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  • National Championship

    Texas vs. Alabama

    Who do you think will win?

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    Re: National Championship

    Being from Missouri and a Big 12 guy I hope Texas wins but if I had to put money on it I'd have to go with Bama.


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      Re: National Championship

      Yeah. Bama's defense is solid. Really solid.


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        Re: National Championship

        I'm going with the SEC claiming it's fourth title in a row. Bama.


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          Re: National Championship

          Bama, even though as an auburn fan it burns saying that, I think Bama will win.


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            Re: National Championship

            Oh no.....HOOK EM HORNS!!!! Defense and Special Teams will win this game and Texas is stronger on both counts.


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              Re: National Championship

              One special point: Auburn this season stopped Mark Ingram to only about 30 yards rushing. Guess who Auburn's head coach is?

              That's right. He used to be the DC for Texas until about two years ago. Him and Mack Brown are tight. No doubt Brown will have the notes, films, and plays to stop Mark Ingram.

              Texas also has 13 TD's from special teams. They're getting it done. With Bama however, they rank last in kickoff coverage. Look for Shipley to have a big day.

              Terrance Cody is no Suh. He's good at stopping the run. That's mainly it.

              Texas wins if their offense repeatedly runs 4-5 WR sets with no huddle, to tire out Bama's defensive line, and spreads out the passing lanes. McCoy will have a big day if this happens.

              Bama wins if McElroy has a big day against Texas's good secondary. They also win if they can successfully press Texas's WR's, as Bama has Kareem Jackson and Javier Arenas, two solid corners. There starting safety is also really good.


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              • DJRamFan
                It shouldn't be a surprise that the team backed Zook, a great recruiter who has often
                by DJRamFan
                Oct. 26, 2004
       wire reports

                AUBURN, Ala. -- Tommy Tuberville would be shocked if a Southeastern Conference team went undefeated, won the league title game and failed to get a shot at the national title.


                But it could happen -- to Tuberville's Auburn Tigers.

                The third-ranked Tigers (8-0) are fourth in the Bowl Championship Series standings. Southern California has the top spot, followed by Oklahoma and Miami. For Auburn, winning out might not be enough to play in the Orange Bowl for the BCS title.

                "I'd be shocked if a team ever goes through their schedule in the SEC and wins an SEC championship game, be 12-0 and not have an opportunity to win the national championship," Tuberville said. "I think you can just look at the teams in our league, it's very demanding."

                Auburn can lock up a spot in the SEC championship game with a win Saturday at Mississippi, owning the West division title before its first open date next week. The Tigers then host No. 10 Georgia and visit Alabama, so while a spot in the league title game seems to be a lock, a perfect record is far from assured.

                Any team that wins the SEC should get a shot at the national title, Tommy Tuberville says.(AP)
                Just in case, Tuberville started his lobbying.

                "LSU won the (BCS) national championship last year and had a loss in the conference -- at home," Tuberville said. "If we would have an opportunity to win all the way through, I don't think there would be much doubt we would have an opportunity.

                "There would probably be some people who would think I'd be wrong about that, but that's the reason you have polls and the BCS to determine who has fought the toughest battle."

                Auburn almost certainly needs at least one of the higher-rated teams to lose.

                A rematch against either the Volunteers or Georgia would await for the league title game in Atlanta. Oklahoma also must survive a conference title game in the Big 12, while Miami still faces No. 13 Virginia on Nov. 13 and No. 22 Virginia Tech on Dec. 4. USC doesn't have a ranked opponent left.

                Tuberville said for Auburn to win the SEC championship and not get at least a shot at a national title, "I'd say there would be something wrong with the system if that happened. The Big 12 playing the championship game, (it's the) same thing. That's just added pressure and a tougher schedule obviously."

                Auburn won its only national championship in 1957. The last SEC team to win every regular-season game and not get a shot at the national title: Auburn in 1993, thanks to NCAA probation.

