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Which College Will Win It All?

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  • Which College Will Win It All?

    Who will be tops in the end?
    Florida State
    Other (list below)

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    Re: Which College Will Win It All?

    This is a weird season, there really isn't one team that is running away with things. USC could easily have had 2 losses and then there's the Miami-Oklahoma BCS debacle.


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      Re: Which College Will Win It All?

      If Auburn makes it through it's schedule undefeated and wins the SEC Championship game, how do you keep that team out of the Orange Bowl?


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        Re: Which College Will Win It All?

        We're back at square 1. USC, Okla, Miami, Auburn all could be undefeated by the end of the year and the controversy will start all over. Of course, we could have a four-team playoff......nah, that would just be utterly stupid, wouldn't it NCAA?
        The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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          Re: Which College Will Win It All?

          It's incredible that there is not a playoff despite the overwhelming majority to hold one.


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          • 39thebeast
            When's the first win
            by 39thebeast
            Look at the schedule where do you see the first win?
            -09-22-2008, 06:42 PM
          • DJRamFan
            It shouldn't be a surprise that the team backed Zook, a great recruiter who has often
            by DJRamFan
            Oct. 26, 2004
   wire reports

            AUBURN, Ala. -- Tommy Tuberville would be shocked if a Southeastern Conference team went undefeated, won the league title game and failed to get a shot at the national title.


            But it could happen -- to Tuberville's Auburn Tigers.

            The third-ranked Tigers (8-0) are fourth in the Bowl Championship Series standings. Southern California has the top spot, followed by Oklahoma and Miami. For Auburn, winning out might not be enough to play in the Orange Bowl for the BCS title.

            "I'd be shocked if a team ever goes through their schedule in the SEC and wins an SEC championship game, be 12-0 and not have an opportunity to win the national championship," Tuberville said. "I think you can just look at the teams in our league, it's very demanding."

            Auburn can lock up a spot in the SEC championship game with a win Saturday at Mississippi, owning the West division title before its first open date next week. The Tigers then host No. 10 Georgia and visit Alabama, so while a spot in the league title game seems to be a lock, a perfect record is far from assured.

            Any team that wins the SEC should get a shot at the national title, Tommy Tuberville says.(AP)
            Just in case, Tuberville started his lobbying.

            "LSU won the (BCS) national championship last year and had a loss in the conference -- at home," Tuberville said. "If we would have an opportunity to win all the way through, I don't think there would be much doubt we would have an opportunity.

            "There would probably be some people who would think I'd be wrong about that, but that's the reason you have polls and the BCS to determine who has fought the toughest battle."

            Auburn almost certainly needs at least one of the higher-rated teams to lose.

            A rematch against either the Volunteers or Georgia would await for the league title game in Atlanta. Oklahoma also must survive a conference title game in the Big 12, while Miami still faces No. 13 Virginia on Nov. 13 and No. 22 Virginia Tech on Dec. 4. USC doesn't have a ranked opponent left.

            Tuberville said for Auburn to win the SEC championship and not get at least a shot at a national title, "I'd say there would be something wrong with the system if that happened. The Big 12 playing the championship game, (it's the) same thing. That's just added pressure and a tougher schedule obviously."

            Auburn won its only national championship in 1957. The last SEC team to win every regular-season game and not get a shot at the national title: Auburn in 1993, thanks to NCAA probation.

            "We've got something special going on with this team," tailback Carnell Williams said. "We've got a chance to do some...
            -10-27-2004, 12:17 PM
          • AvengerRam_old
            Will the Rams win 7+ games? I'm betting on it.
            by AvengerRam_old
            I recently returned from a trip to Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks, via Sin City.

            At the Mandalay Bay Sports Book, I placed an "over" bet on the Rams 2012 win total. The line was 6 1/2 (with odds - a $20 bet would return $46).

            So... do I really think the Rams will win 7?

            Well, I think they certainly can. I think this team has more talent and a better coaching staff than the one that won 7 in 2010.

            So I've put my money where my mouth is. I'm sure you're all hoping I win!

            (Footnote: Though I only placed the one bet, I was tempted to bet the "under" on the Redskins, who also had a line of 6 1/2 wins.)
            -06-21-2012, 09:42 AM
          • txramsfan
            Mizzou will win big over OU
            by txramsfan
            Mizzou should have won at Norman earlier, even had the lead going into the 4th quarter. However, they turned the ball over...something that they normally don't do.

            The media is not giving the Tigers much respect. ESPN leads their college segment off by saying: "How can Ohio State get into the Championship game" instead of how the Tigers control their own destiny. It's like they have already given the game to OU. Won't happen.

            Mizzou 41
            OU 10
            -11-29-2007, 10:39 AM
          • RamWraith
            I think we will win
            by RamWraith
            You know. With all negativity around this team by the fans these past few weeks I have a strange feeling the Rams will be beat the Bears Monday. Why in the hell would I say something like that? Football is about match-ups, and I think we match up well against the Bears. They have a week offense, that is in a huge state of turmoil. If Grossman messes up at all I think they pull him, just to see their other options. Now Harris is out. This is HUGE for their defensive line. He has been a beast all season. We also have the belief out there that we can't win, and that is never a good thing for a team that is suppose to be such a "powerhouse".

            I think we take this game, restore some hope for the rest of the season and build on next year's confidence.
            -12-07-2006, 02:34 PM