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  • My Fantasy Team (rank it!)

    Rank it !

    1. (10) Shonn Greene
    2. (15) Reggie Wayne
    3. (34) Philip Rivers
    4. (39) LeSean McCoy
    5. (58) Mike Sims-Walker
    6. (63) Jerome Harrison
    7. (82) Carnell Williams
    8. (87) T.J. Houshmandzadeh
    9. (106) Darren McFadden
    10. (111) John Carlson
    11. (130) Joshua Cribbs
    12. (135) New York
    13. (154) Todd Heap
    14. (159) Sam Bradford
    15. (178) Rian Lindell

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    Re: My Fantasy Team (rank it!)

    Not bad.

    Landing Carlson and Heap without drafting a TE before the 10th round is pretty nice. I'd say you're in pretty good shape at receiver, too. I'm not crazy about LeSean McCoy as the #2 runningback just because he's kind of an unproven commodity. I'm having a hard time placing the Eagles offensive players in general with McNabb and Westbrook gone. Harrison could turn out to be a bit of a sleeper, though. Rivers' stats might take a hit with word that his star receiver and left tackle are likely to sit out half the season because of contract disputes, but he's still an excellent quarterback. You should be fine there, and, of course, I like to think Bradford is going to be a good option.


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      By Craig Rondinone SportsTicker Contributing Writer

      BRISTOL, Connecticut (Ticker) -- Quarterback might be the most important position in the NFL, but it only ranks second behind running back in fantasy football.

      That being said, you cannot win a fantasy title with a Tony Banks-Jesse Palmer combo at QB. You need to have one stud quarterback and one other solid signal-caller. While the 2005 crop of fantasy quarterbacks is very top-heavy, there is plenty of depth at the position. There are former All-Pros and MVPs in the 18-to-27 range on the rankings who still could have a fantasy impact even though their best seasons are behind them.

      Here are the top 40 fantasy quarterbacks heading into the 2005 season:

      1. Peyton Manning, Colts: Thank goodness he threw an NFL-record 49 touchdown passes in 2004, because his frantic audibles before every snap might cause some fantasy owners to shy away from him.

      2. Daunte Culpepper, Vikings: Armed with a new contract and a new lease on a Randy Moss-less life, Culpepper very well could throw for 40 touchdowns and run for five more.

      3. Marc Bulger, Rams: A cannon for an arm plus the fastest receivers in football plus the best-schemed offense in the NFL should equal 4,000 yards and 30 touchdowns for Bulger.

      4. Donovan McNabb, Eagles: His career numbers with Terrell Owens are far better than his numbers without Owens, so he better do everything in his power to keep T.O. on the field.

      5. Tom Brady, Patriots: The perennial Super Bowl MVP sometimes flies under the fantasy radar, even though he dished out 28 TD passes last year.

      6. Trent Green, Chiefs: Green is durable, accurate, strong, knows how to dump the ball off to Priest Holmes and Tony Gonzalez, and always seems to be around 3,800 yards and 25 TDs.

      7. Michael Vick, Falcons: His 800-1,000 rushing yards will more than offset his 2,500 passing yards.

      8. Carson Palmer, Bengals: Watch him quickly go from an 18 TD-18 INT quarterback to a 25 TD-15 INT quarterback in the span of one season.

      9. Jake Plummer, Broncos: The Snake slithers best when he plays at Denver's Invesco Field (2,192 yards and 17 TDs in eight home games last year).

      10. Kerry Collins, Raiders: Is the arrival of Randy Moss supposed to lower Collins' interceptions? No, but his yards and TDs surely will increase.

      11. Brett Favre, Packers: Fantasy football fans hope this iron man will never retire.

      12. Matt Hasselbeck, Seahawks: Without a drunken Koren Robinson around to drop his passes, Hasselbeck's completion percentage might go up 10 percent.

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