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Steven Jackson in the first round.

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  • Steven Jackson in the first round.

    Hey all. It's been a while since I posted here, and just getting done with my draft, I figured I would come post here. So here is the question. Did you, or are you going to draft Steven Jackson with your first round pick this year? I say Steven Jackson because I believe he's the only Ram that I believe has first round potential as of right now (hopefully that changes soon). Post your answer in the poll and feel free to say something about why you are choosing him over the other players.

    EDIT: I definitely drafted him along with Andre Johnson in the 2nd round.
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    Re: Steven Jackson in the first round.

    I have done/am going to be doing, many drafts this season. From Fantasy leagues with friends and a little money down, to a few espn free "Champion" leagues, I will be drafting numerous times.

    As for Jackson, yes I have drafted/will draft him. As for going AFTER him, I cannot necessarily say I have. One draft, he made it to the 8th spot, and it just seemed obvious. I think I have him in a total of 3 leagues. One which I stated above, just made sense. In another, it was a keeper league,and I feel safe knowing that he is still young, and that he and the offense have to get better eventually. That and we don't exactly have a solid #2 at the moment, or if we do, he hasn't stepped up yet.

    I draft based on talent, expectations, strength of schedule, past performances, contract years, and numerous other information sources and types, and have ridiculously extensive draft charts with paragraphs per individual that I have put together. When the cards fall, almost any football player could be on a fantasy team of mine. Well...any of them except for;

    Brian Westbrook, Brian Westbrook, and...Brian Westbrook.

    -That is all-


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      Re: Steven Jackson in the first round.

      yea jackson is deffenitely first round pick worthy, with a major improvemnt on the o line and karney. He will be a top 3 back by years end if he stays healthy! although he is a risky pick beacuse of his past injuries dont draft him ahead of pick six beacuse often times he slips to early to mid 2 round only beacuse of his 3 year average or 2008 totals are low.


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      • Bboy
        S. Jacksons health?
        by Bboy
        I'm drafting in a 16 team fantasy league this week. I need a running back round #1 with the 6th pick. I'm considering taking Jackson. I've heard something about his achillies tendon in one of his heels. Is this true and has it hampered him in the pre-season? What are his propects? And finally how do you see you're OL - improved?
        -09-03-2006, 10:24 AM
      • r8rh8rmike
        Round Two: Where Would The Rams Be Without SJ39?
        by r8rh8rmike
        05.06.2010 2:12 pm
        Where would Rams be without SJ39?
        By Roger Hensley


        QUESTION: As Jim Thomas mentioned in his Wednesday story about Steven Jackson’s back surgery, back injuries can be very tricky. Coming off a 1-15 season already, how deep could the Rams fortunes fall if Jackson’s injury becomes something chronic? Would the team likely be looking at the No. 1 pick again in the next draft?

        JIM THOMAS
        Well, it’s hard to fall any farther than 1-15, but there really is no current answer on the roster if something should happen to Jackson. And the thought of Sam Bradford trying to operate as an NFL rookie quarterback minus Jackson is scary.

        BILL COATS
        The Rams without Jackson would be about as effective as a rifle without ammunition – particularly because they still haven’t found a suitable backup at running back. And, sure, if Jackson isn’t a viable option, the Rams certainly could be looking for a running back in the first round in 2011, if they haven’t addressed that issue before then.

        If Jackson is at all diminished, yes, this team could be right back at the top of the draft. Good teams have at least two quality backs. More teams are using a tag team of some sort. The Rams have no depth there at this point – and this is a run-based offense. Even if Brian Westbrook comes here, the Rams need to find an exciting young RB to groom. Their poor depth at RB last season proved devastating.

        The Rams without Steven Jackson are a disaster waiting to happen. That would put this team in a horrible circumstance of basically putting rookie No.1 draft pick Sam Bradford on a high wire with no safety net.
        -05-07-2010, 06:39 PM
      • CoachJuice11
        Toby Gehrhardt
        by CoachJuice11
        What does everyone think about the Stanford RB. Idk if its a great idea for the Rams if they do keep Steven Jackson (which im hoping and thinking they will) but if you go with a two back system without jackson then you could go with a great character powerback like him with a speed change of pace back. Thoughts?
        -03-01-2010, 12:21 PM
      • chucknbob
        Steven Jackson should be placed on a pedestal
        by chucknbob
        By Brad Evans. I found this on Yahoo sports. It is geared towards the fantasy football world, but I thought it would make all of you smile.

        Within the fantasy community St. Louis’ Steven Jackson is unequivocally the virtual sport’s most polarizing figure. Despite steady contributions over five consecutive seasons, fanatics either adore or deplore him. Due to his hefty Round 1 price tag there really isn’t any middle ground. Essentially, he’s Terrell Owens(notes) with a pinch of Kobe Bryant rolled in Tim Lincecum’s favorite ‘airplane’ paper puffed by Glenn Beck.
        Division over his true worth (or lackthereof) is an unfair and undeserved consequence.
        Poring over Jackson’s historical record it’s hard to discredit his on-field accomplishments. His per year average since 2005 is unmistakably RB1 material – 52 receptions, 1,627 total yards and nine touchdowns. His sterling skill set, relentlessness and bullnose toughness have routinely steamrolled opponents. Without question no rusher works and plays harder. If Darren McFadden(notes) owned one-sixteenth the determination and zeal of Jackson, he would be a perennial first-round fantasy selection.
        Uncontrollable circumstances, not a lack of talent, are responsible for the Jackson schism.
        St. Louis’ humiliating play over the past several seasons has greatly hindered the two-time All-Pro’s reputation as a dependable roster cornerstone. When upright and adequately protected, which was rare, Marc Bulger(notes) was able to keep defenses occasionally honest. However, when the signal caller was sidelined disastrous stopgaps Gus Frerotte(notes), Brock Berlin(notes), Keith Null(notes) and Kyle Boller(notes) did little to prevent stacked boxes. The passing game remained stagnant, generating few red zone opportunities for the bulldozing back. Last year, Jackson totaled only one more attempt inside the 10 than Darren Sproles(notes) and the same number of touchdowns as fossilized Fred Taylor(notes) (4).
        Despite the obstacles, Jackson has courageously trucked along, consistently racking up yards. The brutish Ram really is the Rasputin of RBs. No matter how many times he's beaten, shot, stabbed or drowned he finds a way to eclipse 100 total yards every single week. His steady play in the face of constant adversity is truly remarkable. The man has earned a Purple Heart.
        Unfortunately, owners still willfully refuse to give him a pass. Based on data compiled by Mock Draft Central, his ADP over the past two weeks has declined by 12.6 percent. No longer a sure-fire first rounder except in PPR formats, he’s often slipped into the early second. Critics argue offseason back surgery, a history of nicks – he’s played just one full season in his career – and a rookie quarterback behind center are reasons to avoid him completely. Though Jackson claims he’s “prepared to endure,” many pundits, including fellow Arcadian Andy Behrens, vehemently...
        -08-31-2010, 01:30 PM
      • RamJackson39
        How about this guy to backup Jackson?
        by RamJackson39
        My 4th round pick has changed. I want Brian Calhoun, the Running Back from Wisconsin. This guy is a dream replacement for Faulk because he runs almost just like him. He has great speed and catches the ball like a dream. He'd be a perfect backup for Jackson and would provide a great 1-2 punch.

        -04-14-2006, 08:18 AM