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Need some advice for upcoming FF draft..

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  • Need some advice for upcoming FF draft..

    Who do you think will be starting RB's for the following teams?

    Oakland Wheatley, Fargas, or

    Buffalo Henry, McGahee, or

    Detroit Gary, Jones, or

    San Francisco Barlow, or

    Cleveland Green, Suggs, or

    Vickings Smith, Bennett, or

    Tampa Garner, Pittman, or

    Chicago Thomas, Jones, or

    Pitt Staley, the Bus, or

    Denver Griffin, Tubbs, or

    Dallas George, Jones, or

    So many questions at RB's I think it would be wise to draft a starting Rb in the 1st two rounds.......

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    Re: Need some advice for upcoming FF draft..

    my opinion. and these I think are the starter by week 3!

    Oakland Wheatley, Fargas, or--Fargas

    Buffalo Henry, McGahee, or--McGahee

    Detroit Gary, Jones, or--Jones

    San Francisco Barlow, or--Barlow

    Cleveland Green, Suggs, or--Suggs

    Vickings Smith, Bennett, or--Bennett

    Tampa Garner, Pittman, or--Garner

    Chicago Thomas, Jones, or--Jones

    Pitt Staley, the Bus, or--Staley

    Denver Griffin, Tubbs, or--Tubbs

    Dallas George, Jones, or --George


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      Re: Need some advice for upcoming FF draft..

      If I had to choose...

      Oakland Raiders - Justin Fargas. They might go with the annoying runningback-by-committee approach, but if they want an every-down back, Fargas is their man.

      Buffalo Bills - Travis Henry. But for how long? They'll both have to play if the Bills want any trade value.

      Detroit Lions - Kevin Jones. The Lions didn't have a running game last season with Bryson, Pinner, or Gary, and with FB Cory Schlesinger clearing out space in front of him, Jones could be the big-play back the Lions sorely need in this young offense.

      San Francisco ***** - Kevan Barlow. With Garrison Hearst finally moving on, Barlow has no competition at the position. After being called the best back in the '01 draft by Mike Shanahan and receiving a fat contract this offseason, he has a lot to play up to.

      Cleveland Browns - Lee Suggs. With James Jackson injured, William Green suspended, and Jamel White in the doghouse, Suggs stepped up in the final two games of last season and registered 254 rushing yards and two touchdowns on 46 carries.

      Minnesota Vikings - Michael Bennett. One of the fastest backs in the NFL, he fits right into the Vikings' offense. However, if he falls to injury once again, don't be surprised to see Onterrio Smith take his job. For good.

      Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Charlie Garner. This aging back reunites with Chucky only to be inserted into another of the dreaded back-by-committee offenses. Jamel White could steal some carries and Mike Alstott returns from injury as the goal-line back.

      Chicago Bears - Thomas Jones. He's buff and he's talented, but the Bears' young offense could take a while to get their confidence back after last season's horrific display.

      Pittsburgh Steelers - Duce Staley. Not an exciting back, but he's reliable. Jerome Bettis will likely steal some carries, but he's on the downside of his career and won't threaten for the starting job.

      Denver Broncos - Quentin Griffin. My favorite candidate for the job was Tatum "Taco" Bell before he fractured his finger right after finally signing with the team. It appears as though the starting position is now Griffin's to lose, but his durability and longevity as a full-time back is questionable.

      Dallas Cowboys - Julius Jones. This will likely end up as yet another RBBC situation, but if one were to play every down, I'd take Jones over the washed-out, worn-down George any day.


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        Re: Need some advice for upcoming FF draft..

        Living in Western NY the McGahee-Henry issue is on the forefront EVERYDAY. I will say this, Henry is and will be the starter. They are implementing a new offense under Malarkey. McGahee just tore up the scrimmage with Cleveland with 4 TDs (but it's a scrimmage). I would say Henry is the starter, but his carries will be affected by McGahee.


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          Re: Need some advice for upcoming FF draft..

          Originally posted by DJRamFan
          McGahee just tore up the scrimmage with Cleveland with 4 TDs (but it's a scrimmage)
          And he didn't exactly tear it up. It's a little overhyped - the TD runs were from the exact distances of 1, 2, 2, and 2 yards. Woohoo. :confused:


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          • tomahawk247
            Please rate my draft, im a FF newbie
            by tomahawk247
            It was an 18 team yahoo league, with all the members being British, so there were some odd picks!

            QB - Philip Rivers (SD)
            RB - Frank Gore (SF)
            WR - Steve Smith (CAR)
            WR - Darrell Jackson (SF)
            TE - Randy McMicheal (STL)
            W/T - Drew Bennett (STL)
            W/R - Thomas Jones (NYJ)
            K - Jeff Wilkins (STL)
            D - San Diego

            1. (6) Frank Gore RB
            2. (31) Steve Smith WR
            3. (42) Thomas Jones RB
            4. (67) Darrell Jackson WR
            5. (78) Philip Rivers QB
            6. (103) San Diego DEF
            7. (114) Randy McMichael TE
            8. (139) Jeff Wilkins K
            9. (150) Dwayne Bowe WR
            10. (175) Dominic Rhodes RB
            11. (186) Drew Bennett WR
            12. (211) Damon Huard QB
            13. (222) Bo Scaife TE
            14. (247) Indianapolis DEF
            15. (258) Hank Baskett WR

            my whole draft plan went out of the window when a early flourish of WRs saw Harrison, Holt, Chad Johnson and Roy Williams all go, so i grabbed Smith knowing that i could get a guy like Jones later on. I expect big things from Jones behind the NYJ line.

