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  • Holt is the real bargain

    Q: I'm in a keeper league where the salary cap is $250, increasing to $300 during the season. I have Clinton Portis ($94), Torry Holt ($25), Domanick Davis ($8), and Kevan Barlow ($2). I can keep only two of them. Whom would you keep?


    A: It's tempting to go the bargain route and keep Davis and Barlow, which I think you'd have to do if you were going to jettison Portis. But at $25, Holt is a bargain. He could be the best receiver in fantasy football next season, even better than Randy Moss if his foot injury lingers. And keeping Holt practically forces you to keep Portis, even at the high rate of $94. Because if you're going to keep only one back, you must make sure you keep the best one of your bunch, and he is it. Spending $119 on those two players still leaves you with enough money to fill the rest of your lineup with decent players, provided you do your research and make some good calls on draft day. But even if you do bomb on a few $1 picks, you'll get a chance to fix your errors when the cap increases during the season.

    George Winkler
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