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Adarian, Txramsfan, AvengerRam, and ALL Others....

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  • Adarian, Txramsfan, AvengerRam, and ALL Others....

    Fantasy Football - Players Wanted !!!

    Adarian, Txramsfan, AvengerRam, and ALL Others....

    I've Started A Fantasy Football League On Yahoo Sports, And Am Looking For Some Good Players.

    Last Season, I Didn't Do So Well....
    11th Out of 12 Teams (in the ClanRam Fantasy League).

    So, I'm Looking For Some "Pay-Back" !!
    Well, Actually, I'm Just Looking To Improve....
    I'd Be Happy (This Season), With 6th Place (Ha-Ha-Ha).

    Anyways, If You Are Interested, E-Mail Me -- And I'll Send You An Invite via the Yahoo Sports Fantasy Page.
    Yep - That's How It's Set Up, Now.
    It Confirms You Have A Real E-Mail Address....

    The Only Thing I Ask - Is That, If You Sign Up, You Have To Stick It Out, THROUGH THE WHOLE SEASON !!!

    I Hate It, When Half-Way Through The Season, Half The Team Owners Drop Out - And Can't Be Found (Because of Their "W/L" Record).

    So, I'm Looking For "Hardcore" Fantasy Football Players !!!
    But, I Also Want Players Who Are "Good Sports" - And Who Follow The Rules.
    If, That's Not Your "Bag of Tricks" - PLEASE Don't Ask To Join (It'll Save Both of Us, Lots of Headaches In The Future - LOL !!!).

    Hope To Hear From You Soon !!!


    E-Mail Address: [email protected]

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    Re: Adarian, Txramsfan, AvengerRam, and ALL Others....

    What's the cost for Yahoo?
    This space for rent...


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      Re: Adarian, Txramsfan, AvengerRam, and ALL Others....

      Originally posted by thoey
      What's the cost for Yahoo ???

      If You Are Invited By Someone To Join A League - It Should Be FREE !!!

      If You Start A League of Your Own, You Can Go Two Ways:

      A.) Buy A Whole League $124.95
      B.) Buy A Team $24.95 - But Others Have To Pay The SAME $24.95 To PLAY In Your League.

      If Someone Buys A League - They Can Invite YOU - And It's Free.

      Are You Wanting To Play This Season ???

      Also Txramsfan,

      I Sent You An Invitation Today.
      Did You Get It ???

      Let Me Know.



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        Re: Adarian, Txramsfan, AvengerRam, and ALL Others....

        I have another league that I run on ($59.95 for the complete league, live scoring, etc), so I am not sure I would have the time. Why don't we do this. If you are one short of a league, send me the invite and I will make time. I won't quit, and I will try my damnedest to win, so you don't have to worry about that. I just don't want to over load myself and also take someone else's spot.
        This space for rent...


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          O.K. Thoey !!

          O.K. Thoey - Will Do !!

          There's Still Plenty of Time - To Get All The Roster Spots Filled.
          But If I Come Up - A Man Short - I'll Send You A Message, Right Away !!

          For ONLY $60.00 - You Got A GREAT DEAL !!
          Was That An "..early bird.." Special, Or Something ???

          FanBall Is Really Good - I Should've Have Looked There.
          Is Your League Set Up "..nice.." ???

          I'm Kind'a Surprised That There Aren't More ClanRam Members Interested !!
          Last Season - The Clan Had Two Different Leagues Going, Because So Many Signed Up.
          But This Year, Only Three Members - Including Yourself (From The ClanRam), Have Contacted Me About Playing.
          That's O.K. - Because I'd Rather Play With The "hardcore" Type of Players, Anyways....


          And, I'll Keep You In Mind - If I Fall Short (In My League), With ACTIVE Players.

          Thank You My Friend !!!


          At: [email protected]


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            Re: O.K. Thoey !!