                "We've got something special going on with this team," tailback Carnell Williams said. "We've got a chance to do some...
                -10-27-2004, 11:17 AM
              • DJRamFan
                USC vs. Oklahoma: As close to perfect as BCS can get
                by DJRamFan
                Jan. 01, 2005
       wire reports

                MIAMI -- Pete Carroll calls this one the perfect matchup, and in many ways it is: USC vs. Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl for the national title.


                Preseason favorites to make it to Miami, the Trojans and Sooners were No. 1 and No. 2 in the polls all year. They feature the last two Heisman Trophy winners and about a dozen All-Americans between them.

                Two of college football's most storied and tradition-rich programs, Oklahoma and Southern California have 11 AP national titles combined.

                Of course, rarely is anything ever perfect when the Bowl Championship Series is involved.

                Just ask Auburn.

                The top-ranked Trojans (12-0) and No. 2 Sooners (12-0) meet Tuesday night for a national championship that will wrap up the college football season, but not necessarily the debate over who's No. 1.

                On Monday night, No. 3 Auburn puts its 12-0 record on the line against Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl with a chance to finish a perfect season that will compare favorably with the Orange Bowl winner's.

                "It stinks the way it played out this year for them," Oklahoma quarterback Jason White said. "They're a great team. They probably deserve to be in this championship game just as much as either one of us. But that's the way it worked out."

                USC and Oklahoma were right at the center of last year's BCS mess. The Trojans were left out of the BCS title game despite being No. 1 in the polls. The Sooners got in despite a lopsided loss in the Big 12 championship game.

                In the end, USC finished on top in The Associated Press Top 25 and LSU beat Oklahoma to win the BCS crown.

                "We were playing for the title in our minds last year," said Carroll, the Trojans' coach. "But this year there's an added dimension."

                The BCS guys were determined to make sure a consensus No. 1 would never again be left out of the title game, so this year's formula emphasized the polls over the computers.

                One problem solved.

                Next problem: There are three unbeaten teams, all clearly worthy of a spot in the title game. For that, there is no BCS solution.


                "I'd love to see a playoff, though this does feel a little like a playoff," Carroll said. "But I'm not hopeful for that."

                At least this season neither title game participant is being labeled undeserving, as the Sooners were last season after being throttled 35-7 by Kansas State for the Big 12 championship.

                With a chance to redeem themselves, the Sooners fell flat in the Sugar Bowl. A battered White looked little like a Heisman Trophy winner in the 21-14 loss to LSU.

                The Sooners turned...
                -01-01-2005, 02:58 PM
              • RamsFan16
                New BCS game sets stage for things to come
                by RamsFan16

                New BCS game sets stage for things to come
                April 25, 2006
                By Dennis Dodd
                CBS Senior Writer
                Tell Dennis your opinion!

                PHOENIX -- The Legos are in place. Or Tinker Toys. Or Lincoln Logs. Whatever you want to call the new Bowl Championship Series.

                The structure is in place for a small, modest playoff in Division I-A football.

                The system was put in place to help mid-majors like Utah. (Getty Images)
                It might not even be fair to call it that. Plus, any such monumental change is probably at least four years away.

                It might take that long to figure out the current BCS structure, which kicks off this season. Ask around. Here's a bet that a large chunk of coaches don't even know how things are going down this season.

                And we're less than nine months away from playing the actual bowl games.

                That's why we offer this tutorial from this week's BCS meetings.

                What's this new "double-hosting" format?

                Starting this season, there are now five BCS bowls instead of four. Because of a threat of Congressional anti-trust intervention launched by non-BCS schools, a fifth game was added for better access two years ago at these meetings.

                That means the bowl that is hosting the national title game each year -- after this season it is the Fiesta Bowl -- will also host its normal bowl game more or less a week prior.

