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My first draft is done. Wanna grade me?

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  • My first draft is done. Wanna grade me?

    Just finished up my first draft of the year. It's a keeper league so most of the top talent was gone. It's been going for 6 years and I've only been in two, so my keepers were a little weak.

    There are 12 teams in the league with the following positions needed:
    QB-1, RB-2, WR-2, TE-1, WR/RB-1, K-1, DB-2, DL-2, DB/DL-1, Bench-5

    So here's my draft:

    1) Ronnie Brown (Mia -RB) - Keeper

    2) Reggie Bush (NO - RB) - Keeper

    3) Travis Henry (Den - RB)

    4) Marc Bulger (StL - QB)

    5) Javon Walker (Den - WR)

    6) Donte' Stallworth (NE - WR)

    7) Tony Gonzalez (KC - TE)

    8) Randy Moss (NE - WR)

    9) Chris Chambers (Mia - WR)

    10) Jeff Wilkins (StL - K)

    11) Julius Peppers (Car - DL)

    12) London Fletcher (Was - DL)

    13) Gibril Wilson (NYG - DB)

    14) Kerry Rhodes (NYJ - DB)

    15) Antoine Winfield (Min - DB)

    16) Kevin Jones (Det - RB)

    17) Steve McNair (Bal - QB)

    18) Desmond Clark (Chi - TE)

    Not great IMO, but not bad either. What do you guys think?

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    Re: My first draft is done. Wanna grade me?

    18 roster spots? Wow!

    I like Ronnie Brown - especially with Trent Green as the QB.


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      Re: My first draft is done. Wanna grade me?

      Originally posted by AlphaRam View Post
      18 roster spots? Wow!
      Yeah 8 O Starters, 5 D, 5 bench.

      I just realized Little was still available, so I cut Desmond Clark and am picking him up.


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        Re: My first draft is done. Wanna grade me?

        I really think your team is solid. Travis Henry should have a huge year behind the Denver O-Line.
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        • rawkhrdr
          Grade my draft
          by rawkhrdr
          I would post this on my normal board, but the league has mostly members from that board in I need an outsiders view.

          Anyways, here goes. It's a ten-team league, I drafted first. Emphasis on touchdowns.

          QB: Matt Hasselbeck, SEA
          RB: LaDainian Tomlinson, SD
          RB: Cedric Benson, CHI
          WR: Marvin Harison, IND
          WR: Anquan Boldin, ARI
          WR: Bernard Berrian, CHI
          TE: Randy McMichael, StL
          K: Jeff Wilkins, StL
          D: Chicago

          QB: Eli Manning, NYG
          QB: Chad Pennington, NYJ
          WR: Jerricho Cotchery, NYJ
          WR: Reggie Williams, JAX
          WR: Devery Henderson, NO
          RB: Jerious Norwood, ATL

          Scoring from normal is as follows:
          Passing Yards (50 yards per point)
          Passing Touchdowns (6)
          Interceptions (-2)
          Rushing Yards (20 yards per point)
          Rushing Touchdowns (6)
          Reception Yards (20 yards per point)
          Reception Touchdowns (6)

          Any help you can give me would be awesome.

          Thanks in advance.
          -08-18-2007, 09:52 PM
        • HUbison
          Draft Ratings: Arizona No. 1, Rams No. 21
          by HUbison
          Let me start by saying that IMHO grading a draft 48 hours after its completion is tantamount to guessing someone's weight by smelling them....a quasi-educated guess, at best. Having said that, here's an article ranking all 32 drafts this year. Take it for what it's worth, but this gentleman wanted us to take Spears over Barron, if that tells you anything.

          Draft Ratings: Arizona No. 1, Rams No. 21
          By Chris Harry
          Orlando Sentinel NFL Writer

          Chris Harry, who covers the NFL for the Orlando Sentinel, ranked and graded all 32 teams in terms of their performance in the annual draft. His report follows, and below it are draft grades for the Rams from other writers around the country.

