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Marchmaddness is coming (College Basketball)

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  • Marchmaddness is coming (College Basketball)

    I started a group challenge on Yahoo. If any anyone is interested in testing their skills at picking College basketball tournament games please join.

    Go to Yahoo fantasy sports. Find "Tournament pick em 10". Then to join my private group you'll need the league id# 431 and the password -roundball.

    This is always alot of fun and best of all it's FREE!

    C'mon join in and enjoy the fun. The more the merrier.
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    Re: Marchmaddness is coming (College Basketball)

    This is a wide open tourney. Kentucky just doesn't look disciplined enough to go through unbeaten and KU isn't that overpowering as they have had several close calls this year.

    This could be one of those years where you have a 1 seed, a 4 seed a 2 seed and a 7 seed make it.


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      Re: Marchmaddness is coming (College Basketball)

      C'mon people sign up for this free bracketology challenge. It's a chance to show off your college basketball knowledge.
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        Re: Marchmaddness is coming (College Basketball)

        Well I'm off to Jacksonville, Fl. tomorrow morning for the first 2 rounds of maddness. I'll be returning Monday late afternoon.
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          Re: Marchmaddness is coming (College Basketball)

          I have Kentucky winning it all in my bracket, was laughing when Kansas lost.


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            Upcoming Ncaa Tournament (March madness)
            by laram0
            I have started a free (Tournament pick-em) on yahoo.

            If anyone is interested please join, the more the merrier.

            Group Name= Madness, Group ID# = 30936
            Password= ncaa

            Again this is free and just for fun and bragging rights I guess.
            -03-06-2007, 09:54 AM
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            Fantasy Football - Players Wanted !!!

            Adarian, Txramsfan, AvengerRam, and ALL Others....

            I've Started A Fantasy Football League On Yahoo Sports, And Am Looking For Some Good Players.

            Last Season, I Didn't Do So Well....
            11th Out of 12 Teams (in the ClanRam Fantasy League).

            So, I'm Looking For Some "Pay-Back" !!
            Well, Actually, I'm Just Looking To Improve....
            I'd Be Happy (This Season), With 6th Place (Ha-Ha-Ha).

            Anyways, If You Are Interested, E-Mail Me -- And I'll Send You An Invite via the Yahoo Sports Fantasy Page.
            Yep - That's How It's Set Up, Now.
            It Confirms You Have A Real E-Mail Address....

            The Only Thing I Ask - Is That, If You Sign Up, You Have To Stick It Out, THROUGH THE WHOLE SEASON !!!

            I Hate It, When Half-Way Through The Season, Half The Team Owners Drop Out - And Can't Be Found (Because of Their "W/L" Record).

            So, I'm Looking For "Hardcore" Fantasy Football Players !!!
            But, I Also Want Players Who Are "Good Sports" - And Who Follow The Rules.
            If, That's Not Your "Bag of Tricks" - PLEASE Don't Ask To Join (It'll Save Both of Us, Lots of Headaches In The Future - LOL !!!).

            Hope To Hear From You Soon !!!


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            First, I apologize if this is the wrong place for this.

            I'm looking for 3 more people to fill out an 8-team head-to-head fantasy league on Yahoo, serious hardcore players ONLY. Our draft is tomorrow (Wednesday) at 9:00pm ET (6:00pm PT). We're drafting before the preseason to make things more interesting and keep everyone on their toes, in case of injuries during these games. But obviously our scoring doesn't start until the regular season. It's an 8 team league, COULD be expanded if we have enough interest before tomorrow's draft. Pretty standard scoring (NOT a point-per-catch league), if you are interested or have any questions, email me at [email protected]

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            I need two people!
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            Hey fellas. I need two people or my league will disband. If anyone can sign up I'd appreciate it! I'm going to play the Clanram League whenever it comes around but if you guys don't mind signing up for this one, it is free and competetive. :-)

            Draft is Thursday night at 10pm Eastern! Live Draft!

            Go to
            Sign up for free Fantasy
            Make a team name
            Go to "Free Fantasy"
            Join a League

            Find the League "The Opium Den" PASSWORD is 12345

            Get ready to battle!

            Thanks so much fellas.
            -08-04-2009, 11:16 AM