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  • Final Four

    Who makes it to the Championship game?
    Michigan State
    North Carolina

    The poll is expired.

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    Re: Final Four

    UNC....oh have I mentioned that Tyler Hansbrough is from my hometown of Poplar Bluff, MO



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      Re: Final Four

      I honestly have to vote Michigan State and Nova. One, I love the underdog. Two, these two teams have played out of their minds through the tournament this far, and have been performing and beating out #1 seeds. Besides that, I think that game would probably provide the most entertainment.

      When was the last time a NCAA Championship game didn't have a #1 Seed in it?

      (Note: I do not know the answer to that question at the time of posting, but I am very curious to find out, and what the outcome of the game was)


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        Re: Final Four

        Alright Tyler. What a fitting way for such a humble young man to go out. You want to look for a role model? #50 embraces it. Always has.

        From one Poplar Bluffian to another, couldn't be more proud young man. Way to go.


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          Re: Final Four

          Originally posted by txramsfan View Post
          Alright Tyler. What a fitting way for such a humble young man to go out. You want to look for a role model? #50 embraces it. Always has.

          From one Poplar Bluffian to another, couldn't be more proud young man. Way to go.
          I'm not a UNC fan and Hasbrough reminds me too much of Danny Ferry, but I do think he's a good kid and one of those players who gets the job done game in, game out without looking spectacular. Just when you think he's had a quiet game and not done much, he ends up with 20 points, 10 rebounds and 5 steals. I think he'll do well at the next level, although I don't see him performing in the NBA like he did in the college ranks. Right now though, he deserves all the credit in the world.

          As far as the championship goes, it was disappointing to see Michigan State roll over and not play like they did getting to the final. Of course North Carolina had something to do with that and showed that they were far and away the best team. They were scary good.


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            Re: Final Four

            After hearing on ESPN that UNC had beaten MSU earlier in the season by a large number I decided not to watch 1 second of the game.

            I instead watched the Astros and Cubs and then the Angels and A's opening season games. Of course I saw the UNC vs MSU score scrolling across the bottom of my television screen.:o
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              Re: Final Four

              Just a nugget. My mom is 83 years old. When Tyler is in Poplar Bluff, there are only so many places to go out and eat. When he sees my mom, he always goes over and says hello or opens the door for her or just makes her smile.

              Tyler is a great college basketball player, but a better person.


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                Re: Final Four

                If that is entirely factual about Tyler, than it just adds to the quality of some of the atheletes growing up these days. It is not required that you lead a good life with good morals, but it does make people stand out amongst others. To this date, I have, aside from community service and charity, heard lots of great things from a couple of atheletes in the sports world. From everything Tebow did (yes some people are tired of hearing it) and does, he is a great guy, to Tony Romo asking a random homeless person to go to a movie with him. Just to give a less fortunate person a normal night out that all of us could enjoy any time we wanted. Now we have Tyler, who exemplifies everything a basketball player should be like on the court, with his effort and selflessness, to his off the court additions to society.

                These are the things that make me feel better about the future in the U.S.A. Not the government and our elected officials who do what they are told to, but the youth and people in the spotlight that do the right thing, whether it is expected or not, when so many others are being greedy and making mistakes that hurt their reputation. These people realize that they are in the eye of the public, and take it upon themselves to be that role model that they are going to be, whether they like it or not.

                I feel better thinking that anyone would do something like that. I handle and work with many elderly people in my work, and am constantly doing things to help out. As much as I would do that as a normal person, it is also part of what I do as my job. For a person to go out of their way to help out is always an admirable thing. And as the final four and championship game are over, I feel this reply is not in any way off topic.


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                  Re: Final Four

                  Trust me, it's entirely factual. I've known his family all my life. His father Gene and my brother grew up together. Gene would jerk a knot in Tyler and Ben's tail if they didn't act right.


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                  • DJRamFan
                    Rose's dream is Big Ten vs. Pac-10 AND title game
                    by DJRamFan
                    Aug. 5, 2005
                    By Dennis Dodd
                    CBS Senior Writer
                    Tell Dennis your opinion!

                    CHICAGO -- There's a unique opportunity for the Pac-10 and Big Ten in 2005. For the second time in BCS history, the Rose Bowl is the site of the national championship game after this season. Assuming that USC is the prohibitive No. 1 favorite going in, that puts the pressure on the Big Ten to make it a 1-2 natural matchup for the national championship.