          1. Arizona ... Grade: A

          The buzz: Dennis Green always gas had a flair for working a draft. The Cardinals got a top-rated cornerback in Miami's Antrel Rolle, then struck for a potential home-run hitting tailback in the second round with J.J. Arrington, a 2,000-yard rusher at California. CB Eric Green and OLB Darryl Blackstock secured the best first-day haul by any team. Green added 330-pound G Elton Brown and productive ILB Lance Mitchell on the second day. Outstanding work.

          2. Minnesota ... Grade: A minus

          The buzz: The Vikings made us laugh during the 2002 and '03 drafts, but no one is chuckling at them this year. They had a conviction about the speed of WR Troy Williamson and went with it at No. 7 overall, then added pass-rushing specialist Erasmus James with a second choice in Round 1. Minnesota also added a nice guard prospect, Marcus Johnson, and a replacement for departed restricted free agent Brian Russell in Dustin Fox. Fourth-rounder Ciatrick Fason is the newest addition to a crowded (and talented) stable of running backs.

          3. Dallas ... Grade: A minus

          The buzz: The defense that ranked No. 1 in the league in '03 fell to 16th in '04. If the front four was a problem, it shouldn't be anymore. Drafting bookend ends Demarcus Ware and Marcus Spears in the first round could end up being a nightmare for quarterbacks in the NFC East for years to come. The Cowboys added a fast linebacker, Kevin Burnett, in the second and a power running back, Marion Barber III, in the third. They also got another end, Chris Canty, who probably could have gone higher.

          4. Detroit ... Grade: B +

          The buzz: You have to wonder about taking a wide receiver with a top-10 choice for the third year in a row, especially with playmakers needed on defense. Then again, maybe the Lions know something we don't about the two broken collarbones incurred by '03 first-rounder Charles Rogers. Plus, it's hard to knock picking a guy as productive as Mike Williams was in two years at USC. Speaking of the Trojans, DT Shaun Cody was a steal in the second round and Stanford...
          -04-26-2005, 11:24 AM
        • BarronWade
          Walterfootball on the Rams draft grade (every pick gets a grade)
          by BarronWade
          iight i know some of us hate walterfootball for there comments on the Rams of late but here is the Grade they gave us on each pick!

          2009 NFL Draft Picks:

          2. Jason Smith, OT, Baylor
          In the NFL, you need a quarterback; you need to protect your quarterback; and you need to get to the other quarterback. The Rams couldn't take Mark Sanchez because they have too much money invested in Marc Bulger, and cutting/trading him would result in a huge penalty. So, this was a no-brainer. (Pick Grade: A)

          35. James Laurinaitis, ILB, Ohio State
          James Laurinaitis becomes a leader of this defense. He was one of the top players available. It certainly looks like Billy Devaney knows what he's doing. (Pick Grade: A)

          66. Bradley Fletcher, CB, Iowa
          Yet another solid pick by the Rams. I didn't have Bradley Fletcher in the third round of my mock re-draft, but he certainly could have been there. St. Louis is taking solid value and addressing positions of dire need. I love what Billy Devaney has done thus far. (Pick Grade: A)

          103. Dorell Scott, DT, Clemson
          Wow, I'm not used to the Rams drafting so well. Unlike some other teams, the Rams understand that you have to either take high positional and/or draft value. (Pick Grade: A)

          160. Brooks Foster, WR, North Carolina
          You knew the Rams were going with a receiver at some point in this draft after cutting Torry Holt. This is Brooks Foster's draft range. Solid pick. (Pick Grade: B)

          196. Keith Null, QB, West Texas A&M
          New regime means new quarterback. Steve Spagnuolo wanted a developmental quarterback in the later rounds. (Pick Grade: B)

          211. Chris Ogbonnaya, RB, Texas
          The Rams had to find an insurance policy for the suddenly oft-injured Steven Jackson. The value was right for Chris Ogbonnaya in Round 7. (Pick Grade: B)
          -04-26-2009, 03:01 PM
        • CanadianRam!
          A look back at last years draft!
          by CanadianRam!
          My thoughts at last years draft

