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Should I start Bears Defense or Patriots Defense?

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  • Should I start Bears Defense or Patriots Defense?

    I was wondering which DEF to start, but it was to hard for me to decide. Should I start Bears DEF VS Packers or Patriots DEF VS BIlls? Its a hard decision for me because Bears have one of the most dominating defenses last year and Brett Farve has been struggling and Packers also lost Javon Walker. Patriots get Rodney Harrison back and Former Charger Linebacker... and then Bills have decided to start unproven QB Losman... So its hard for me to decide. Which DEF should I start?

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    Re: Should I start Bears Defense or Patriots Defense?

    Bears are on the road and the Pats are home. I would go with Pats.

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      Re: Should I start Bears Defense or Patriots Defense?

      I would go with the bears. The bears are built around that defense. Packers have absolutely nothing going for them. The Bills on the other hand have an insane ST. They have McGahee pounding the ball. They have a QB who has shown bright spots. No brainer. Bears.


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        Re: Should I start Bears Defense or Patriots Defense?

        I'd start the Bears. The Bills -- as bad as they are -- are better than the Packers.


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          Re: Should I start Bears Defense or Patriots Defense?

          Bears IMO it is their year to truly embarass Green Bay on their own field.

          Green Bay has very raw freshman and sophomores on their Oline. Favre was running for his life the entire game last week.


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          • RamDez
            Tie Breaker Vs Bears
            by RamDez
            If the Bears win out, and the Rams lose to an NFC team, the Bears would
            win the tiebreaker, as they would have a 10-2 conference record to 9-3 for
            the Rams.

            If the Rams lose only to Indy, then they tie with the Bears in conference
            record and then it goes to common games, where again the Bears would win the
            tiebreaker 6-0 to 5-1.
            -12-14-2001, 04:33 PM
          • onemanswarm
            Bears Should Act Like a Bunch of Jags
            by onemanswarm
            by The One-Man Swarm

            I don't know what the Bears' itinerary looked like yesterday, but I sure as sh*t hope it included this line item:

            12-3 p.m.: Watch Indianapolis Colts v. Jacksonville Jaguars

            If the Bears did take time out to witness the 44-17 emasculation, they have no excuse not to ravage the Rams with a proportional lack of mercy. In fact, it shouldn't even be all that hard. What could be more simple than following a basic recipe?

            Recipe: Annihilation of a Horrible Run Defense
            From the Kitchen of: Jacksonville O.C. Mike Smith

            - Combine 3 parts run and 1 part pass.
            - Smash mouths.
            - Repeat.

            At a time when all of the talk in Chicago centers around the quarterback position, the Bears would be wise to focus on their run game with the attention span of an 86-year-old man watching MacGyver reruns. If you've never seen this, you've gotta take my word for it. Old men are to Macgyver as zombies are to brains. To paraphrase Vincent Ludwig, they are single-minded of purpose and deadly when they find what they want. If you have an elderly father or grandfather, consider buying him Season One on DVD. This has been another holiday shopping tip from The One-Man Swarm.

            Sunday, facing the Colts' absolute sieve of a run defense, Jacksonville carried the ball 42 times for 375 yards, for an average of 8.9 yards per carry. They repeatedly sent the message that they were the undisputed owners of the line of scrimmage. They kept a dangerous quarterback off the field. They limited the involvement of their own quarterback to 14 passes. And they won another piece of the game each and every time they snapped the ball.

            The Bears' running game has started to peak at just the right time. Two weeks ago, they ran for an impressive 153 yards against New England's stingy run D. Last week, they pounded Minnesota (the league's top run defense) for 92 yards, which is fairly impressive considering how few plays the Bears managed to run. Even more impressive was the 6.67 ypc average posted by Cedric Benson, who has been running people over like Rip Torn in the midst of a brandy bender.

            Tonight, the Bears face the St. Louis Rams and a defense that has been gashed by more runs than a stripper's stockings. They would be wise to pull a Coach Red Beaulieu and straight-up steal the Jacksonville Jaguars' playbook.
            -12-11-2006, 09:47 AM
          • dgr828
            Are the bears who we think they are?
            by dgr828
            What's the Rams chances playing in Chicago with only the BEAR necessities?

            Jay Cutler and crew have had a rough time the past few weeks, losing to Arizona, Philly and Favre.
            Rumors have it that Lovie Smith is on the hot seat and poor Orlando Pace is just about on his last legs. One wonders how our old friend, Pisa is doing in the Windy City.

            Hopefully the Rams can find a way to muster up enough strength to go on the road and play like they have nothing to lose!
            Ramfans will have to grin and Bear it in order to shake the effects of a Grizzly 1-11 season.

            A healthy Steven Jackson should have continued success against a weaken Bears defense minus Brian Urlacher.
            Rams need to cut down on the penalties and when it comes to turnovers, DON'T FEED THE BEARS!
            The Bears aren't who we think they are, if the Rams play it right its a Beary winnable game.

            I'll say Rams get the win, Bearly, 21-20.
            A Rams win is sure to give everyone here a BEARY BEARY CHRISTMAS!!!
            -12-02-2009, 10:09 PM
          • dgr828
            Bears Are Leaders Of The Pack
            by dgr828
            -12-05-2005, 12:46 AM
          • Republican Ram
            Bears keep getting better, but so do we
            by Republican Ram
            Bears look good, real good. Hitting on all cilinders but playinga real weak schedule. Let them front load, (another political saying) through the regular season, but they will be out of the race by "Super Tuesday".

            The Bears D is good, but so is ours. If we play as good as we did today, we will win out and be celebrating on the landing in early Feb!

            Republican Ram:helmet:
            -12-30-2001, 07:59 PM