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  • Daily Mail - Helping your league's rookies

    Q: I am going to be a commissioner of a league this year. I have been playing fantasy football for about six years. Half of my league will be newbies. How much help should I provide these guys before the draft?

    Rob West
    Stationed in Baghdad, Iraq (Army)

    A: Thanks for the question, and thanks for serving our nation. The least I can do is supply an answer. Your job as commissioner is to set up the league and make sure it runs smoothly. A competitive (and therefore enjoyable) league requires knowledgeable owners. It won't be much fun if the new guys create a league of superpowers and doormats. Still, you shouldn't have to hold the hands of these first-time owners and walk them through the season.

    Make sure everyone knows and understands the rules, and I would highly suggest supplying everyone with written copies. It also wouldn't hurt to suggest a place for the greenhorns to get some fantasy information so they aren't totally in the dark. Telling them to check out our rankings or to purchase a copy of our owners manual would be enough advice. The rest is up to them.

    Rob Hurtt -

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  • Devin
    Simulation Football League - Franchise Owners Needed
    by Devin
    Admins/Mods I certainly dont want to break any rules, so if this violates any rules you may have about spam or is in the wrong place I certainly apologize.

    Hello all!

    I co-run a small simulation/fantasy football website and we currently are looking for two active franchise owners. We are entering our 3rd year and are very well established.

    We are also getting ready to open a 2nd sim league there so there is plenty to go around. This league will differ in that you will run a set NFL franchise rather then a team built through a fantasy draft. There is plenty to go around.

    Basically the concept is simple, you run a football team. A full 53 man roster, you draft rookies, manage a salary cap.....the whole 9 yards. You trade with other teams, make tough cap decisions when needed and to furthur the experience there are tons of little extras as well. The games are simmed using computer software (Action! PC Home Page) Keep in mind this is a long term thing. This league isnt year to year your goal should be to build a franchise for the long haul!

    It truly is intense and is absolutley a blast for football fanatics.

    The only requirement is that you be active. Post in the forums, show up every now and again....etc. While it only requires an hour or so a week, we are avoiding a situation where you take over....get set up then bail til draft time. So if you dont have the time please dont bother. While there is no age requirement, obviously maturity is important.

    This is a free league.

    So if you think you have what it takes to build/run a team by all means get in touch!

    I am Devin @ the gridiron forums (Gridiron Junkies - Powered by vBulletin)
    or by email [email protected]

    Thanks guys, hope to hear from some of you!
    -03-14-2008, 02:17 AM
  • Devin
    Simulation Football - Fantasy Football on steriods!
    by Devin
    I am currently recruiting owners for a simulation football league. We are hoping to get different fans of NFL teams involved.

    Owners draft an entire 53 man roster, manage a salary cap, choose their team name/ can even choose your coaching staff. Its very intense.

    Games are simulated using specific software (Action PC Football software).

    The league is a TON of fun. It requires a few hours a week to start. After the initial fantasy draft things slow down a little and dont require as much time.

    The league does require dedication. Nothing worse then an owner who picks his team then dissappears for 3 months.

    The league costs $5 to cover hosting/software costs.

    There are 24 spots available. We have a few owners already.

    Again this is an intense league so if your unable to devote 1-3 hours a week at it at first you probably shouldnt bother.

    If you'd like to join, just message me for details.

    [email protected]
    -01-30-2006, 10:36 PM
  • tmfran
    New fantasy football keeper league starting
    by tmfran
    New keeper league starting this season. If you’re interested I can send you more information. I have about half the league filled already.

    Quick info on the league

    $ 60 a team. $ 10 goes towards a web hosting service; this will include an independent commissioner. The remaining $ 50 goes towards prize money.

    14 team / 2 divisions, standard H2H, each team plays the other teams 1 time. Making up a 13 week regular season.

    Payout goes like this

    Season points leader........$75
    Division champ(2).......$50 / each
    Playoff teams(8)........$25 / each
    League Champion runner up ...... $100
    League Champion......$225


    -06-19-2007, 10:09 PM
  • mikhal5569
    Looking For A Fantasy Football League
    by mikhal5569
    Hey everyone. It might be a little early but, I've been thinking about joining a fantasy football league. I'm sure somebody in here runs one, so let me know if you wouldn't mind another player. I haven't played in a while so I need a refresher as to when you hold the draft, which server you use, etc.

    Thanks and I apologize if this thread was posted in the wrong place.

    -07-08-2009, 09:05 AM
  • JackieSlater
    Openings in my NFL simulation league
    by JackieSlater
    Hiya guys.

    Some of you are aware that apart from running the annual mock gambling competition i away from Clanram for 8-9 months of the year run my own Simulation league based on the NFL, called the UNFL, we are returning after our normal 3 months break/off-season, and for the first time in the league's history (5 years.. about to start the league's 6th year) i have 4-5 opening for a good, commited, honest person to take over the role of a team owner.

    We use Dave Koch's software disc/program to run the game and season and there are 16 teams in the league however i find myself at this time having 11 guys/owners, hense a few openings.

    We have our own forum in which the day-to day running of the league happens, we draft, trade and have FAs it's a salary capped league with rosters not exceeding 53 players.

    The UNFL is a American football coaching simulation where players take the role of head coach and owner of a UNFL franchise. They draft rookies, trade stars and build teams to win the Bowl. This is a game where records last - a game with a strong sense of history, with career statistics which ensure that achievements live on. And a game where they matter, with a strong social element supported by online message boards and live events.

    We have a steadt hearty bunch of committed guys who have been together for a good length of time, There is more to the UNFL than what is mentioned above.

    The only thing it costs is YOUR TIME, and a little commitment to your team and the UNFL.No downloading programs, templates etc, everything is done through our own forum and the odd email mail shot with the odd attachment

    If interested, PM me and/or reply to this post and i'll get back to you ASAP

    -08-05-2009, 03:40 PM