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Ramses Barden breaks Jerry Rices record

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  • Ramses Barden breaks Jerry Rices record

    Ramses Barden Cal Poly San Luis Obispo) just caught his 1st TD pass of the day thus making it 18 consecutive games with a TD reception and breaking the 17 game record he held with Jerry Rice (Mississippi Valley State).

    Not in any way saying he can go on to as successful a career in the NFL as Jerry Rice had, but there must be room for a 6'6' 227lb Wide Receiver on an NFL roster next year.

    GO RAMS!!

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  • sosa39rams
    Sosa's Scouting Report: WR Chad Hansen
    by sosa39rams
    Chad Hansen WR Cal
    • Height: 62
    • Weight: 205 lbs
    • January 18, 1995 (age 22 years)
    Receptions Yards Average Long - Touchdowns
    2016 92 1249 13.6 70 11
    2015 19 249 13.1 52 1
    • Good speed and is great at verticals
    • Closes gap between himself and defender very quickly
    • DBs respect his speed and ability to take top off the defense, play 10 yards off. Allows him to work underneath routes with ease such as comebacks, hitches
    • Great athlete who you can scheme plays for to create yardage
    • Lines up exclusively at RWR
    • A crisp route runner who creates good separation sinking his hips and planting strong
    • Good not great hands, but will pluck the ball in the air away from body
    • Gets his feet in bounds near the sidelines on catches
    • Can break tackles and quickly gains a lot of YAC
    • Can beat the press
    • Drop vs San Diego State and Stanford
    • Had a lot of targets vs San Diego State but didnt convert many of them
    • Route tree is not extensive
    • Inconsistent on jump balls/contested catches.. Some are caught, some arent

    Hansen actually played a little bit with Goff and would be a very interesting add in day 2. He's a very good deep threat with ability to take the top off the D, but isn't limited to that. He can play underneath as well. Hansen is similar to Kenny Stills and would fit the role of DeSean Jackson in McVay's offense very well.
    -02-20-2017, 08:21 PM
  • sosa39rams
    Sosa's Scouting Report: WR Chris Godwin
    by sosa39rams
    Chris Godwin WR Penn State
    • Height: 61
    • Weight: 205 lbs
    • February 27, 1996 (age 20)
    Receptions Yards Average Long - Touchdowns
    2016 59 982 16.6 72 11
    2015 69 1101 16.0 56 5
    2014 26 338 13.0 72 2
    • Has a good release, has no issues getting off the LOS and with the press
    • Had trouble making contested catches against Michigan, drew a PI
    • Very tough and physical blocker who is not afraid of contact
    • Had a beautiful contested TD grab vs Indiana
    • Good route runner with the ability to be a great one
    • He is smooth, and can attack all areas of the field, specifically deep down the sidelines
    • Has no trouble lining up in the slot or either side outside of the numbers
    • Looks to give full effort every play
    • Iffy with contested catches, hell make some, and some he wont
    • Not great speed, will need to win in the NFL with good hands and route running ability

    I think Godwin will be a solid NFL starter. He's probably going to be a day 2/early day 3 pick (Rounds 2-4, likely 3-4) and he will contribute day 1 for a team. I'd love to see us draft him.
    -01-10-2017, 06:34 PM
  • sosa39rams
    Sosa's Scouting Report: WR Dede Westbrook
    by sosa39rams
    Dede Westbrook WR Oklahoma
    • Height: 60
    • Weight: 175 lbs
    • November 21, 1993 (age 23 years)
    Receptions Yards Average Long - Touchdowns
    2016 80 1524 19.1 88 17
    2015 46 743 16.2 42 4
    • Westbrook will block and looks for work
    • Can play STs and schemed plays to produce yards (screens)
    • Very quick and fast player who has really good deep speed
    • Most of his game predicated on his ability to take the top off the D, DBs will play off and allows Westbrook to catch easy passes over the middle of the field
    • Multiple doubles moves result in long TDs
    • Can line up in the slot but mostly outside
    • Killed Texas for multiple long TDs, blazes past DBs with ease and secures the catch with out-stretched arms
    • Is very good at releasing against the jam, also had beautiful contested grab near sidelines vs Texas
    • Will be a 24 year old rookie
    • Past off the field concerns
    • Bad wide open deep drop vs Kansas State
    • Not a great route runner (rounds his routes + doesnt run many) and not a shifty east-west athlete
    -02-21-2017, 04:10 PM
  • Tampa_Ram
    Punt? screw that, we're kicking!!!
    by Tampa_Ram
    Inside Slant: How NFL kicker can dominate

