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  • white league

    good luck all in the is this morning. I hope you are awake already.

    I invited Drew to play with us again since we did not have 10 teams and I think yahoo may throw the league out if we are not full. I hope this is ok with everyone. Drew didn't think he had enough time to play with all his after school stuff going on, but I convinced him to join this morning.

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    Re: white league

    Geesch... WAKEY WAKEY you early birds.. It'll be 2.45pm for me when the draft starts, been wide awake for hours, come on you sleepy heads!!!

    Good luck to all in the White League.


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      Re: white league

      The draft room is open. Where is everyone?


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        Re: white league

        just grabbing coffee and i'll join ya..


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          Re: white league

          Here's the draft results for the Flying Kilts...

          QB Tom Brady
          QB Donovan McNabb
          RB Larry Johnson
          RB Clinton Portis
          RB Marion Barber III
          RB Marshawn Lynch
          WR Randy Moss
          WR Reggie Brown
          WR Mark Clayton
          WR Devery Henderson
          TE Vernon Davis
          TE L.J. Smith
          K John Kasay
          K John Elam
          Def St. Louis Rams

          Will entertain all trades. Not that my team is bad, just its part of the fun of fantasy football.


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            Re: white league

            That was fun...sorry that it was so early for the west coast people.

            I think I am happy with my team. I have to say that I liked my draft better than yahoo. They had a little blurb about every player and it made drafting easier for me since I never do enough research.


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              Re: white league

              Behold the mighty Thunderbirds:

              QB Jon Kitna
              QB Matt Leinart
              RB Frank Gore
              RB Willis McGahee
              RB Thomas Jones
              RB Chester Taylor
              WR Chad Johnson
              WR Larry Fitzgerald
              WR Laveranues Coles
              WR Deion Branch
              WR Santonio Holmes
              TE Kellen Winslow
              K Robbie Gould
              DEF Carolina
              DEF Oakland

              Looking forward to the start of the season.


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                Re: white league

                Very quick draft -

                Royton Rams -

                QB Rivers, Pennington
                RB Maroney, Norwood, M.Turner, Leonard
                WR Holt, Roy Williams, Curtis
                TE Cooley, Miller
                K Wilkins, Akers
                DEF Baltimore, Jacksonville


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                  Re: white league

                  Unfortunately I missed the draft, just too early for me out here in California. But I don't think I did too bad for auto pick.

                  BA Bombers

                  QB-Tony Romo
                  QB-Brett Favre
                  RB-LaDainian Tomlinson
                  RB-Reggie Bush
                  RB-DeAngelo Williams
                  WR-Steve Smith
                  WR-Anquan Boldin
                  WR-Braylon Edwards
                  WR-Jerricho Cotchery
                  WR-Bernard Berrian
                  TE-Tony Gonzalez
                  TE-Owen Daniels
                  K-Nate Keading

                  Not a great team as I do have concerns about how some of my receivers will get the ball, but not a bad team either. I'm looking forward to a great season, good luck everyone.


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                    Re: white league

                    I'd say that auto-draft worked quite well for you. You've probably got as good a starting lineup as anyone.


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                      Re: white league

                      Originally posted by Goldenfleece View Post
                      I'd say that auto-draft worked quite well for you. You've probably got as good a starting lineup as anyone.
                      I have never had a problem with auto-drafting. I think I am my own worst enemy in the draft room.


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                        Re: white league

                        Originally posted by Goldenfleece View Post
                        I'd say that auto-draft worked quite well for you. You've probably got as good a starting lineup as anyone.
                        Usually I don't like the auto draft because of the picks in the later rounds. But I do admit that this one did turn out pretty good for me.


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                          Re: white league

                          here are the 2007 Hammerheads

                          QB-Drew Brees
                          QB-Steve McNair
                          RB-Joseph Addai
                          RB-Fred Taylor
                          RB-Maurice Jones-Drew
                          RB-Ronnie Brown
                          WR- T.J. Houshmandzadeh
                          WR-Santana Moss
                          WR-Chris Chambers
                          WR-Calvin Johnson
                          WR-Drew Bennett
                          WR-Terry Glenn
                          TE-Jeremy Shockey
                          K-Josh Scobee

                          Brees had a bad game on Thursday. I hope that I don't have QB issues again, but it is not looking real good so far. I have two running backs from the Jaguars. That might not work so well if they spilt the load.


