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  • Help... I cant make a decision

    alright, i need a little bit of help here with my fantasy team... after gagging at the beginning of the season, I am one game away from reaching .500...

    Now, this week my starting qb goes away for a week's vacation (Palmer)...

    My back up currently is Matt Hasselbeck, who i picked up recently in anticipation of the bye... the C-Hawks are going up against the Dallas Cowboys, who have a pretty bad pass defense, but lets face it, outside of one game this year, MH has sucked...

    So my options here are limited... its a 12 man league and most people are carrying two qbs on their roster...

    1) Play Matt Hasselbeck or 2) dump him and then bring in a free agent - most likely David Garrrd of the Jax Jags, who's facing the tennessee titans... Garrard put up some big numbers against the titans earlier this year...

    Overall neither is a very good qb... its a one week replacement and then Palmer goes back in...


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    Re: Help... I cant make a decision

    I carry three QBs this year since I have horrible WRs and RBs. I rotate them around a lot and they get me lots of points. Brady, Flacco, and Ryan are mine.

    I would pick up Garrard and play him since the Jags had a great game against the Titans earlier and the Titans have still not found their game.


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      Re: Help... I cant make a decision

      thanks for the insight utter... thats the way i am leaning...


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        Re: Help... I cant make a decision

        Originally posted by Pape View Post
        thanks for the insight utter... thats the way i am leaning...
        this is just my opinion. Hasselbeck has had two good games, jags and the rams and he has been hurt.

        The Cowboys have a better defense than the Titans do right now.


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          Re: Help... I cant make a decision

          Fantasy-wise, I like Garrard. He's usually pretty careful with the football, which keeps you from losing points on interceptions. He has also thrown for 280+ yards in each of three games this season (out of six he's played in). With a good match-up against the Titans, he'd probably be my choice.

          Hasselbeck has thrown more TDs in 2009, but his performances have been all over the place this year.


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            Re: Help... I cant make a decision

            i dont know,just ..


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              Re: Help... I cant make a decision

              Originally posted by ramsguys View Post
              i dont know,just ..
              You have inspired me.


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                Re: Help... I cant make a decision

                Originally posted by UtterBlitz View Post
                this is just my opinion. Hasselbeck has had two good games, jags and the rams and he has been hurt.

                The Cowboys have a better defense than the Titans do right now.
                it seems the broncos does..:ram:


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                  Re: Help... I cant make a decision

                  Originally posted by AlphaRam View Post
                  You have inspired me.
                  ....hope so...


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                  • TitanJeff
                    Greetings from
                    by TitanJeff
                    I'm from over at your F2FA affiliate this week - We invite all to come over and scout the competition. I've know Dez for a long time. He's a good guy who has helped out my site more than once which I think may indicate he feels some pity towards me for Dyson coming up a yard short. But I digress...

                    Here's a quick overview of the game from a Titans fan perspective:

                    1. We're young at the corners. Though we have talent there, we have a combined 11 starts between the two. Woolfolk is a first-round pick who has been hurt much of his early career. Beckham is inconsistent though has shown flashes. I think Beckham and rookie Pacman Jones will alternate on Sunday. Covering the Rams WRs will be the biggest challenge for the Titans on Sunday. The key will be generating a big pass rush so those speedy guys you have don't have time to get the big separation. The Titans DL is young but was very effective last week. It appears the Rams OL has had some problems so a huge key to the game is getting pressure on Bulger.

                    2. The Titans have to keep the ball away from the Rams offense. OC Norm Chow has put in a fast-paced offense designed to get the ball out quickly. You'll see a lot of formations Sunday with RBs and TEs out wide. There will be a lot of shifting and motion before the snap with the idea being to keep the defense off-balanced. But I think the key will be running the football for the Titans. Chris Brown and Travis Henry must get the running game established, milk the clock and push the ball into the endzone. The Titans have only two offensive TDs so far this season that red zone scoring has been a problem. FGs won't get it against the Rams who will put up the points.

                    3. Little will get a rookie blocking him Sunday. Michael Roos is a second-round pick who has played very well so far but may need a TE beside him to handle the load. The Titans kept in Travis Henry often last week to slow down the pass rush which removed a weapon from the offense.

                    4. The Titans have been very inconsistent to this point on defense. They looked flat in Pittsburgh but very intense last Sunday against the Ravens. Tackling was very poor the first game against a fast RB which means Faulk might be very effective. The screen pass killed the Titans in their first game which, best I remember, is something the Rams have done well using in the past. Titans DT Haynesworth was the key to the Titans defense last Sunday but he is questionable against the Rams with a knee sprain. He is a key to the success of the Titans D on Sunday.