            Fanball Commissioner is an excellent tool. I believe the normal LEAGUE price was $49.95, but this year I believe it went up to $59.95. Again, that is for the complete league. We have a small league (8 teams), just a handful of bar buddies that needed another reason to get free drinks and dish out some grief. Besides some personal difficulties doing the draft (I am the Commissioner and we held it at my home with my PC), once we figured things out, we didn't have ANY problems. Takes a little time to set up the scoring and rules YOUR WAY, but once they are set, forget about them, the server does the rest. I would recommend it to anyone starting a league.

            Not trying to sound like a commercial or SPAM here, just have played there for three years and haven't had any major problems...
            This space for rent...


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              It's Good That You Actually Know The People You Play With.
              If That Was My Situation, That Would Have Been The Way, I Myself, Would Have Played It.

              It's So HARD, To Find "Good Players" !!!
              But, If You Talk To The Person Face To Face, It's A LOT Easier !!

              I Like 10, 12, and 14 Player Leagues.
              In My Opinion, 10 Player Leagues Are The Best.
              It's Just The Right Amount of GM's To Keep Everyone On Their Toes.

              I Know, Your Above Post Isn't SPAM.
              Your Just Sharing Your Experiences.

              I Know - There's Still LOTS of Time Left, But I'm Still Looking For Two More GM', To Play In My League.
              That's One of The Bad Points, About NOT Knowing Everyone In The League (Face to Face).
              Weeding Out - The "Good" Players - From The "Bad" Ones....
              It's Hard Sometimes.

              Thanks For Your Input !!!
              I Appreciate It !!!



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                Re: Adarian, Txramsfan, AvengerRam, and ALL Others....

                Yahoo is free even if you start your own private league. The only way yahoo isn't free is if you get the premium league. I've been in the Clan Ram league for the last couple of years and its always been fun.


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                  Re: Adarian, Txramsfan, AvengerRam, and ALL Others....

                  Good luck with the league Karl....

                  Just to let all of you know, the official ClanRam league will be starting at the end of July. We usually like to start it right around the start of training camp. I'll be contacting last years player (whose emails i have) and should have some spots left.


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                    O.K. Buddy, Thanks


                    Keep Me In Mind.
                    I Have One More Yahoo Slot Available - On My Yahoo Fantasy Sports.

                    Here It Is: [email protected]



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                      Re: O.K. Buddy, Thanks

                      will do, can never have enough teams going


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                        Never To Many ???

                        Originally posted by DJRamFan
                        will do, can never have enough teams going
                        He-He-He !!

                        I Start Losing Focus - After Four (4) Teams.
                        Everything Starts To Run Together.... :redface:

                        So, I'm Keeping It - At Four - This Season.

                        Just Send Me An Invite (to the Above E-Mail Address), When You Get Things Going !!

                        Thanks DJRamFan !!!



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                          Re: Adarian, Txramsfan, AvengerRam, and ALL Others....

                          No Mas Karl? I'd just love to beat up on Avenger and Tx


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                            Originally posted by Shadesofgrey
                            No Mas Karl? I'd just love to beat up on Avenger and Tx

                            If You Want A Fantasy Football League, To Play Against Adarian, Txramsfan, AvengerRam, and ALL Other ClanRam Members, Go Here:


                            ID# 201014
                            Password: gorams

                            League Commissioner: djramfan
                            Draft: (Auto-Draft) No DATE/TIME - As of Yet.

                            If You Are Also Interested In Other Fantasy Football Leagues, Go Here:

                            Yahoo Fantasy Football. Create or join a NFL league and manage your team with live scoring, stats, scouting reports, news, and expert advice.

                            League ID#: 154662
                            Password: 62336

                            League Name: Warner-to-Bruce
                            League Commissioner: Paydirt Power
                            Mostly RAM Fans.

                            OR Here....

                            League ID#: 51457
                            Password: nfl

                            League Name: Huddles Fantasy Football
                            League Commissioner: ttmmaacc78213
                            Different Type of Fans - No Team Affiliation.

                            Sorry - All The Leagues I Started - ARE FULL !!
                            So, These Leagues, Are RUN - By Others Than Me.

                            HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE !!!



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                              Re: Adarian, Txramsfan, AvengerRam, and ALL Others....

                              Man, KB your draft is Sunday? August 1st? Man, if I get Vick'd again this year.....



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