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It's Championship Time Again in Austin

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  • It's Championship Time Again in Austin

    Leaving work in an hour.....going to my favorite watering hole....sitting my butt down with all my burnt orange gear......and will be getting ready for what should be an exciting National Championship win for the Horns.

    The Eyes of Texas are upon you can't hide.

    HOOK EM HORNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: It's Championship Time Again in Austin

    I'm looking forward to the game, it should be a good one. Ever since Texas punked U$C in the Rose Bowl, I've been a fan.

    I'm with you tx, HOOK 'EM HORNS!


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      Re: It's Championship Time Again in Austin

      Even though many Huskers fans say we shouldn't be here (the magical second we got back), I say... HOOK EM!


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      • Barry Waller
        Tavon Austin - Another Terry Metcalf?
        by Barry Waller
        One thing really scares me about Austin. He has a propensity for fumbling and muffing punts, much like the always exciting, but also heartbreaking Metcalf, who older St Louis fans will remember well from the "Cardiac Cardinals"

        Do we really want a guy that fumbles a bunch, on a team expected to have lots of close games?

        Just sayin'

        I had heard somewhere he had 11 fumbles in college, not sure how many muffs.

        Revisiting the Tavon Austin Comparables | RotoViz
        -04-11-2013, 06:59 PM
      • r8rh8rmike
        Rams WR Tavon Austin: 'I Believe My Time Is Now'
        by r8rh8rmike
        Rams WR Tavon Austin: 'I believe my time is now'

        by Jason Butt |

        Rams coach Jeff Fisher and offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti have publicly said it is time for third-year wide receiver Tavon Austin to take a step forward in his career. The duo have preached a desire to get Austin the football by any means and in better situations.

        In the season opener against the Seahawks, Austin played a key role in the team's win by totaling two touchdowns.

        "I just said it before ... itís all about opportunities," Austin said, per "The previous two years, Iím not going to say itís my fault, not saying it was anybodyís fault, it just wasnít the right time. I believe my time is now and any opportunity I get, Iím going to take advantage of it."

        One of Austin's touchdowns came on the ground Sunday. In fact, he did more damage at running back than wide receiver.

        "I really donít know what coach got in store for us," Austin said. "Right now we are down in depth, so you know, they called my name and Iím just glad I was able to make a play for us. Running back is my first love, always, but my size and stuff had me back off of it a little bit. But anytime I need to get back there, Iíll get back there.

        "Thatís what itís all about ... just opportunities. Coach Fisher believes in me, my team believes in me. Iím just thankful for the opportunity that I had."
        -09-15-2015, 01:03 PM
      • RamBill
        Evan Silva's Tavon Austin Write-up
        by RamBill
        Tavon Austin, Satellite Player
        Wednesday, February 20, 2013

        Tavon Austin, Satellite Player - Evaluations -

        West Virginia slotback Tavon Austin first caught my attention during the 2011 college season. Most memorably, I watched him light up LSU's dominant defense for 187 receiving yards and Clemson for 163 yards from scrimmage in the Orange Bowl. Austin could have entered the draft following that season, but he stayed for his senior year and turned in another prolific campaign.

        Austin looked awesome on television. But I wanted to examine his game more closely ahead of the 2013 draft. What makes Austin great? Will his playing style translate to the next level?

        I selected four of Austin's games to re-watch, charting each of his touches. One of the games was West Virginia versus Oklahoma, essentially Austin's audition to be an NFL running back. Austin handled 21 carries, shredding the Sooners for 344 yards (16.4 YPC) and two touchdowns. The stats are meaningless to me, though. I'm more concerned with Austin's traits as a football player.

        Tavon Austin is a satellite player. He undresses defenders in space, utilizing outstanding vision to set up opponents before breaking them down. Austin starts, stops, and restarts on a dime. His change-of-direction ability is special and will remain so in the pros. Among NFL skill-position players, only Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin, C.J. Spiller, and perhaps Jamaal Charles can match Austin's combination of foot quickness and short-area explosion. He's like a lankier, more naturally elusive Darren Sproles.

