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Need Rams fans advice..

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  • Need Rams fans advice..

    I'm a Cards fan (don't hold it against me) but come in peace....need some assistance.

    I'm in a TWENTY team fantasy you can appreciate how shallow the rosters are...for example my starting WR's are Steve Smith (Car) and Crabtree lol....that's how shallow the rosters are.

    And don't blame me for drafting crabtree, the doofball commish set the draft at 9am in the morning when most normal adults are at work. Anyways, i got stuck with who I got stuck with and can't change it now.

    So anyways, I'm scouring the FA wire and there's really not much out there.

    Long story short, there are 3 Rams WR's on the FA list:


    Of those 3, is there any one that stands out as having the most potential for impact? Also, the auto-draft landed Danario Alexander on my roster. I understand you guys have Sims-Walker, a rookie, and Clayton on the roster now too, so it looks fairly crowded.

    Are any of those 3 worth picking up? Is Alexander worth holding on? With a 20 team league, I'm guessing we're only looking for WR's that could contribute 5-6 points a week with the occassional/rare 10 point game.

    To give you an example, the other "names" available on the FA WR list are guys like:

    Brian Hartline, Michael Jenkins, Bernard Berrian, TJ Housh, Justin Gage, Brandon Stokely, Josh Cribbs....and well, that's literally it for guys you've heard of before.

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    Re: Need Rams fans advice..

    Avery is the guy I would pick-up out of the 3 you listed. Alexander will get playing time just don't know how much.
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      Re: Need Rams fans advice..

      I would hang onto Alexander, if he can make it through training camp in 1 piece he's got a shot at being one of the top 2 guys for the Rams. At worst he'll be a big play option. If he gets hurt you can always drop him and pick up someone else. Of the 3 guys on the list, Avery by far stands out as valuable. Very very slim chance Robinson will be resigned. Gibson was unimpressive last year and he'll be fighting hard to keep a roster spot. Avery has a shot to be another go-to guy for the Rams. With the combination of Bradford and McDaniel's system, I'd expect these guy to put up solid numbers. The Rams don't have Clayton yet, so I'm just going off who is on the current roster. I'd pick up Avery if I were you. He's got top speed, and will be in an offense that will use him to stretch the field.

      Hope that helps, good luck this year and I hope you get tons of Fantasy points from the Rams...especially against the Cards


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        Re: Need Rams fans advice..

        Alexander is a bit of a gamble, but he could turn out to be one of those home-run hitters. Gibson and Robinson will be fighting to make the team, while Avery looks primed to have a very good season.

        Pick up Avery for sure. If you have to cut Alexander I really don't know if anybody outside of Rams fans would know his potential, so you may have a chance to pick him back up early.


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        • xkidflowx
          Do we need a #1 receiver still with Danario?!
          by xkidflowx
          I was just thinking... do we need a true number one receiver still after seeing Danario Alexander explode?! Our WR would be Clayton,Alexander, Avery, Amendola, Gilyard, Gibson, Robinson....

          I still hope we get AJ Green but i highly doubt it.. if we get in the top 10 pick i know we will get above top 5! hopefully patrick peterson.... AJ would be off the board so would Robert Quinn... I just think we have alot of receivers. In my opinion i think we should let go of Avery... he gets hurt every year he played. Robinson is injury prone.. Gibson no hands. Clayton, alexander, and amendola is the team ... i still love gilyard... but com on MAN you need to show us your talents ASAP!

          let me know your thoughts guys !
          -10-18-2010, 10:37 PM
        • Rambunctious
          Is there still time for Avery or Robinson
          by Rambunctious
          When it comes to our wide receivers I am guessing...

          We will try and lock Clayton (FA) and Amendola (RFA) up for a couple of years.

          We will definitely keep Gilyard and maybe Gibson IF he continues to improve.

          But as many have pointed out and I tend to agree... we still could benefit from a true number 1.

