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One of the Most Exciting FF Seasons EVER!

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  • One of the Most Exciting FF Seasons EVER!

    Well, it didn't start out that way. I was a member of a Yahoo! FF Public League this year, as I wanted to not have to commit my every waking moment to it, unless I was being anihilated every week.

    My starting lineup changed quite a bit, but my main guys were:

    QB Kurt Warner
    RB Steven Jackson
    RB Ricky Williams
    WR Miles Austin
    WR Greg Jennings
    WR Robert Meachem
    TE Dallas Clark
    K Rob Bironas
    DEF Indy

    Not bad...once I finally got things tweaked. Things started out hairy, as my receivers weren't doing well at all. There was a carousel of players that came and went before this lineup came to be. At any rate...

    I won't bore y'all with week-by-week scores, but the first 6 weeks were nasty. I was near the bottom at 2-4, and getting nowhere fast. A few roster moves later, and I go on a major tear, winning six straight to get to 8-4, gone from 8th place to 3rd, with a shot at making the playoffs! At the end of the next week, I had finally dropped one to sit at 8-5, in 4th place, and needing either a win or some help to limp in. I lost the next week, but got the help I needed and made the playoffs. In the semifinal game, I win by 10 to punch my ticket to the Championships! With a couple of minutes left to go in the late games, this game was as close as a tenth of a point! I was leading by 6.06 going into tonight's action, with my opponent's tight end left to play (Shiancoe). At the half, he had one catch for 7 yards. Things were looking good until his 15-yard TD grab in the third, which ended my season.

    Missed it by THAT much. Damn.
    sigpicThis is for Randy! GO BRM!

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  • Nick
    Alright, I'm about done with FF this season
    by Nick
    Soooooo inconsistent. Between injuries and an unbelievable amount of parody, FF has become incredibly frustrating for me. Anyone else in the same boat?
    -10-26-2004, 08:45 AM
  • RAM-BO
    FF Game coming up
    by RAM-BO
    Got a fantasy football game coming up and I don't know if I should start Jones-Drew or Bush? My other RB is Willie Parker so I'm set on that, but which one do you think will have a better week? Thanks.
    -10-10-2007, 11:53 AM
  • evil disco man
    ClanRam FF Championship Game
    by evil disco man
    Sorry about the late notice everyone.

    The time has come. The Blue, White and Gold leagues have finished their seasons and after this week there will be one team left standing out of 30 to start the season.

    Big congrats to Shower Beers and StrikingRam (Eric2810) for winning their respective leagues. Haven't yet heard who won the White League.

    This week, those three teams will need to get their starting lineups in to their commissioner or to me directly. Post it on this thread, PM it, e-mail it, whatever works. We need these lineups in by Sunday. If any of the lineups aren't in by then, we'll use the previous lineup set by the owner. After all the NFL games have finished, I will manually add up the scores to determine the Overall Champ.

    Thanks and good luck to the league winners!
    -12-24-2009, 03:26 AM
  • RamFan_Til_I_Die
    ClanRam Gold League FF SNAFU
    by RamFan_Til_I_Die
    So we just did our draft on Monday night, and I noticed that the roster settings got messed up somehow, and in order to fix it I had to reset the draft, which I did last night.

    The problem is that is cleared all starting rosters when I did this. As of right now, 5 teams still have not set their rosters and 4 of them have 1 player going tonight and the game starts in 90 minutes.

    As commissioner what should I do? Fill their roster out for them? Need some advice please.
    -09-05-2012, 05:08 PM
  • evil disco man
    ClanRam FF Championship Results
    by evil disco man
    Apologies for the delay, but I've finally tallied up the final score. Keenum, representing the Blue League, faced off against 39thebeast from the Gold League in Week 16. Here are the results:


    QB - Matt Schaub (HOU) - 15.4
    310 pass yds 1 TD 1 int
    RB - Darren McFadden (OAK) - 7.6
    45 rush yds, 31 rec yds
    RB - Matt Forte (CHI) - 22.9
    113 rush yds 1 TD, 56 rec yds
    WR - Miles Austin (DAL) - 18.1
    115 rec yds 1 TD, 6 rush yds
    WR - Lance Moore (NO) - 4.8
    48 rec yds
    TE - Visanthe Shiancoe (MIN) - 3.2
    32 rec yds
    RB/WR/TE - Ray Rice (BAL) - 9.2
    92 rush yds
    K - David Akers (PHI) - 2
    2 XP
    TM - Kansas City - 10
    14 PA, 3 sacks, 2 int

    TOTAL = 93.2


    QB - Tom Brady (NE) - 18.9
    140 pass yds 3 TDs, 13 rush yds
    RB - Chris Johnson (TEN) - 5.8
    58 rush yds
    RB - Darren McFadden (OAK) - 7.6
    45 rush yds, 31 rec yds
    WR - Calvin Johnson (DET) - 5.2
    52 rec yds
    WR - Mike Wallace (PIT) - 16.4
    104 rec yds 1 TD
    TE - Jacob Tamme (IND) - 13.8
    78 rec yds 1 TD
    RB/WR/TE - Rashad Jennings (JAX) - 6.1
    32 rush yds, 29 rec yds
    K - Matt Bryant (ATL) - 2
    2 XP
    TM - New England - 26
    3 PA, 4 FR, 3 sacks, 3 int

    TOTAL = 101.8

    Congrats to 39thebeast for beating out all 24 teams! Looks like the Patriots' dominating day on defense was the clinching factor. He'll be receiving a $50 gift certificate to for taking the crown.

    Kudos to Keenan, who was a big underdog (6th seed), but went on a roll through the Blue League playoffs and put up a valiant effort in the end.

    Thanks to everyone who participated this season, and hopefully we'll have even more next year!
    -01-06-2011, 07:58 PM