                    Heisman winner Matt Leinart is expected to lead USC to a Rose Bowl berth. (Getty Images)
                    That's something that hasn't happened in 37 years.

                    It seems amazing the last time the Rose Bowl's anchor teams met while ranked 1-2 in the Associated Poll was Jan. 1, 1969. Ohio State beat USC 27-16. A "rematch" of sorts could be looming, although considering the strength of the Big Ten, Ohio State is in for a battle to win the league. Michigan was named the favorite this week at the Big Ten preseason media days.

                    "Anyone going in against USC would be the underdog," Ohio State linebacker A.J. Hawk said. "That would be a little bit of motivation, I think."

                    Only twice in history have the 1-2 teams in the AP poll from those conferences met in Pasadena (the other year was 1963). That shows how much fans of both leagues care about such an occurrence. Michigan coach Lloyd Carr has said in the past he valued a Rose Bowl berth over a national championship shot.

                    But this year, the stars are aligning for a Big Ten vs. Pac-10 championship game in the shadow of the San Gabriels on Jan. 4. No. 4 Michigan, No. 9 Ohio State and No. 10 Iowa all start the season ranked in the top 10 in the coaches poll. USC, which brings a 22-game winning streak into the season, is led by Heisman winner Matt Leinart.

                    "We definitely want to get there no matter who we're playing, but we'd definitely like to get a shot at USC," Michigan running back Michael Hart said. "Whoever wins the Big Ten this year and goes undefeated, they have no choice but to put you in the national championship game because the Big Ten is so strong this year."

                    There is some recent history. Michigan was the victim 20 months ago when the USC started its championship run with a 28-14 victory over the Wolverines in the Rose Bowl.

                    To say Carr is obsessing over that game might be too strong, but he does remember it. Michigan was trailing only 7-0 in the second quarter when John Navarre's pass hit Braylon Edwards' heel. USC's Lofa Tatupu intercepted and ran it back to the Michigan 3. USC scored easily to make it 14-0.

                    "They got a hell of a break when the ball hit Braylon in the heel," Carr said. "We never got back in it. If you look at the teams (they beat), they get them down, they kill...
                    -08-08-2005, 06:18 AM
                  • RosieJones
                    Champions League final
                    by RosieJones
                    Bayern Munich v. Borussia Dortmund

                    Both clubs destroyed the competition in the semis to make the first all German final.

                    So to all the other soccer fans on the site; who do you like?
                    -05-01-2013, 06:44 PM
                  • DJRamFan
                    The sophomore from Ft. Washington, Md. scored his first collegiate touchdown on a 68-
                    by DJRamFan
                    Sept. 6, 2004
                    By Dennis Dodd
           Senior Writer
                    Tell Dennis your opinion!

                    Rutgers coach Greg Schiano is happy to create the barstool argument.

                    Was the Scarlet Knights' 19-14 victory over Michigan State on Saturday maybe the biggest upset of the season to date? Judge for yourself: Rutgers opened the season at home before a packed house coming off a five-win season. The heat, that used to be focused on Schiano and his players, instead took a lot out of the Spartans in steamy Piscataway.

                    Ryan Neil is hugged after returning an interception for Rutgers' only TD in Saturday's big win.(AP)
                    "To our kids and to our staff, I don't think it was (an upset)," Schiano said. "but probably nationally it certainly is because of the reputation we've had."

                    For years, the reps of Rutgers and New Jersey were both a challenge for the tour and convention bureau. Without going into a lot detail, suffice to say there aren't many states featured in a cable series about a ruthless crime family.

                    At least The Sopranos has been a hit. Rutgers had hit bottom with 11 straight sub.-500 seasons going into this season.

                    "The state could really use something to get behind now," Schiano said.

                    Rutgers football might be it. After three mostly down seasons, under Schiano (9-27 overall) the Scarlet Knights are hotter than the weather. Anyone who checked into their personnel and 5-7 finish in 2003 knew this might be coming, but c'mon, it was still Rutgers.

                    In its 135-year history, the program has been to one bowl -- the 1978 Garden State Bowl, a postseason game that was created just for the school and no longer exists.