          Rd Sel# Player Pos. Ht. Wt. School
          1 19 Barron, Alex OT 6-7 320 Florida State
          -after a slow start with a injury and trouble with Mike Martz, he rebounded well to establish himself as a solid starter at the line. Grade: B+
          2 50 Bartell, Ronald CB 6-1 208 Howard
          -he definitely showed some potential and usually played ok when he was in the lineup. Showed a lot of heart but wasn't too impressive for a second rounder just yet. Should contend for #2 spot at CB this year Grade: B-
          3 66 Atogwe, Oshiomogho FS 5-11 203 Stanford
          -he started out slow, playing poorly when he was in ST, and didnt get too much PT. didnt tackle too well when he did but showed some bright spots in houston and dallas. Grade: C+
          3 81 Incognito, Richie C 6-3 305 Nebraska
          -didnt sign for a while then after one practise, he was out for the year. disappointing to say the least. Grade: D
          4 117 Carter, Jerome SS 5-11 219 Florida State
          -he played more than a lot of our rookies but played poorly when he did. just didnt look ready as he missed tons of tackles. Grade: C-
          4 134 Terrell, Claude G 6-2 343 New Mexico
          -didnt play too much but did play adequately when he did. got pushed around a bit by opposing players though. Grade: C+
          5 144 Collins, Jerome TE 6-4 267 Notre Dame
          -played in three games very briefly and spent time on the PS. didnt do lot this year even with our TE situation. Grade: D+
          6 192 Ridgeway, Dante WR 5-11 212 Ball State
          -got cut and plays for the jets now. Grade: D-
          6 210 Hodges, Reggie P 6-0 226 Ball State
          -played very inconsistently, had one good game in the regular season but got cut and got replaced by barker. Grade: D
          7 250 Fitzpatrick, Ryan QB 6-2 221 Harvard
          -had amazing game against texans then played horribly the next three games. however, the texans game showed us how good he could be and could the backup next year. Grade: C+
          7 251 Hedgecock, Madison FB 6-3 266 North Carolina
          -the steal of the draft for us. turned out he is a played solid starter in the NFL. pretty good blocking and caught a few passes as well. a pleasant surprise Grade: A-

          again a pretty good draft, but only time will tell more.
          -02-19-2006, 07:21 PM
        • Barry Waller
          Third Round Should Provide Starting Caliber Player For Rams
          by Barry Waller
          Even if the Rams don't end up adding another third rounder after a deal down, something that would not surprise in the least, they should get a far better player at #75, even if they don't deal up a bit, using one of the extra late picks they now have.

          I would expect after the first few picks, the Rams will target a guy filling a remaining need and go after him aggressively in the third. even moving up to get it done.

          I would expect that at the very least, before going into round three, the Rams have added a tackle, a safety, and at least one of these; CB, LB, WR, G

          Whatever they have not added will be the second big focus in round three, AFTER deciding if a QB has fallen with second round grades is a guy they want to take istead of a starting need.

          Adding an extra third or second rounder would make that decision far easier.

          Based on my own board, which obviously starts getting a lot of changes from 64 to 100, here are some guys I see being there in early round three. The very talented depth here at RB might also factor in, as round three will no doubt feature a run on backs.

          Grades are for level of talent in 3rd at position

          QB - Grade B - Murray, Thomas, Fales
          RB - Grade A+ - Carey (love this guy), Archer, D. Thomas, A. Williams, Seastrunk, West , Sims.
          WR -Grade A -M. Bryant, D. Moncrief, B. Coleman, J. Abbredaris, B. Ellington.
          TE - Grade C - Niklas, Fiedorowicz
          T - Grade B - Hurst, A. Richardson, Mewhort, Fleming
          G - Grade B - Dozier, C. Richardson, Watt, Steen
          C - Grade A - Richberg, Swanson
          DE - Grade D - Jeffcoat, K. Martin
          DT - Grade B - Sutton, Easley (inj), McCullers, D. Jones, A. Johnson
          4-3 OLB - Grade D - T. Smith
          ILB - Grade B -Borland, Smallwood, P. Brown
          CB- Grade B+ - E. Gaines, P. Gaines, Purifory,
          S - Grade C+ - D. Bailey, C. Loston, T. Brooks, A. Dixon
          -05-06-2014, 10:01 AM