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Tournament pick em 09

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  • Tournament pick em 09

    I started a league on Yahoo if anyone is interested in joining. It's a bracket challenge for the upcoming March Maddness tournament.

    League id# 1135
    Password = roundball

    C'mon on join in.....

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    Re: Tournament pick em 09

    There are 7 people signed up so far. C'mon people get in the action.
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      Re: Tournament pick em 09

      The University of Memphis is about to be represented. After kicking the living rip out of furniture, the dog, pillows, anything that got in my way after last years meltdown in the Finals, I think it's our year this year. I'll put the Tigers best 7 up against anyone.


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        Re: Tournament pick em 09

        I'm in!



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          Re: Tournament pick em 09

          We're up to 9 contestants so far.

          Come on people sign up.......
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            Re: Tournament pick em 09

            Bump for those that want to enter.


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            • laram0
              Marchmaddness is coming (College Basketball)
              by laram0
              I started a group challenge on Yahoo. If any anyone is interested in testing their skills at picking College basketball tournament games please join.

              Go to Yahoo fantasy sports. Find "Tournament pick em 10". Then to join my private group you'll need the league id# 431 and the password -roundball.

              This is always alot of fun and best of all it's FREE!

              C'mon join in and enjoy the fun. The more the merrier.
              -02-25-2010, 07:13 PM
            • Guest's Avatar
              Vegas line is moving, game in now pick em
              by Guest
              We opened as 1 1/2 pt favorites. must be lots of money coming in on the hawks, since the spread in now pick em.

              ramming speed to all

              general counsel
              -11-12-2004, 10:56 AM
            • txramsfan
              NCAA Tourney bracket contest anyone?
              by txramsfan
              Yahoo has a pretty good one. Anyone up for it? I know with MY AND IKE BRUCE'S MEMPHIS TIGERS winning the whole shootin match I'm up for it.

              -03-13-2008, 02:36 PM
            • sjacksonrules
              Anyone else want to join me?
              by sjacksonrules
              In Denial.....

              that this is all done on purpose. Meaning that Spags has tried to lose certain games to put us in the position we are in.

              Sounds crazy but...

              My theroy is we went 1-15 so we could get a stud aka Sammy B. Then we lost this game so we could get a better draft pick because we all know we were no were near the playoffs had it not been for a poor division. So I think Spags was lookin ahead seeing that we didnt have the talent to go all the way he lost this game to get better draft position.

              Thats my story and I am stickin to it lol

              I am gonna go back to my denial cave now
              -01-03-2011, 10:06 PM
            • Truth
              I Don't Want the #1 Pick
              by Truth
              Aside from the fact that it means we had the worst record in football (and by deduction were the worst TEAM in football). I don't want the added pressure on our front office to take the concensus #1 pick. Why? Because it's usually a QB or RB and that's not our most pressing need. I'd be very happy with a top 5 pick, thank you very much.
              -10-01-2007, 10:03 AM