          So the first question is can we afford to give Avery or Robinson any more time to try and fill that spot?

          And if the answer is no...

          Is there room on our roster for them in the future?

          Just for the record I am not labeling either as bust or injury prone... it's just sometimes things don't work out and time runs out.
          -10-03-2010, 11:17 PM
        • VegasRam
          Lost in all the Euphoria
          by VegasRam
          (which I share in), is the fact that the Rams only had 2 penalties for 17 yards.
          On the road. I don't know what for, but given the odd amount, 1 had to be PI, right?

          Also, (and I get the hindsight thing), wouldn't it be nice if the Rams would have kept DX and dumped/not signed Smith? DAMN!

          Switching subjects, I was wondering yesterday why Richardson never got/gets a shot at kick-off/punt returns?

          I watch the games on Sunday with a buddy, who's a Vikes fan. We had this game circled, (but not really, if you know what I mean), at the start of the year. Now it's meaningful for both of us.

          Cool, huh?
          -12-10-2012, 10:33 AM
        • ZiaRam
          How to Solve the Danario Alexander Dilemma
          by ZiaRam
          by Cliff Saunders

          If you were just to look at Rams wide receiver Danario Alexander, you would think there is no way the kid couldn't make it as an NFL player. He has the size. He has the speed. He has the look. He has everything a player needs to make it in the National Football League. He has it all, with the exception of one thing.

          He can't stay healthy.

          Alexander has had his knee operated on no less than five times. It still isn't 100 percent. Steve Spagnuolo and the Rams have had to manage Alexander's playing and practice time in training camp because of his bad wheel. Because of that he hasn't been able to show this coaching staff and front office exactly what he can do.

          All of which makes the next several days very difficult for Billy Devaney and the rest of the front office. You see, they have to trim the roster down to 53 men in a few days. Is there any room for a talented wide receiver, one that has flashed potential when he's been on the field, but who hasn't been able to stay healthy?

          The Rams already have a lot of depth at the position. They re-signed Mark Clayton on Wednesday. If he's ready to come off the PUP list, then he, Danny Amendola, Mike Sims-Walker and Brandon Gibson are locks. That leaves three spots remaining if the Rams decide to carry seven

          Among the candidates for the remaining spots are Mardy Gilyard, Greg Salas, Austin Pettis, Donnie Avery and Alexander. It's very possible that one of the rookies is going to be cut. I think Avery makes the club, and if Clayton starts the season on the PUP list then Gilyard might stick around.

          Those decisions won't be the toughest Billy Devaney has to make. No, the toughest decision will be what he decides to do with Alexander.

          There are three possibilities. They can keep him, hoping the knee holds up. They can place him on injured reserve and hope that a year away from the daily grind of playing in the NFL fixes his troublesome knee. Or they can flat out cut him if they decide it's just not going to work out.

          I would stash him on IR. Look, I've spoken to people around the league who have told me that the Rams should cut ties because the knee will just never come around. But Alexander has too much talent. I wouldn't risk him going somewhere else and turning into a star just yet.

          Putting him on IR is the best move the Rams can make with Alexander. It gives the Rams time, a whole year in fact, to come to a final decision about the kid. Put him on IR, shut him down for the year, let him rehab that knee and try again next summer.

          Let him do what he needs to do to take care of the knee. Let him go through an entire offseason program with the club (something he hasn't been able to do since leaving Mizzou). That means going through the offseason conditioning program, mini-camps and organized team activities.

          Try it one more time next summer....
          -09-01-2011, 12:46 PM
        • sosa39rams
          DX here to stay?
          by sosa39rams
          " WR - Danario Alexander better known as DX has made the Rams 53 man roster. He has beat all odds with a bad knee five surgical procedures. "

          " Several league sources confirmed DX has inked his name one one of the 53 spots. "

          Gilyard is gone. Who else will be? If its Avery, I'll be shocked.
          -09-03-2011, 03:37 PM