suffers torn ACL, out for season

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  • Pittsburgh WR Derek Kinder suffers torn ACL, out for season

    Kinder out for season
    Chris Peak Editor

    The Pitt football team will be without its most decorated returning starter this season, as Dave Wannstedt announced on Sunday that senior wide receiver Derek Kinder has suffered a torn ACL and will miss the 2007 campaign.

    Kinder tore his right ACL after catching a pass over the middle during a seven-on-seven drill in Saturday's practice.

    "It was a non-contact injury," Wannstedt said. "He never got hit; it was planted on the grass. It's the right ACL, that's the bad news. The good news is he's got a redshirt year left to get it rehabbed and come back and have a great year next year.

    "He does have all the intangibles, the work ethic and the determination, to make a full recovery and to still end up accomplishing everything he wants to accomplish."

    Kinder, a 2006 All-Big East selection and a Biletnikoff Award semi-finalist who caught 57 passes for 847 yards and 6 touchdowns, will have eligibility for 2008 since he has not used a redshirt season, but for 2007 the coaches will need to find a replacement for that production.

    "Obviously it's a setback," receivers coach Aubrey Hill said. "But now what we need to do is regroup with our receivers and make sure we find the guys who are going to do everything consistently right, which Derek did. So we have to fill that void."

    Filling the void will fall to a talented group. Redshirt sophomore Oderick Turner tied for the Big East lead in touchdown receptions (eight) last season, redshirt junior Marcel Pestano and sophomore TJ Porter both emerged as playmakers in 2006, and the team added freshmen Moe Williams and Aundre Wright to the mix this season, giving the team six talented scholarship receivers still on the roster.

    Hill said that all of those players will be vying for Kinder's vacated No. 1 role.

    "I tell you what, at this point it's a flip of a coin," Hill said. "All of those guys are doing well. Marcel is a very good athlete and he's a really good route-runner. TJ's very explosive and he can do it all: special teams, deep balls, intermediate passes, short passes. And then you get Cedric: he can definitely run some good routes. And Oderick, obviously, we know what he did last year very well.

    "So we've got a lot of guys who can do different things. Really, it might be receivers by committee this year. Coach Wannstedt and Matt [Cavanaugh] and I will sit down and find out which plays each guy does very well."

    In addition, the freshmen, Williams and Wright, have stood out through one week of training camp.

    "A week ago I was thinking one or both of those guys would redshirt," Wannstedt said, "but right now I think they'll be in the competition and we'll see how things play out."

    "They're both very conscientious," Hill said, "really good students in the classroom, and very, very explosive. And you know what? They don't talk. They don't say a word. They just come out and play, and that's really a good start."

    But while Turner, Pestano, McGee, Porter, Williams, and Wright have talent, athleticism, and playmaking ability, the coaches will now be looking to see which receiver can emerge to fill Kinder's leadership role.

    "Derek was one of those lead-by-example guys," Wannstedt said. "He was never a screamer or a yeller, but he was always one you could count on.

    "I talked to the team last night and we addressed the issue: this is how things happen in this game. There are examples on every team every year where an unfortunate thing happens and another guy steps up and makes plays."

    Kinder is expected to have surgery on his right knee next week to repair the ACL.

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    Re: Pittsburgh WR Derek Kinder suffers torn ACL, out for season

    Besides being a good WR, Kinder is the player who threw the block that sprung Darelle Revis last year during his remarkable return vs. WVU. He laid out two players with one hit. Pitt will miss him.


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      FSU's Antonio Cromartie done for the season
      by Nick
      Cromartie done for the season
      FSU Sports Info
      July 13, 2005

      Tallahassee, Fla. – Florida State junior cornerback Antonio Cromartie will miss the 2005 season after tearing the ACL in his left knee during voluntary workouts Tuesday evening. Cromartie, a preseason first team All-American, had an MRI Wednesday morning and head trainer Randy Oravetz confirmed the injury and said Cromartie will undergo surgery to repair the knee next week.

      Cromartie, who attended Lincoln High School in Tallahassee, tied for second last year in the ACC with four interceptions. He was also responsible for two defensive touchdowns. Sophomore J.R. Bryant will move up to first team at left cornerback opposite senior Gerard Ross to start fall practice.


      "You are going to have some unexpected things like this happen. Sometimes it's academics, sometimes it's injuries. He told me he was out here working on his preparations and just went up for a ball, got his feet tied up and landed awkwardly.

      It's disappointing for him and it's disappointing for our team. He was right there on the verge of becoming a dominating player. He's a preseason All-American so obviously it's a big loss for us.

      You never know what the plan is. Maybe it was for him to earn his degree, be an All-American next year and then move on to the NFL as a redshirt junior. It is how you handle setbacks that is important. He'll bounce back from this.

      What it does now is open up an opportunity for one of the other cornerbacks to become a starter. One of those guys is going to have to find a way to become a dependable starter.

      We'll probably open up practice with Gerard Ross and J.R. Bryant as the starting cornerbacks. The freshmen (Tony Carter, Trevor Ford and Joe Manning) will be given an opportunity to prove that they deserve one of the starting jobs.

