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Could MIZZOU jump Oregon in this scenario?

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  • Could MIZZOU jump Oregon in this scenario?

    If Mizzou beats K-State, Kansas, and then Oklahoma in the Big 12 title game (not an unlikely scenario either), I feel that they could jump Oregon and be #2 in the BCS.


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    Re: Could MIZZOU jump Oregon in this scenario?

    Originally posted by txramsfan View Post
    If Mizzou beats K-State, Kansas, and then Oklahoma in the Big 12 title game (not an unlikely scenario either), I feel that they could jump Oregon and be #2 in the BCS.

    If Mizzou wins out by beating those 2 top 4 teams, they are a lock to be in the BCS. Even if Oregon wins their remaining games (playing 3 unranked teams that have a combined record of 13-17), they'd have no chance of beating out Mizzou for a spot in the BCS Championship.


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      Re: Could MIZZOU jump Oregon in this scenario?

      Well, now that Oregon is out of the way Mizzou is able to dictate it's own future. For the sake of the program, the loyal fans of Ol' Mizzou, and my buddies who are alumni I sincerely wish that they will be playing in the BCS Championship.


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        Re: Could MIZZOU jump Oregon in this scenario?

        By the end of this weekend, 3 of the top 4 teams in the nation could be Big XII.

        My Sundays have sucked, but my Saturdays have been pretty sweet.
        The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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        • DJRamFan
          Latest BCS a feel-good for Cal, upset stomach for Utah
          by DJRamFan
          Nov. 1, 2004
          By Dennis Dodd
 Senior Writer
          Tell Dennis your opinion!

          Good day for Cal. Not so good for Utah.

          BCS Standings
          Team Rating
          1. Southern California .9895
          2. Oklahoma .9648
          3. Auburn .9238
          4. California .8050
          5. Wisconsin .7579
          6. Utah .7429
          7. Texas .7370
          8. Tennessee .7124
          9. Georgia .7019
          10. Miami .6530
          That's the summary of the latest BCS standings released on Monday. Cal made the most significant jump, up four spots to No. 4. If the season ended today, the Bears would be automatically qualified for an at-large BCS bowl berth, most likely the Rose.

          "The Rose has to be absolutely giddy," BCS expert Jerry Palm said.

          After the six BCS conference champions, there are two at-large berths. Those berths are guaranteed if a team or teams finish third and/or fourth in the BCS standings. Utah, which stayed at No. 6, would automatically qualify as a non-BCS team if it stays in the top six.

          As things stand, the Rose Bowl would lose No. 1 USC to the Orange Bowl in the BCS title game. It is allowed to replace the Pac-10 champion, in that scenario, with another BCS-eligible from the conference. It looks like Cal will be eligible. It wants to finish automatic.


          "I think they have a chance of holding on," Palm said of Cal.

          The Bears (7-0) have games left against Oregon, Washington, Stanford and Southern Miss.

          Palm doesn't have same feel-good vibe about the Utes. Utah, despite moving up in both human polls, slipped in the computers and is only .0059 of a point ahead of No. 7 Texas. Considering the strength of schedule of each team, Texas should be able to move up, if it keeps winning.

          Texas (8-0) has Oklahoma State, Kansas and Texas A&M left. Utah has Colorado State, Wyoming and BYU.

          "Basically what this comes down to is if the top seven win out, Utah is toast," Palm said.

          It would be significantly harder for Utah to land a BCS berth if it was out of the top six. Though non-BCS teams in the top 12 are eligible, they are automatic if they finish in the top six.

          Utah dropped 1 1/2 points in its average computer ranking (from 5.25 to 6.75) despite moving up two spots in both the AP and coaches polls.

          "It goes to show you what can happen," Palm said. "Utah moved up two spots in the polls and dropped one in the computers even though two teams ahead of them lost. That's an indication of why they're not safe. There are no gimmes for them."

          Elsewhere, there were no surprises in the BCS standings.

          Auburn moved up to No. 3, matching its spot in both human polls, after...
          -11-02-2004, 04:31 PM
        • Nick
          Top 25 games of the season (or why the SEC still rules)
          by Nick
          Top 25 games of the season (or why the SEC still rules)
          By Dennis Dodd
 Senior Writer
          Aug. 26, 2011

          This season's five Ws -- who, what, when, where and wahoo!

