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Dolphins: How Much Impact Will WR Boston, QB Feeley Have?

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  • Dolphins: How Much Impact Will WR Boston, QB Feeley Have?

    How much of an impact will newcomers Boston and Feeley have on the offense?

    It's not a guarantee A.J. Feeley will start, so his impact will depend on how much he plays. At the moment, Jay Fiedler has the edge going into training camp because of his familiarity with the offense and how well he works with the returning players. Feeley has a slightly stronger arm and may be a little more accurate than Fiedler. Fiedler is a given. He's good enough to get this team to nine or 10 wins. Dave Wannstedt needs to make the playoffs to keep his job, so nine or 10 wins may not be enough. Wannstedt just has to make the right decision on which quarterback can do better in December and January. He has training camp to make that decision. Boston has a chance to make it easier for both QBs to succeed. When Boston is right, he destroys defenses. He's good for 100 receiving yards and two TDs any given Sunday. Injuries and attitude have held him back over the past two seasons. Still, he caught 70 passes and scored seven TDs for the Chargers last season. The Dolphins had only 17 receiving TDs last year, 11 from Chris Chambers, six from the rest of the team. Boston got off to a shaky start. He had trouble getting his muscular body under 240 pounds. Now, he's on pace to play at around 228 pounds and his explosiveness is coming back. Boston should easily average 14 yards per catch. That would cause more teams to double cover him at the split end position. Chambers, who is in a contract year, should put up big numbers if Boston is right. His 64 catches and 963 yards a year ago should grow into a certain 1,000-yard season. Plus, Wannstedt is high on third receiver Derrius Thompson. Boston alone could make a bigger difference than Feeley.

    John Clayton,

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  • DJRamFan
    [Dolphins] Dolphins get down to the nitty gritty
    by DJRamFan
    Jay Fiedler is respected by teammates for tough and courageous play. But consistent turnovers have weakened his job security.


    [email protected]

    Taylor Whitley has more respect for Jay Fiedler than anyone he has ever shared a huddle with, and that is pretty much the sentiment of many Dolphins players.

    The quarterback has flooded a reservoir of respect and good will among his coaches and teammates with his tough play, determined demeanor and 35-21 record with Miami.

    But that reservoir is being drained now because Fiedler is in a drought.

    He has only two touchdown passes in his 13 quarters this season while throwing six interceptions, including two that were returned for touchdowns. His 50 percent completion rate is the lowest of his starting career, and his quarterback rating has also hit career bottom at 51.1.


    So while Fiedler is still Dave Wannstedt's choice to start for the 0-6 Dolphins on Sunday against St. Louis, he is on notice that toughness and determination might not matter that much longer.

    ''Not turning the ball over is the job of any quarterback, and the turnovers from that position haven't been good,'' Wannstedt said Wednesday. ``[Jay is] working hard to correct them, but you still have to recognize that it did happen.''

    Wannstedt recognizes it and admits he talked with assistants about starting A.J. Feeley against the Rams. Despite not making the change, the coach said Fiedler will get 60 percent of the practice snaps while Feeley gets 40 percent -- perhaps early preparation for an eventual move.

    But Wannstedt won't commit to making a change yet because Fiedler's popularity in the locker room is a factor the coach considers.

    ''It's part of it,'' Wannstedt said. ``But it's not the determining factor. The determining factor has been and will be the guy that gives us a chance to manage the game, and that's what's been disappointing overall.''

    Fiedler knows he has played better in previous seasons but recognizes playing better this year might mean correcting many issues not all within his control.

    ''It's hard to pinpoint one thing,'' Fiedler said when asked why he isn't playing to previous form. ``A lot of it is the amount of turnover we've had throughout the offense from coaches to players all the way down.

    ``We feel we've progressed and gotten better with it, but we don't feel like it's where it needs to be yet.''


    And Fiedler is aware his play has to get ''where it needs to be'' because his starting status is at stake. He knows this because he's asked about it regularly, much to his displeasure.

    ''That's something you'll have to ask coach about,'' he said. ``I'm not going to speculate about what his thought process...
    -10-21-2004, 03:16 PM
  • RamDez
    Miami at a Glance
    by RamDez
    Miami at a Glance
    Friday, October 22, 2004

    By Nick Wagoner
    Staff Writer

    After a tumultuous offseason in which its best player suddenly retired, Miami has clearly been reeling from the effects.

    The Dolphins are off to a 0-6 start, worst in the league and appear poised to live the dream of the undefeated 1972 team in reverse, only this would be much more of a nightmare than a dream.

    Miami has struggled to create any kind of offensive cohesiveness in spite of solid defensive performances. It seems there is a new player starting at running back every week and the quarterback tandem in place has struggled to make any big plays.

    The offseason gave many fans in Miami hope that there could be improvements, but then running back Ricky Williams retired to go on tour with Lenny Kravitz and offseason acquisition David Boston went out for the season with an injury. The defense continues to be a mainstay, but without much offensive production, the Dolphins will continue to struggle and coach Dave Wannstedt’s seat will only get hotter.

    COACHING: Wannstedt is in his fifth season as Miami’s coach, making him the second-longest tenured coach in Dolphins’ history behind the legendary Don Shula. He is 3-3 in his career against the Rams and 0-1 against St. Louis with the Dolphins.