                    5. Stopping the big play will be very important for the Titans. They can't afford to go down by two TDs because it takes them out of their offensive game plan and it doesn't appear the Titans WRs are effective when defenses pull back their safeties to defend the deep pass. Chow wants to stay in his gameplan, keep the game close, and give the Titans a chance to...
                    -09-22-2005, 06:04 AM
                  • RamWraith
                    ESPN Insider-Rams vs Titans
                    by RamWraith
                    Rams need to run more
                    By Scouts, Inc.

                    Why To Watch

                    After embarrassing opening-day losses for both organizations, the Titans and Rams were able to right-the-ship with much-needed wins in Week 2. Improving to 2-1 won't come easy for either team in this game, though. The Titans suffered several injuries last week, including to key personnel such as RB Chris Brown (concussion), LB Peter Sirmon (knee) and DT Albert Haynesworth (knee). In order to overcome those injuries, as well as playing on the road, the Titans must stay dedicated to their ground game even if it gets off to a slow start against a swarming Rams' run defense.
                    The Rams are better equipped to move the ball on the ground versus the Titans, but we all know that coach Mike Martz only has so much patience. If the Rams are to make it two in a row, QB Marc Bulger will need protection against a Titans pass rush that got to the Ravens' quarterback six times last week.

                    When the Titans have the ball
                    Rushing: RBs Brown and Travis Henry combined for 95 yards on 26 carries in last week's win over the Ravens. Brown suffered a mild concussion in that performance, but is expected to return versus the Rams on Sunday. Regardless of the split, the Titans need to get another 25-plus carries out of their running back tandem again this week. The problem is they will need to do so against a stout Rams' run defense that is surrendering just 58 yards per outing thus far. The trio of DTs Ryan Pickett, Jimmy Kennedy and Damione Lewis is finally playing up to expectations. The interior has proven to be disruptive and all the attention it demands leads to many free pursuit lanes for LBs Pisa Tinoisamoa, Chris Claiborne and Dexter Coakley.

                    The Rams use a mixture of Cover 2 and Cover 3 looks on defense and like to play more Cover 3 on first and second downs because it allows SS Adam Archuleta to cheat up into the box. Archuleta has been outstanding in run support this season and is tied for the team lead with 12 total sacks. A big problem for the Titans will be matching up along the interior of their offensive line. OC Justin Hartwig will need help from ROG Benji Olson in his matchup versus NT Pickett, and LOG Zach Piller will have all he can handle working against RDT Kennedy. Due to those interior matchup problems, the Titans will not be able to get blockers out on the second level with any type of consistency, and Brown and Henry will also be forced to bounce a lot of inside runs to the outside. Because of the speed of their linebackers and Archuleta, the Rams should be able to bottle up those perimeter runs and effectively limit the Titans' overall running attack on Sunday.

                    Passing: If Tennessee is unable to run with the type of consistency it likes, it would put added pressure on QB Steve McNair and the passing game. Offensive coordinator Norm Chow strives for balance but the most important aspect of his offensive scheme involves...
                    -09-21-2005, 05:42 AM
                  • Atlas
                    Great Game
                    by Atlas
                    One of the most intense of the weekend. Congratulations on being the only team that is undefeated thus far.
                    -10-16-2001, 08:02 AM
                  • HUbison
                    Remember the Titans
                    by HUbison
                    The Titans provide a good model for "drastic turnarounds" on defense. They spent '04-'06 hovering never more than a spot or two above the bottom of the league in defense. Then in '07 they jumped to #8, and this year they sit at #2.

                    Schwartz was the DC all along, so that didn't change. And while some positions have been in flux throughout (DE opposite VandenBosch, and MLB), the core remained the same.....VandenBosch, Haynesworth, Thornton, Bullock, Hope.

                    I'm no expert, but it seems the formula is something like this.....

                    1. Put trusted veteran leaders in the LB corp (Thornton, Bullock)
                    2. Recognize your strongest position and exploit it (Haynesworth)
                    3. Let the emotional leader, lead emotionally (VandenBosch)
                    4. Fill the secondary with players that aren't afraid to light up a receiver AND run support (Harper, Finnigan, Griffen, Hope)
                    5. In the draft, don't roll the dice early (Griffin) or turn a blind eye late (Finnigan)
                    6. Get rid of the numbnuts (PacMan)

                    I don't know what the exact answer is, but it seems analyzing the Titans, who did exactly what we want to do, would be a good start.
                    -12-10-2008, 11:59 AM
                  • LA Rammer
                    Who Better?
                    by LA Rammer
                    Who do you think was better 99' Titans or the 01' Patriots?

                    Looking at game film the Titans were more dangerous and elusive.
                    -02-02-2007, 10:33 PM