          The games of the year (ranked 1-25):

          1. LSU at Alabama, Nov. 5: Seriously, can we hit the "sim" button on the season and just fast-forward to this mega-matchup? A lot of folks think these are the two best teams in the country. This game could decide the SEC West, the SEC and half of the BCS championship game. Alabama still has quarterback issues, but, oh, that defense. Speaking of quarterback issues, for all of his problems, Jordan Jefferson has missed only seven of 27 passes in his career against Alabama. Last year's 10-of-13 performance in Baton Rouge was one of the best of his career.

          2. Oklahoma at Florida State, Sept. 17: FSU has to prove it's back. No. 1 Oklahoma has to stay unblemished to continue its national championship run. The Sooners will have to win without leading tackler and best trash talker Travis Lewis. You get the feeling this is an all-in game for the 'Noles. In other words, if they do lose it's going to be hard to recover emotionally with a trip Clemson up next. Bottom line: OU can afford a loss. FSU can't.

          3. Alabama at Auburn, Nov. 26: Don't sleep on the Iron Bowl after last year's all-timer. Remember what has happened in the offseason -- the Toomer's Oaks, the tornado, Saban's 9-foot statue, the Cam Newton investigation hovering over it all. 'Bama will be favored but what will that mean? This is guaranteed to be one of the most emotional Iron Bowls ever.

          4. Oregon at Stanford, Nov. 12: This game should decide the Pac-12 North. (It feels funny just writing that.) It also could decide the Heisman given that the leading active vote getters are playing in this game (Andrew Luck, LaMichael James). This is the Cardinal's revenge game. There aren't many of them. After blowing a 21-3 lead last year at Oregon, Stanford watched the Ducks score 49 of the next 59 points.

          5. Nebraska at Wisconsin, Oct. 1: Anyone not wearing red gets smacked over the head with a full Leinenkugel's. This is what Jim Delany had in mind when he expanded the Big Ten. Inventory for the league, lots of hype and two top-11 teams. Big Ten title-game preview? Nebraska plays its first conference game in its new league. Wisconsin tries to remind the Huskers who's boss. Russell Wilson never faced a defense like this in the ACC.

          6. LSU-Oregon, Sept. 3 in Arlington, Texas: At this rate, patrolmen from Eugene and Baton Rouge will be going out for the coin toss. Call it in the air -- heads and Jordan Jefferson is suspended. Tails, Oregon receives -- another call from the NCAA. But seriously folks, this is one of the biggest season openers in years. The last time two top-five teams played on a neutral field to start the season was 1984. LSU will want to keep its momentum...
          -08-30-2011, 06:22 PM
        • DJRamFan
          It shouldn't be a surprise that the team backed Zook, a great recruiter who has often
          by DJRamFan
          Oct. 26, 2004
 wire reports

          AUBURN, Ala. -- Tommy Tuberville would be shocked if a Southeastern Conference team went undefeated, won the league title game and failed to get a shot at the national title.


          But it could happen -- to Tuberville's Auburn Tigers.

          The third-ranked Tigers (8-0) are fourth in the Bowl Championship Series standings. Southern California has the top spot, followed by Oklahoma and Miami. For Auburn, winning out might not be enough to play in the Orange Bowl for the BCS title.

          "I'd be shocked if a team ever goes through their schedule in the SEC and wins an SEC championship game, be 12-0 and not have an opportunity to win the national championship," Tuberville said. "I think you can just look at the teams in our league, it's very demanding."

          Auburn can lock up a spot in the SEC championship game with a win Saturday at Mississippi, owning the West division title before its first open date next week. The Tigers then host No. 10 Georgia and visit Alabama, so while a spot in the league title game seems to be a lock, a perfect record is far from assured.

          Any team that wins the SEC should get a shot at the national title, Tommy Tuberville says.(AP)
          Just in case, Tuberville started his lobbying.

          "LSU won the (BCS) national championship last year and had a loss in the conference -- at home," Tuberville said. "If we would have an opportunity to win all the way through, I don't think there would be much doubt we would have an opportunity.

          "There would probably be some people who would think I'd be wrong about that, but that's the reason you have polls and the BCS to determine who has fought the toughest battle."

          Auburn almost certainly needs at least one of the higher-rated teams to lose.