    Wannstedt’s teams have always played hard, but without the talent in place, it has been hard for Miami to generate any kind of momentum. Wannstedt could be in his final season with the Dolphins, barring a dramatic turnaround that would probably involve Miami somehow winning out. Wannstedt isn’t really to blame for the awful start this season, after all, it wasn’t his fault that Williams bailed on his teammates, Boston got hurt and the team made some poor decisions in the trade and free agency market.

    OFFENSE: This is clearly Miami’s biggest problem area. It isn’t just struggling to run the ball in Williams’ place or throw it without Boston, but the offense in general. The Dolphins are putting up just 243 yards per game and has scored just four touchdowns.

    Jay Fiedler starts at quarterback, but has fought off A.J. Feeley most of the season. Fiedler has an anemic passer rating of 51.1 with two touchdowns and six interceptions. Feeley wasn’t much better with a 57.2 rating, two touchdowns and five interceptions. That combination simply isn’t getting the job done and it will be difficult to improve with a depleted receiving corps and inexperienced offensive line.

    The running game has been the only area of the offense worse than the pass. The Dolphins have put up only 69.5 yards per game on the ground using a rotating door at running back. So far this season, former Ram Lamar Gordon, Travis Minor, Brock Forsey, Leonard Henry and Sammy Morris have gotten the bulk of the carries at various times. Henry leads the team in rushing with 136 yards,...
    -10-23-2004, 02:51 AM
  • r8rh8rmike
    A.J. Feeley's Career Numbers
    by r8rh8rmike
    A.J. Feeley's career numbers

    The Feeley File

    Age — 32
    NFL — 9 seasons
    Teams — Philadelphia, Miami, San Diego, Carolina
    Starts 15
    Pass att. 665
    Pass cmp. 372
    Pct. 55.9
    Yards 4,070
    TD 27
    Int 29
    QB rate 69.6
    -03-06-2010, 11:29 AM
  • dgr828
    Not feeling it from Feeley
    by dgr828
    Its should take a short period of time for the Rams #1 pick, Sam Bradford, to take over the reigns as the team's starting quarterback, once he signs his huge contract.
    The prospects of Adam Joshua Feeley leading the Rams at QB for the entire season makes it hard to believe that anything positive could come out of that.
    A.J. is nothing more than a career backup, at best.
    In college, he backed up Joey Harrington at Oregon.
    He's been a 3rd stringer for the Eagles.
    He bombed in Miami and couldn't get on the field in San Diego.

    Feeley went back to Philly and got beat out for the 2nd string spot by an aging Jeff Garcia...Seriously, Garcia would be a better fit for the Rams right now.

    Last year AJ had a cup of coffee with the Carolina Panthers.

    How long will AJ Feeley be needed to keep the QB seat warm for SAM?

    Could AJ Feeley surprisingly have a breakout year?

    Will AJ Feeley be a good mentor for a rookie quarterback?

    Was Feeley a good pickup by the Rams?
    -07-11-2010, 12:52 PM
  • MauiRam
    A.J. Feeley holds Rams No. 1 QB spot — for now ..
    by MauiRam
    BY JIM THOMAS Friday, August 6, 2010 12:10 am

    "Just like I stated all spring, if we played today — I'm sticking with it — if we played today, A.J. would be the guy. Maybe I should put that on tape."

    Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo has been so unwavering in that answer that he hasn't even been asked about it since the start of training camp last week.

    But in the grand scheme of things, A.J. Feeley knows he's merely keeping the seat warm at quarterback. A 10-year veteran of the NFL who is well-schooled in the West Coast scheme, Feeley can be a valuable mentor for No. 1 overall pick Sam Bradford.

    Then again, Feeley wants to play. He doesn't want to help Bradford too much, does he?

    "I want to help him out as much as he wants to be helped out," Feeley said. "But everybody wants to play. If you don't want to play, you shouldn't be in this position. It's what you do."

    But Feeley is quick to add: "The nature of playing quarterback is you help each other out in the meeting room. Those guys that don't have good meeting rooms, where the guys don't get along, that's where bad things happen. But we have a great group."

    Feeley, 33, is surrounded by two rookies — Bradford and Thaddeus Lewis — and second-year man Keith Null in the meeting room at Rams Park. That's a lot of inexperience.

    "My mind-set going into this thing is to get this team ready to play," Feeley said. "And offensively, it's to go in there and be the guy and run with it. But in the meeting room and outside of that, I'm there to help those guys out as much as possible."

    That mind-set explains in part why the Rams signed Feeley to a two-year, $6 million free-agent contract in March. They feel he's someone capable of starting a few games if need be until Bradford is deemed ready. But his knowledge of the offense — and the coaches — should help Bradford get ready.

    "Feeley's being something like a big brother to Sam is the best way I can put it," rookie wide receiver Mardy Gilyard said. "He's the leader of the bunch. He's the No. 1 guy. He knows his checks. He's confident in his throws. He's telling our receivers exactly where he's going to put the ball and how we should run our routes.

    "And Sam, he has a lot to learn. That's why I'm glad that we have A.J. here so Sam can be able to cling on his leg in a sense and learn everything he can learn."

    During the summer break from mid-June to reporting day last week, Feeley worked at home in San Diego with noted quarterback trainer Todd Durkin.

    "He works out a bunch of quarterbacks — Drew (Brees), Aaron Rodgers, all those guys," Feeley said.

    Feeley trained in the morning with Durkin, and then again in the afternoon. It was his own pre-camp version of two-a-days,...
    -08-06-2010, 01:34 AM