    October, 3, 2012 Oct 3
    PM ET

    By Mike Sando |

    As promised, Kevin Seifert and I went into detail during the latest "Inside Slant" podcast regarding the game-changing value kicker Greg Zuerlein is providing the St. Louis Rams.

    This was more than a conversation about kickers. With analysis from Dean Oliver and John McTigue of ESPN Stats & Information reveal, we demonstrated the profound effects a kicker can have if he can deliver on field-goal tries from up to 60 yards, as Zuerlein has done.

    The flexibility Zuerlein has afforded the Rams accounts for more than half the team's roughly 10-point improvement in net point differential this season, according to Oliver's calculations. Zuerlein has given the Rams about 4.4 expected points per game over an average play, equating to 17 points this season. No NFL team's kicking game added more than 1.7 expected points per game last season.

    The first chart, courtesy of McTigue, compares the current Rams to the 2011 pre-Zuerlein version in terms of fourth-down decision-making from the opponents' 42- to 32-yard lines.

    Of course, we don't know whether Zuerlein will continue making long kicks, but he has been remarkably consistent so far. Zuerlein has made all 12 tries, including five from 40-49 yards and three from longer. He converted from 60, 58, 48 and 24 yards during a 19-13 victory over Seattle in Week 4. He made long kicks consistently during training camp.

    2011 vs. 2012 Rams Fourth-down Decisions from Opponents' 42-32 Yard Lines

    Punt 36.8% 0.0%
    FG try 10.5% 100.0%
    Go for it 52.6% 0.0%

    The second chart, also from McTigue, compares the 2012 Rams against other NFL teams based on their fourth-down decision making from the opponents' 42- to 32-yard lines.

    The Rams have attempted three field goals, making all three. The rest of the league has punted 40 times, attempted 24 field goals and gone for a first down 13 times.

    2012 Rams' Fourth-down Decisions from Opponents' 42-32 Yard Lines

    Punt 51.9% 0.0%
    FG try 31.2% 100.0%
    -10-03-2012, 05:40 PM
  • sosa39rams
    Sosa's Scouting Report: WR Darreus Rogers
    by sosa39rams
    Darreus Rogers WR USC
    • Height: 61
    • Weight: 215 lbs
    • September 3, 1993 (age 23 years)
    Receptions Yards Average Long - Touchdowns
    2016 56 696 12.4 46 4
    2015 28 289 10.3 27 3
    2014 21 245 11.7 48 4
    2013 22 257 11.7 29 0
    • Good at finding holes in zone coverage and sitting down between defenders in open areas
    • Works back to the ball and attacks it instead of waiting for it to get to him
    • Absolutely a willing blocker
    • Lines up everywhere, but mostly at LWR
    • Can work all areas of the field, in the middle as well as intermediate and deep routes outside of the numbers
    • Incredible contested catch and fights for the TD vs UCLA
    • Will make some of the most impressive catches on tape
    • Very good at extending his arms and securing the catch with his hands plucking the ball out of the air. Maybe the best hands in the draft
    • Solid route runner who uses head fakes and sinks his hips to fake defenders
    • Never a #1 option
    • Not a ton of college production
    • Will be a 24 year old rookie

    One of my sleepers in this draft, I really like Rogers. I would absolutely keep my eye on him in the middle rounds, and would love to see him added to the team as well. We need a guy with some sure mitts.
    -02-28-2017, 08:22 PM