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One of the Most Exciting FF Seasons EVER!

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  • One of the Most Exciting FF Seasons EVER!

    Well, it didn't start out that way. I was a member of a Yahoo! FF Public League this year, as I wanted to not have to commit my every waking moment to it, unless I was being anihilated every week.

    My starting lineup changed quite a bit, but my main guys were:

    QB Kurt Warner
    RB Steven Jackson
    RB Ricky Williams
    WR Miles Austin
    WR Greg Jennings
    WR Robert Meachem
    TE Dallas Clark
    K Rob Bironas
    DEF Indy

    Not bad...once I finally got things tweaked. Things started out hairy, as my receivers weren't doing well at all. There was a carousel of players that came and went before this lineup came to be. At any rate...

    I won't bore y'all with week-by-week scores, but the first 6 weeks were nasty. I was near the bottom at 2-4, and getting nowhere fast. A few roster moves later, and I go on a major tear, winning six straight to get to 8-4, gone from 8th place to 3rd, with a shot at making the playoffs! At the end of the next week, I had finally dropped one to sit at 8-5, in 4th place, and needing either a win or some help to limp in. I lost the next week, but got the help I needed and made the playoffs. In the semifinal game, I win by 10 to punch my ticket to the Championships! With a couple of minutes left to go in the late games, this game was as close as a tenth of a point! I was leading by 6.06 going into tonight's action, with my opponent's tight end left to play (Shiancoe). At the half, he had one catch for 7 yards. Things were looking good until his 15-yard TD grab in the third, which ended my season.

    Missed it by THAT much. Damn.
    sigpicThis is for Randy! GO BRM!