      In 1993, we lost two defensive backs before the season even started with Corey Fuller and Steve Gilmer going down. Antonio has a little setback right now. We've got great surgeons, great rehab people, and he has a great work ethic. He will still have a role on this year's team. Even though he won't be playing, he'll still be in meetings and out here at practice helping these young guys get better."


      "Of course I'm really disappointed that I won't be able to play this year. I think we have a very good team that is capable of winning a national championship and I wanted to help be a part of that. We can still get to the Rose Bowl because there are some very good young players in the secondary. They just have to step up now."

      The thing that is the most frustrating is I really...
      -07-16-2005, 12:27 AM
    • MauiRam
      Pre-Training Camp Press Conference – Offensive Coordinator Pat Shurmur – July 27, 200
      by MauiRam
      (From another Rams forum)

      "Offensive Coordinator Pat Shurmur – July 27, 2009 et al"

      (On if the Rams offense is a West Coast offense)

      “The West Coast offense is a broad definition. The initial terminology can follow back to the originators, Bill Walsh. Really there’s a whole lot of different variations of it. When you start talking about the specifics of the play calls in terms of are they going to run it or pass it and percentage and utilization of the personnel. I like to think of it as it’s going to be the Rams offense.”

      (On if the offense follows the same precise style as Walsh’s offense)

      “No question and that’s really the foundation of the passing part of the offense. How you teach the quarterback his fundamentals to his decision-making to his accuracy and then of course the touch and all that. The accuracy is hugely important in terms of high percentage of completions. Then once you complete the football, an accurate receiver allows you to do something with it, which is run after catch. So that allows you to make a high percentage type throw with big play capabilities because they’re going to run with it after they catch it; that’s typical. In terms of the passing game, it all really goes through the eyes of the quarterback. It starts up front with protection of course, but what he does with the football is extremely important.”

      (On what he has learned about QB Marc Bulger that he didn’t know before)

      “We had him in the Pro Bowl for a year. The one thing about Marc is he’s very decisive, he knows what he’s looking at and he’s an extremely accurate quarterback. So those are all attributes that are very fundamental to being successful. I’m pleased with that and I think he’ll have a chance to be successful if he does those things.”

      (On how Bulger fits in a ball distribution style of offense)

      “I think he does it well because like I said, he knows what he’s looking at. In all the passes involved in progression, one, two, three, one, two, three, you know, backside, three-four and he’s good at seeing and reading defenders, seeing and anticipating open receivers, so I think that will lend itself to that. I like to see when the ball gets spread around because that means the quarterback’s normally doing the right thing. You expect the defense to do something - you call a play to attack it and if you get something different the quarterback has to see it and execute it.”

      (On the wide receiving corps and if it’s necessary to have Pro Bowl type players to be successful in this style of offense)

      “Well you want guys that can score touchdowns – that’s important. But I think the important thing for the players is to make the routine plays. So while they’re out there playing they need to make the routine plays, the quarterback needs to be able to make the easy throws, the receivers need to...
      -07-28-2009, 09:32 PM
    • RamWraith
      Head Coach Scott Linehan
      by RamWraith
      Friday, November 17, 2006

      (Opening statement)

      “No change in the injuries. We’re comfortable probably leaving our line the way it is, but we did work…we moved the tackles because we could end up getting easily getting (DE Julius) Peppers on the other side. I think Adam (Goldberg) can certainly do the job there, but if they’re moving him around, just to get a little bit of extra work there, we got some of that done. Other than that, we’re real excited to get on the right track, hopefully, this weekend.”

      (On keeping Goldberg at left tackle)

      “Right now, we’re probably going to go with the way we finished the game last week, and just have the ability to flip them if we have to. Adam’s playing all positions anyway, but he’ll start at the left side. He’s played right more than he’s played left, so if we end up flipping the tackles because they’re flipping their ends, we would do it.”

      (On LB Raonall Smith’s condition)

      “He actually had some cosmetic things done to his mouth to make sure it healed right. They actually glued his teeth so they would be in there tight. Doesn’t sound like very much fun, but I think it’s more comfortable. Keeps it secure so hopefully he doesn’t loose that front tooth.”

      (On if he’s ever flipped tackles more than once in a game)

      “Used to do it in college all the time. That’s what Alex (Barron) played in college. He played the open end all the time. He flipped. If they went right, he went left. If they went left, he went right. So it’s not foreign to him.”

      (On if Peppers flips much during games)

      “Not much. They do it in their sub packages where they get nickel and dime in there. They do some of that where they move him around. You see him standing. Which is smart. They’ve done that for a while, so it’s not new for them to do it. they primarily leave him on the right side with a weak…with us losing Orlando (Pace), I’m sure they have a plan to move him a little more.”

      (On if CB Tye Hill will start for injured CB Travis Fisher)

      “Tye will start at corner to replace Fisher.”

      (On if CB Jerametrius Butler will dress this game)

      “He will dress. How much action remains to be seen.”