          A rematch against either the Volunteers or Georgia would await for the league title game in Atlanta. Oklahoma also must survive a conference title game in the Big 12, while Miami still faces No. 13 Virginia on Nov. 13 and No. 22 Virginia Tech on Dec. 4. USC doesn't have a ranked opponent left.

          Tuberville said for Auburn to win the SEC championship and not get at least a shot at a national title, "I'd say there would be something wrong with the system if that happened. The Big 12 playing the championship game, (it's the) same thing. That's just added pressure and a tougher schedule obviously."

          Auburn won its only national championship in 1957. The last SEC team to win every regular-season game and not get a shot at the national title: Auburn in 1993, thanks to NCAA probation.

          "We've got something special going on with this team," tailback Carnell Williams said. "We've got a chance to do some...
          -10-27-2004, 12:17 PM
        • DJRamFan
          Big 12 preview: No end in sight for North's woes
          by DJRamFan
          By Dennis Dodd
          CBS Senior Writer
          Tell Dennis your opinion!

          The Big 12 North isn't a division, it's a kennel.

          You know, a place where all the mutts go.

          The division's six teams fell just short of making it into Letterman's monologue last year. Colorado was the "champion" and lost by 39 points to Oklahoma in the Big 12 title game. In inter-divisional play, the North won only three of 19 games against the loaded South. Conference officials are still determining whether those even count. All three were against Baylor.

          Big 12
          Predicted Finish
          1. Colorado
          2. Iowa State
          3. Nebraska
          4. Kansas State
          5. Missouri
          6. Kansas
          1. Texas
          2. Oklahoma
          3. Texas A&M
          4. Texas Tech
          5. Oklahoma State
          6. Baylor
          Off. player of year:
          Vince Young, Texas
          Def. player of year:
          Rodrique Wright, Texas
          Coach of the year:
          Dennis Franchione, Texas A&M
          Once again, the conference's title game (Dec. 3 in Houston), is expected to be a formality. Texas or Oklahoma will wipe the floor with the North's Last Comic Standing.

          It wasn't always this way. The league debuted 10 years ago with most of the power concentrated in the North. Nebraska was in the midst of winning three national championships in four years. Kansas won 10 games in 1995. Kansas State was an emerging national power. But while you were in the kitchen getting a sandwich, Big 12 North football became the island of misfit boys.

          Actually, it took a little longer than that. In the pillow fight that was the Big 12 North race last year, all Iowa State had to do was beat floundering Missouri -- which had lost to Troy -- to win its first race of any kind since tying for the Missouri Valley in 1912. After 92 years, a tap-in right?

          No, just another case of the yips. Missouri won in overtime, leaving the field feeling somewhat better about a 5-6 train wreck of a season in which its hothead coach needed some anger management and a new offensive coordinator. How dare media ask why Gary Pinkel's offense was able to turn Brad Smith from brilliant scrambling Heisman contender to pocket piņata?

          Once again, all six teams in the North have a chance to win the division going into 2005. That's kind of the problem. Colorado won it last year as much as the other five didn't.

          Gary Barnett and the Buffs are the best team in a bad Big 12 North division. (Getty Images)
          Can the Big 12 North bounce back? The short answer is "no" which, for now, is also the long-term answer. Blame it on Tom Osborne. When T.O. hung it up in December 1997, in retrospect, that sent Nebraska and the North...
          -08-18-2005, 08:49 PM
        • makersncoke
          Arch Rivalry
          by makersncoke
          Last night was one of the most entertaining games of the early college season. While most of the top 25 were playing cream-puff games against division 2 schools to pad their records for the BCS ,Mizzou and Illionois met again for each teams first game of the year. #6 against #20 that sounds like a late season bowl game instead of the first game of the year, with Mizzou coming out on top 52-42. Unfortunatly for the Illini they will fall from the top 25 due to this loss and will have trouble breaking the top 10 for the rest of the year even if they run the table. While USC, Ohio State, Oklahoma and the likes will all be 5-0 by the time they play a confernce game because the play teams like St. Mary's school for the blind in their non-conference schedule. I know every AD can schedule who they want but really, should'nt the NCAA regulate this somewhat. In a system where the nation champ is determined by the sportswriters rankings, shouldn't schools like Mizzou and Illinois be given some credit for stepping up to the plate and playing a real game early in the season.;)
          -08-31-2008, 09:57 AM