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                          • evil disco man
                            Join the Fight for the ClanRam Cup!
                            by evil disco man
                            Game on! The Blue League (me) and the Gold League (Bruce=GOAT) have been set up. I won't post the league IDs and passwords on a public forum, so that no random Whiners or Hawks fans visiting this site will try to join up. This is for hardcore ClanRammers only.

                            To get in on the action, PM me to join the Blue League or Bruce=GOAT to join the Gold League and we will give you the Yahoo league ID # and password.

                            The leagues' draft dates are as follows:
                            Blue League - Saturday, September 2, 7:30 PM Central
                            Gold League - Sunday, September 3, 5:45 PM Central

                            These dates can be changed, so if you have any major problems with meeting them, let us know. Remember, even if you can't make it on time you can still own a team, as there is a feature that would put your team on auto-draft (selecting players from your pre-ranked list).

                            The only problem I ran into was that the earliest playoffs can end is Week 16. That means we'll have to play the championship game between the Blue & Gold winners in Week 17, when some NFL teams don't play their stars for the full game. Strategize your draft accordingly.

                            The minimum number of players drafted at each position (and to start each week) will be:
                            1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 K, and 1 D/ST. There will also be 6 bench players that you can draft to backup whatever positions you'd like, bringing the total to 15 players.

                            Here's the point system:

                            Passing TDs = 6
                            Interceptions = -2
                            Passing Yards - 25 yards = 1
                            Rushing TDs = 6
                            Rushing Yards - 10 yards = 1
                            Reception TDs = 6
                            Reception Yards - 10 yards = 1

                            Defense/Special Teams
                            Return TDs = 6
                            0 points allowed = 10
                            1-6 = 7
                            7-13 = 4
                            14-20 = 1
                            Sack = 1
                            Int = 2
                            TD = 6
                            Safety = 2
                            Kickoff/Punt Return for TD = 6

                            Field Goals (17-49 yds) = 3
                            50+ FGs = 5
                            PA = 1

                            This looks like it'll be our biggest, busiest year yet of ClanRam Fantasy Football, so join while you can! There will be 12 teams in each league, and as long as all the spots aren't filled up, you have until September to sign in.

                            If you have any questions or concerns, again, don't hesitate to PM Bruce=GOAT or I.

                            Have fun and...

                            Fear the Mighty Bombjacks! :<>
                            -07-09-2006, 06:39 PM
                          • AlphaRam
                            Blue League Smack
                            by AlphaRam
                            OK, girls, after I finish my takeover of the Gold League, I will proceed to whoop you ladies in the Blue League during the playoffs.

                            Got AlphaRam?
                            -11-04-2006, 08:01 PM
                          • rNemesis
                            Best and worst rams uniforms from the last three seasons
                            by rNemesis
                            I think we had a similar thread before, but I will ask again. What were, IYHO, were the best and worst uniforms we have worn for the last three years or so?

                            For sure, 100%, the worst ones to me were the white on white followed by the blue on white, which was slightly better than the white on white, but ANYTHING with WHITE PANTS is tacky!

                            The best to me were (in order of appearance):

                            1) The navy blue on navy blue, at home: These were just so bad a**
                            2) The white tops with navy blue pants, on the road: These were just swaggerishly nice.
                            3) The retro blue and yellow, at home: I LOVE seeing the great memories, but lets always remember that we are navy blue and gold generation now, not blue and yellow.
                            4) The blue with gold pants.

                            Here are some combinations I WOULD LIKE to see:

                            White with gold bottoms
                            Gold with gold bottoms
                            Some black with gold and blue highlights

                            Mix it up, you know?

                            What do you guys think ?
                            -04-14-2011, 01:13 PM
                          • RamWraith
                            Uniform (again)
                            by RamWraith
                            What do you all think of the blue pants on white shirt this weekend??

                            I really like the blue pants. The stripe they added really helped break it up. Thought it looked classy!! I am sure all you old school white on white on white on white thought it looked cheesy. ;-)
                            -10-15-2007, 05:25 PM
                          • AvengerRam
                            Looking at the crowd, one thing seems clear...
                            by AvengerRam
                            From what I saw, there is an overwhelming preference among the fans for the old royal blue/yellow color scheme over the current dark blue/gold. I'm guessing it won't be until the 2019 season when the new stadium opens, but I think the change is inevitable....
                            -08-15-2016, 10:53 AM