      (On the mood of the team throughout the week)

      “I think it’s been extremely good. I think the mood has been what you’re looking for. I think we’re hungry for a win. There’s a lot of energy for this weeks practices, mainly, because I think the competitor in the team is we know we’ve got to practice well if expect to beat a team like Carolina. So I think the mood’s been really good.”

      (On finding good players from smaller schools)

      “There’s a lot of guys who have...
      -11-18-2006, 08:49 AM
    • DJRamFan
      Dorrell, Bruins Excited Headed Into Season Opener
      by DJRamFan
      Third-year coach Karl Dorrell thinks UCLA takes step forward in 2005

      Aug. 29, 2005

      LOS ANGELES (AP) - Karl Dorrell liked the attitude around the UCLA weight room on Monday morning.

      "They were pretty excited. There was a buzz," the Bruins' coach said. "We're excited about getting out of camp and getting ready for an opponent."

      Dorrell, heading into his third year at UCLA, believes this is the season the Bruins take a big step forward. They open the season Saturday night at San Diego State.

      The Bruins were inconsistent in the first two years under Dorrell, finishing 6-7 his first season and 6-6 his second.

      UCLA had a good - although sometimes inconsistent - offense last year, and Dorrell believes it will be improved this season.

      "We're three years into it (his system) now, so it's a lot more in depth, has a lot more flexibility than it had the first year," he said of the Bruins' offensive scheme. "That's just because there's more experience here. The core of the offense is in the program, so our young players have a pretty good inkling of what it is.

      "As they gradually become starters or backups or what have you, they have a pretty good knowledge base of what we're doing, so it (his offense) is pretty much intact now."

      Quarterback Drew Olson, who started all 12 games as a junior last year, recovered quickly from surgery in January to repair ligaments in his left knee, and will start against the Aztecs.

      Redshirt freshman Ben Olson, one of the nation's most highly regarded high school passers in 2001, pressed Drew Olson for the starting job in camp, but recently hurt his left (throwing) hand and is listed day-to-day heading into the San Diego State game.

      Ben Olson, not related to Drew, has returned to college after redshirting at BYU in 2002 before spending two years on a church mission.

      Drew Olson completed 196 of 341 throws for 2,565 yards and 20 touchdowns last season, and Dorrell believes he has improved.

      "The (knee) injury was a pretty good wakeup call for him. He ended up being in much better shape this year than he's ever been, looks quicker than he's ever been," the coach said. "He's sharper with his decision-making out there on the field.

      "It's been a number of things for him. His experience has helped, and the injury helped him mature a little bit and put things into perspective."

      Dorrell also expects a good season from tailback Maurice Drew, who rushed for 1,007 yards as a sophomore last year.

      "We do expect him to be even better, with his experience, for one," Dorrell said. "He'll be a much smarter player, and he understands our offense a whole lot better than...
      -08-30-2005, 07:00 PM
    • RamWraith
      Coach Scott Linehan December 18
      by RamWraith
      Head Coach Scott Linehan

      December 18, 2007

      (Opening Remarks)

      “We had a number of guys that were somewhat limited. For the most part we had full participation for the majority of our team. We did limit some guys based on a short week.”

      (On LB Will Witherspoon)

      “Will’s toe is still a little bit sore. He practiced. I don’t think he missed any reps. He might have taken every one.”

      (On if he likes a short week after a loss)

      “I’d rather have it after a win. For this time of year I didn’t know how I’d feel about a short week at the end of the season, when I saw it on the schedule. Being the way that it’s worked out and how it fits into the last two games. It’s good timing. There’s a lot going on around here with Marshall (Faulk) coming back and having his number retired. That will be a good change of pace for us.”

      (On Pittsburgh’s defense)

      “It gets pretty exotic on third down. It’s pretty much what you get from the Steelers on first and second down. When you get in third down it gets pretty interesting. That’s where they do a lot of their damage.”

      (On if Pittsburgh’s defense is similar to San Francisco’s third down defense)

      “It’s very similar. Most of the 3-4 teams are getting to that. A lot of them are mirroring the third-down philosophy and even the 4-3 teams. They get to these exotic 3-4, third-down blitz packages.”

      (On if he will keep the game plan simple)

      “There are some carryover from the last couple of weeks just because of the amount of time we don’t have to rep plays. We still have to prepare for a different defensive front. The match up things that come up with playing a team that has some good defensive personnel.”

      (On RB Steven Jackson’s play this season)

      “He’s been playing exceptional. The four straight games where he’s had a 40-yard run, that’s phenomenal. In 2002, we had a similar deal with Michael Bennett who had five or six games with a 50-yard run or more. Steven seems to be doing it every week, now that he’s gotten himself back to 100 percent. Steven’s a competitor. He wants us to do better. He wants us to have a better football team. That’s one thing I don’t want anyone to misunderstand. You see a guy that wants everything to improve including our football team, our play and everything else. What he wants to really get done is to do things with his play and also step up in a role of a leader.”

      (On why Pittsburgh is so tough to run against)

      “They have a scheme that’s difficult at times to find cracks in. They are very well coached. They do a very good job of taking away those cracks and seems that you need to have to have those two, three or four long runs. They...
      -12-18-2007, 05:55 PM