        All of those traits were evident in each game I viewed. But the Oklahoma game gives college-to-pro evaluators something else to consider. Listed at a diminutive 5-foot-9 and 174 pounds, Austin ran between the tackles and fell forward to finish runs. As a slot receiver, he repeatedly executed strong downfield run blocks. Austin displayed a toughness not often associated with players who butter their bread by getting out in space. He was a legitimate workhorse against the Sooners, handling 33 combined special teams and offensive touches en route to 121 yards after contact. Austin is not necessarily a physical, after-contact-yardage player. But he is willing to mix it up and work for yards. He can run through arm tackles. Because he played so many snaps at running back, West Virginia-Oklahoma was a consummate display of Austin's toughness, vision, and absurd foot quickness in high-traffic situations behind and around the line of scrimmage.

        Austin was also an efficient pass catcher. I charted 29 targets and charged him with a single drop. Austin secured 24. Three contested receptions stood out. The first came against Kansas on an underthrow from quarterback Geno Smith. Running a fly pattern from the right slot, Austin adeptly stopped his route and came back to make a leaping catch with two Jayhawk defenders in...
        -02-19-2013, 10:00 PM
      • MauiRam
        Austin unveiling boosts Rams' intrigue ..
        by MauiRam
        By Nick Wagoner

        There's probably not a player the St. Louis Rams have drafted in the past decade or so that fans have been more excited to see in real games than rookie receiver Tavon Austin.

        The buzz about Austin has been omnipresent since the Rams moved up to select him eighth overall in Aprilís NFL draft. The time has nearly arrived.

        ďIím really excited,Ē Austin said. ďIím just blessed to be in this place where Iím at right now. This is my dream, itís anybodyís dream. I am just glad that I am living it. I am going to try to make some special things happen for this team and myself and just go from there.Ē

        Austinís unveiling will come Sunday at 4:25 p.m. ET when the Rams host the Arizona Cardinals in the 2013 regular-season opener. That much we know. What remains unknown and, in some cases, unseen is the extent of Austinís role.

        During the open portion of training camp, the Rams moved Austin all over the field, using him as a receiver, returner, running back and in just about any scenario you could imagine offensively.

        In the preseason games, the Rams made it a point to be vanilla offensively; when it came to Austin, they went for no flavor at all.

        Even when Rams coach Jeff Fisher was asked Wednesday about potential plans for Austin, he made it quite clear heís not tipping his hand.

        ďHeís ready to go,Ē Fisher said. ďHeís prepared to do whatever we ask him to do for us this week.Ē

        Fisher did acknowledge that Austin is caught up on the playbook and understands his responsibilities within the offense and, presumably, special teams. If thatís the case, Austinís use will be constrained only by the limitations of the imagination of offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer.

        Let there be no doubt: The Rams have plans for Austin, big plans, the type of plans that would extend beyond the diminutive wideout.

        Just because the Rams arenít offering up the blueprints to those plans -- and why would they? -- doesnít mean other teams arenít preparing for a variety of things. Arizona coach Bruce Arians expects everything including the kitchen sink to be hurled in his teamís direction Sunday.

        ďHeís a dynamic player,Ē Arians said. ďYou could see it coming out. Every time he touches the ball, you hold your breath. Not only did you throw it to him at West Virginia, he ran it. So, you have to get ready for some things. Knowing Brian a little and his past, thereíll be some Wildcat with him. Thereíll be some other things, but he is a dynamic player.Ē

        Itís unfair to expect Austin to burst on the scene, score touchdowns from every position and angle imaginable in his debut. After all, heís still a rookie receiver, and rookie receivers rarely make an instant impact in the NFL.

        The beauty of Austinís varied skill set is that he doesnít have to hurt you with his receiving...
        -09-04-2013, 10:22 PM
      • QUINNtessentialTruth
        Miles Austin
        by QUINNtessentialTruth
        What do you guys think of Miles Austin as a FA pick up?
        -03-12-2014, 06:05 PM