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  • Fantasy Advice/Implications

    Ok, in one of my main leagues. Actually my most important league.

    I am down by 6 points (Cant believe Antonio Gates got 0 Points, AND I played against Vincent Jackson). I was up like 151-120 now he is 156-150. He has no one else left to play.

    I However have Steven Jackson/Cadillac.

    Do you guys know if Spags is leaning to letting Jackson play. I feel like Caddy is the safe option here??? But if Jackson starts, I doubt Caddy can get 60 yards or a touch down??

    Need help on who to start haha. I wish Jackson wasn't a gametime decision.

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    Re: Fantasy Advice/Implications

    OMG I'd hate to be in your shoes.. honestly if I were you I'd start Caddy to be safe because I don't think Spags will risk SJ but who knows, the last couple of years he has been ruled out and still played so we'll see. Either way I'd wait to the last minute to change back to Jackson.


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      Re: Fantasy Advice/Implications

      Yeah thats my plan of action. I really don't want to lose this game lol


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        Re: Fantasy Advice/Implications

        And I probably won't as long as I get the starter right. But getting the starter right is a huge problem right now. I will literally be watching the pregame ready to make my roster change before the game starts hahaha.


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          Re: Fantasy Advice/Implications

          Start the Caddy, even if Jackson plays a little, Caddy will be good for 7 points.


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            Re: Fantasy Advice/Implications

            I am in the same boat. Down by 11, my opponent is done, and I have the choice of Caddy or Manningham for my flex position. Rather have Caddy so I am not rooting against the Rams, but Manningham almost sounds good against our secondary.

            Decisions, decisions, decisions...
            This space for rent...


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              Re: Fantasy Advice/Implications

              hmmm that is a tougher one. I dont see Caddy not having a comparable night like he did last week which was what at least 14 points in rush and air yards? id go with him honestly.


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                Re: Fantasy Advice/Implications

                Yeah, 13 points combined in our league. Where's that Magic * ball when I need it.
                This space for rent...


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                  Re: Fantasy Advice/Implications

                  Well 156-156 right now. We will be passing a lot here in last 2 minutes. I doubt Caddy will get one lol. What a way to end my fantasy and Rams football


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                    Re: Fantasy Advice/Implications

                    -_- tie? better than a loss!


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                      Re: Fantasy Advice/Implications

                      Haha yep ended up with a Tie! Yep. I have a great fantasy team. So I might go undefeated with 1 tie haha. Its our eighth year. Started it either my Junior or Senior in HS with HS friends. I have won 2 championships so I want to solidify bragging rights and a dynasty. Which would ofcourse make it 3 championships/4 appearances in 8 years


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                        Re: Fantasy Advice/Implications

                        At least he got 6 points ... would have been a heart breaker if he only managed 5.


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                          Re: Fantasy Advice/Implications

                          I have a question on what you guys think? Should I keep Andre Johnson in my line up? I will be away for awhile and from what I've read nothing is for sure if he will play this coming week. What do you think?


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                            Re: Fantasy Advice/Implications

                            No he will be injured for like 1-3 more weeks.


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