                    Its own fans were booing the school that played in the first college football game in 1869. Saturday became a coming out of sorts with a sellout of 42,612 packing Rutgers Stadium to see if the hype was true.

                    The game wasn't exactly artistic -- Rutgers did not score an offensive touchdown -- but it did lend hope. The victory was the program's first over a Big Ten team since 1991. Since then there have been 46 victories, 16 of them over Navy, Temple or I-AA schools. During the Schiano regime, Rutgers has lost to Buffalo and Villanova.

                    So, go ahead Rutgers, celebrate.

                    "I can't speak for any of the teams that come before but this is the biggest win since I've been here," quarterback Ryan Hart said after the game. "This is the kind of victory Coach Schiano has been talking about since he got here ... It's so big for the program."

                    The love is hitting all at once. Kicker Jeremy Ito (special teams) and defensive lineman (Ryan Neill) were selected Big East players of the week. The Knights received a vote in the AP Top 25.

                    A 6-0 start going into the...
                    -09-07-2004, 01:12 PM
                  • DJRamFan
                    Schnellenberger building a fourth power in Florida
                    by DJRamFan
                    Sept. 23, 2004
                    By Dennis Dodd
           Senior Writer

                    Why not flip a coin to pick a starting quarterback?

                    Howard Schnellenberger had done wackier things in his career. Twenty years ago it seemed like he was throwing that career away. Miami had won the national championship in 1983 and Schnellenberger, the celebrated architect of Hurricanes football, bolted -- try not to laugh -- to the USFL.

                    Needless to say, that didn't work out. There was an inspiring stop at Louisville and a disappointing one at Oklahoma but, really, his career arc was never the same again.

                    "In my opinion, he might have as many championships as anybody, ever (if he stayed at Miami)," Florida State coach Bobby Bowden said. "It's crossed my mind many times."

                    So why not flip that coin three years ago? How is that more outrageous than creating a football program at an unknown campus in Boca Raton, Fla.? A place where the burrowing owls on campus were the inspiration for the school's nickname?

                    Or agreeing to go door-to-door soliciting community leaders for the mere $15 million needed to go from germ of an idea to kickoff?

                    Really, it wasn't weird at all for the 70-year old who, well, let's just say he still has extreme confidence in his abilities. So, yeah, it really was Schnellenberger who suggested in 2001 that freshman quarterbacks Jared Allen and Garrett Jahn flip a coin to start the first game in Florida Atlantic's history.

                    "They were too close for a human being to call so God called it," Schnellenberger said this week, considering his latest construction project. "Certainly I would do that. Why wouldn't I?"

                    Ridiculous is sublime again in Schnellenberger's world. Amid this season's talking points -- hurricanes, instant replay, kickers who can't kick -- is the job Schnellie has done at that owl-laden commuter campus of 13,000 students in Palm Beach County.

                    Three victories, all on the road, all against I-A competition in Florida Atlantic's final season before joining the big time, which in this case is the Sun Belt Conference in 2005. Next year, this college football IPO will be eligible for -- please stifle your laughter again -- a bowl.

                    All of it after playing organized college football for all of four years. All of it according to plan.

                    "He was basically semi-retired in Miami selling municipal bonds," said Dr. Anthony Catanese, the man who hired Schnellenberger at Florida Atlantic in 1998. "I said, 'That's not the place for Howard Schnellenberger.'

                    "He told me in five years he'd have this program nationally recognized. He did it in three."

                    Almost all of it has been done with kids from the state of Florida who couldn't go to one of the Big Three -- Miami, Florida or Florida State....
                    -09-23-2004, 01:14 PM
                  • DJRamFan
                    BCS proposal
                    by DJRamFan
                    OK, here's what i would do...

                    All conference champions in ALL conferences - strong and weak (this way in a few years MAYBE we could get some parity here too) - would be put into a playoff system. Seedings would be based on the current BCS system. Now, as far as the bowl games. Each game in each round would be given a bowl designation with the later bowl games being the "bigger" and more lucrative bowls. The rest of the teams would enter into the other bowl games, also based on the BCS system. This way, if you win your conference, you're guaranteed a chance at the title. If you don't , you don't, that simple.

                    That's my plan...let the criticism fly...
                    -12-18-2001, 09:16 AM