            There was a run of defenses and QBs as well, which is why i grabbed SD when i could. I always planned to grab McMike and Wilkins, and Drew Bennett was a bit of a sleeper pick for me.

            I also had to draft a back up QB and D at those positions as everyone else had taken backups and i grabbed a starter when i could.
            -09-05-2007, 05:01 AM
          • evil disco man
            Best RB Packages
            by evil disco man
            Hail Green Bay! Packers backs are NFL's best

            by Adrian Hasenmayer -

            For you football cliché lovers out there, I bet you have heard this beauty more times than J-Lo's gotten hitched:

            "If you want to win football games, you must be able to run the ball."

            The lack of creative expression aside, an effective running game accomplishes an array of critical team-building goals for any offense.

            Confidence on offense: Any time an offensive line can string 4-5 straight running plays and get some licks on opposing D-linemen, you can feel that momentum building.

            Save that defense: When the running game's clicking, a huge not-so-fringe benefit is the D getting a blow while also keeping other potent offenses helpless on the sidelines picking their teeth.

            Clock killing: Most importantly, great running games are like great closers in baseball. Coming back all the time is not a recipe for success in any sport. The ability to finish a game with ease gives the offense a load of confidence, while the defense can relax knowing game preservation isn't solely on their shoulders.

            So which teams own the best RB groups for 2004? For the purposes of our rankings, the goal for every team is to find two, hopefully three, backs with plenty of game experience. A great starting RB alone is most important, but a lack of solid backups can mean a big drop. Big game production definitely helps, since it's all about winning. Also, this list is for the 2004 season. Future potential means next to nothing.

            And one more thing, fullbacks are not included.

            Ranking the RB Packages

            1. PACKERS
            Ahman Green
            Najeh Davenport
            Tony Fisher
            Dahrran Diedrick
            Walter Williams

            The NFL's top group sports one of football's best two runners in Ahman Green. But he'll get even more rest than last season not due to fading skills, but Davenport (420 yards, 5.5 yards/carry in 2003) allows the Pack to rest Green without sacrificing production. The 6-1, 245 pound backup enjoyed 2-3 normal series each game in '03 and his workload is expected to increase even more this year to keep Green fresh for the playoffs. Just in case, third-stringer Tony Fisher also plays well in Green Bay's straight ahead, inside running attack.

            2. CHIEFS
            Priest Holmes
            Larry Johnson
            Derrick Blaylock
            Henri Childs
            Jonathan Smith
            Ronnie Cruz

            Dick Vermeil's collection of RB talent could easily become the league's best if they can get second-year man Larry Johnson on the field more to spell the NFL's best all-around back, Priest Holmes. Easier said than done, as Holmes more than proved his worth last season by ripping off his third straight year of 2,000+ yards from scrimmage. Speaking of...
            -07-07-2004, 08:10 PM
          • thoey
            Moving up for Jones, is it worth it?
            by thoey
            First, I am not a draftnik, so I am seriously asking this question because I don't know. If Jones turns out to be the guy we (the Rams FO) really want, and we expect him to go around 8th overall, what would it take (besides a willing partner) to get him? Figure he is most likely a top 10 pick and here is the order:

            1 Carolina Panthers
            2 Denver Broncos
            3 Buffalo Bills
            4 Cincinnati Bengals
            5 Arizona Cardinals
            6 Cleveland Browns
            7 San Francisco *****
            8 Tennessee Titans
            9 Dallas Cowboys
            10 Washington Redskins

            Who could we possibly trade with and what would it take to entice them to do it? Any chance that one of those teams has greater needs that could be filled out at a lower 14th pick?

            I am not looking to cripple the Rams future drafts, and I know we have plenty of other needs, but we really need that go to guy to play catch with Sam. And yes, I understand that the draft is a crap shoot. But I trust Spags and Devaney. If they think high enough of him, then I do too.
            -03-03-2011, 03:35 PM
          • Nick
            Alright, I'm about done with FF this season
            by Nick
            Soooooo inconsistent. Between injuries and an unbelievable amount of parody, FF has become incredibly frustrating for me. Anyone else in the same boat?
            -10-26-2004, 07:45 AM
          • RAMMAN68
            Jags' Greg Jones out for season
            by RAMMAN68
            Jags' Greg Jones out for season

   wire reports

            JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (Aug. 28, 2005) -- Jaguars running back Greg Jones will miss the season after having surgery to repair a torn ligament in his left knee.

            Jones, the team's starting fullback and Fred Taylor 's primary backup, injured his knee against Tampa Bay. Coach Jack Del Rio initially said it was a sprained medial collateral ligament, but tests revealed a torn anterior cruciate ligament.

            "It's unfortunate," Del Rio said. "He's a great football player. He's my kind of guy. I have a lot of respect and admiration for the way he plays the game and the way he prepares himself. I can't say enough about him. He's a great young man and I know he'll come back strong. We're going to miss him."

            Jones sustained a similar injury to his right knee during his final season at Florida State and dropped to the second round in the 2004 NFL draft. He ran 62 times for 162 yards and three touchdowns as a rookie, but was featured more last season. He carried 151 times for 575 yards and four scores.

            The Jaguars had planned to platoon the oft-injured Taylor and Jones this season, using the 6-foot-1, 250-pound Jones in short-yardage situations and near the goal line.

            Now, Derrick Wimbush moves into the starting fullback spot and LaBrandon Toefield becomes Taylor's main backup.

            "The depth we have gives us a greater sense of security," Del Rio said. "LaBrandon has had an excellent camp. He's stayed healthy. He's shown bursts. He's had a great camp."
            -08-28-2006, 03:21 PM