                Here's how it looks this year:

                Jan. 1: Fiesta Bowl in Glendale, Ariz.
                Jan. 1: Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif.
                Jan. 2: Orange Bowl in Miami
                Jan. 3: Sugar Bowl in New Orleans
                Jan. 8: BCS national title game back in Glendale, Ariz.
                Give us a projected lineup in those bowls

                Fiesta Bowl: Big 12 champ vs. at-large (Oklahoma vs. West Virginia)
                Rose Bowl: Pac-10 champ vs. Big Ten champ (USC vs. Iowa)
                Orange Bowl: ACC champ vs. at-large (Florida State vs. Texas)
                Sugar Bowl: SEC champ vs. at-large (Notre Dame vs. Auburn)
                BCS national championship: No. 1 vs. No. 2 in final BCS standings (No. 1 Ohio State vs. No. 2 LSU, based on pre-spring top 25)
                How does a non-BCS school get in?

                Nothing is finalized -- hey, it's only April -- but count on any team from a "coalition conference" (MAC, WAC, Mountain West, Sun Belt, Conference USA) automatically qualifying by finishing in the top 12 of the BCS standings.

                A further entry point: If the lowest-ranked BCS conference winner (among the Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-10, SEC, ACC and Big East) finishes No. 16 or lower, a coalition can get in by finishing No. 15 or higher.

                Does the extra BCS game make sense...
                -04-27-2006, 06:12 PM
              • BigGameMN
                BCS Championship - Florida vs Ohio St.
                by BigGameMN
                First of all, let me say that I think this is absolutely the right match up. As an avid SEC fan, I believe that Ohio St. would not be undefeated right now if they played in the SEC. I also believe that Michigan would have more than 1 loss.

                I think this game all rests on Chris Leak, if he throws 3 ints against Ohio St. and puts them on a short field then Florida loses. If he plays solid, mistake free football then Florida wins.

                My score prediction is Florida 31 - Ohio St. 24.
                -12-04-2006, 11:07 PM
              • DJRamFan
                Auburn wants to stay in hunt; 'Bama has other ideas
                by DJRamFan
                Nov. 18, 2004
       wire reports

                TUSCALOOSA, Ala. -- Tommy Tuberville is taking it one championship game at a time: state, conference and, with two wins and some outside help, perhaps even national.


                The Auburn coach wants his Tigers, tied with Oklahoma at No. 2, to forget about the muddled Bowl Championship Series and focus on what really matters in this football-mad state: winning the Iron Bowl.

                Nevertheless, the Tigers (10-0, 7-0 SEC) are stumping for national championship votes every time they step on the field these days, including Saturday's game at Alabama.

                "This is the most important game of the year and this is the championship game," insists Tuberville, whose team already has secured a spot in the Southeastern Conference title game. "There is no other like it and we approach it like that."

                The Iron Bowl is a 365-day-a-year borderline obsessive topic within the state. But this year, it's also got an abundance of national allure.

                The Tigers are fighting for a spot in the Orange Bowl at the BCS title matchup. They're ranked third in the BCS standings behind Oklahoma and No. 1 Southern California.

                Alabama (6-4, 3-4) would love to clear up that mess and erase some of those giddy feelings down on the Plains, boosting its own bowl standing in the process.

                If the Crimson Tide can end the Tigers' bid for No. 1, "I'd feel real happy," tailback Kenneth Darby said. "I think the whole team would feel happy."

                The game hasn't featured a national championship contender since 1992, when Alabama won the title. Last year, both teams were unranked. Two years ago, the Tide was ranked No. 9 but ineligible for the league title because of NCAA sanctions.

                "It's one of the greatest rivalries in college football history," Alabama safety Charlie Peprah said. "You can throw out the rankings, you can throw out our non-ranking. This is Auburn-Alabama. That's what we keep talking about. That's all it is: It's just Auburn versus Alabama."

                It's also a chance for the Tide to reverse a troubling trend for a program that had grown accustomed to being the team vying for national titles in this state. Alabama has lost 17 of its past 20 games against ranked teams in Tuscaloosa, dating back to 1997.

                "I'm not trying to ruin Auburn's season or anything like that," Tide free safety Roman Harper said. "I just want to get another win for Alabama. That's a better way to look at it for me. I'm not trying to be mean or anything like that. We just need a win."

                The Tigers haven't been ranked so high heading into this game since 1958. But tailback Carnell Williams said Auburn players have tried to block out the BCS buzz in class and around town....
                -11-18-2004, 12:41 PM