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High School Signing Day!

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  • High School Signing Day!

    I know no one really looks around this forum, but any good/bad news from your favorite college/alma mater today? Unless that school happens to be Florida, in which case I don't care what you have to say.

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    Re: High School Signing Day!

    Auburn surprised me today, pulling a fast one with Corey lemonier. I see us having a 10 win season next year

    Just glad Florida's whole team graduated this year. Tired of hearing about the Florida Tebow's


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      Re: High School Signing Day!

      Texas reloaded as usual....having the #2 rated class. They went big on defense.


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        Re: High School Signing Day!

        Originally posted by txramsfan View Post
        Texas reloaded as usual....having the #2 rated class. They went big on defense.

        And stole our boy Hicks away!


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          Re: High School Signing Day!

          Originally posted by 01d 0rd3r View Post
          Auburn surprised me today, pulling a fast one with Corey lemonier. I see us having a 10 win season next year

          Just glad Florida's whole team graduated this year. Tired of hearing about the Florida Tebow's

          Yeah Auburn pulled in a stellar class this year. They always seem to grab those big time RBs too.


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            Re: High School Signing Day!

            I was happy with the players Charlie Strong was able to bring into Louisville. The program nose dived under the last coach so I have no doubt it was Strong and Strong alone that got a good chunk of these kids to commit.

            I don't think he will turn it around his 1st year but his first class was a good start.

            Go Cards!!


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            • San Diego Ram
              Junior Seau
              by San Diego Ram
              My favorite football player as a kid growing up is now dead

              Rest in peace Junior!!!
              -05-02-2012, 11:55 AM
            • DJRamFan
              Alma Maters
              by DJRamFan
              Ok, Division I-A is not the only college football so in that reason I am inviting people to talk about ALL football I-A through III. Feel free to talk about your alma mater or the college you currently attend (like me).

              I'll get it started...I go to Slippery Rock University in PA (PSAC conference). We had four years with a stellar quarterback, but after he graduated, the two backups split time and needless to say it was a disappointment.

              Our big rivals happen to be Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), who basically manhandled us this year after four years of our own domination...

              Let's here about other schools...
              -12-18-2001, 01:32 PM
            • MauiRam
              Demetrius Rhaney the Dark Horse
              by MauiRam
              Exerpted from: College 2 Pro

              C2P - What is your best quality at your position?
              DR - At the center position, I feel my best quality is my speed and being able to climb to the second level to get hands on linebackers and being able to reach 2 and 3 tech defensive tackles. Also, I feel another quality that I have is how aggressive I play and the fight I have in me to always win.

              C2P - What offense/defense did you play mostly in college?
              DR - I played in both spread and a pro style offense running inside and outside zone.

              C2P - What will be your biggest adjustment moving forward?
              DR - Adapting and playing to the tempo of the NFL game. I know the competition will be a lot bigger and faster than in college, and I look forward to the adjustment.

              C2P - What pro player would you remind us most of with your style of play?
              DR - I would say Alex Mack. He's not the biggest player but he gets the job done on both run and pass plays and he can also get out front on screens and make an impact, and those are the things that I believe I do well with.

              C2P - How many positions can you play or have played?
              DR - I have played all positions on the offensive line. My freshman year at Ellsworth Community College, I started all eleven games at right tackle. My sophomore year, I moved to right guard and started all eleven games. I then transferred to Tennessee State and started at right guard for eleven games. Coming into the spring of my senior season, I made an adjustment to play center and started all fourteen games into the playoffs.

              C2P – The system you played in college. Is there an NFL team that comes to mind that resembles in the most?
              DR - There isn't a system that just pops out, but I know where ever I land I will work hard as possible to do whatever it takes to help my team win whether its at Center, Guard, Tackle, Special teams or just on the sideline taking mental reps and being ready to step in.

              C2P - What makes you unique to another player at the same position? DR - My speed and the fight I have in me to never loose. I can pull, get out front on screens, win the one on one battle at the line of scrimmage, take control of the offensive line and be a guy that the rest of my teammates can depend on.

              C2P – What is your most memorable play in your college career?
              DR - My junior year playing in the Southern Heritage Classic against Jackson State running an outside zone; I got out front to lead the play and decleated the safety and our running back Trabis Ward took it all the way for about sixty yards, instead of the team running to him for the celebration they ran to me. It was pretty neat.

              C2P - What other schools showed interest in your leaving high school? DR - Leaving high school, I was not highly recruited. I am used to being the underdog for whatever reason that...
              -03-31-2015, 10:46 AM
            • Yodude
              If You Have Kids...Give Them a Big Hug Today!
              by Yodude
              Sorry guys, but I didn't know where else to put this, if there's a better place for it, feel free to move it. This is something I heard at work today.

              One of the engineers where I work was at his son's football practice yesterday, when a parent's worst nightmare happened right before his eyes.

              As the practice was breaking up, and cars where coming and going to and from the parking lot as parents were picking up their kids, a 5 year old boy ran out between two cars and was run over. The car came to rest with a front wheel on top of the childs hip and my friend had to tell the driver to back up slowly so they could free him.

              He was in very bad shape and was helicoptered to the closest hospital.

              As we rant and rave at each other on this forum about things we deem important, we should remember what's really important in life. It sucks that things like this have to happen to bring us back to reality.

              So if you have small children (I have two and this had me thinking about them all day), please remember to hold their hand in the parking lot. Give them the biggest hug you can tonight and tell them how much you love them!
              -08-17-2004, 04:39 PM
            • richtree
              Cam Newton's media day today at 1pm
              by richtree
              Auburn QB Cam Newton's controversial "media day" workout will begin at 1PM ET Thursday at Cathedral Catholic High School (SD).

              The invitation to media personnel explained that the workout will "provide a snapshot of Cam’s daily training regimen and routine as he prepares for his NFL career." Afterwards, he'll be "briefly available" for "some questions." The workout has been heavily criticized in the scouting community, in part because it's seen as a publicity grab and in part because no scouts are allowed to attend.

              -02-10-2011, 06:57 AM