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2012: Year of the Week 7 Bye?

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  • 2012: Year of the Week 7 Bye?

    Firstly, I want to set the disclaimer that any of you guys who are in the Blue league with me won't be able to discern my draft strategy for our league with this thread(ok, maybe a little...), but I wanted to be able to discuss with friends and competitors a strategy for another league I am in.

    The league is 16 teams, mostly standard scoring, with QB's scored as 1pt/20yds, 4pt TD, -1pt interception. No PPR, and all 2pt conversons count 3pts(throwing too). 1Q, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1R/W/T, 1K, 1D.

    In any case, because the depth is going to be so strained in this league(no PPR to at least hope for a point or two from every player), I am considering a strategy where I forget one week(in this case, week 7) and try to be full strength every other week. The reason I choose week 7 is because it's the one week that has 6 teams on a bye, and they are pretty heavy in terms of fantasy potential.

    SD, Den, Phi, Atl, Mia, KC.

    In a 16 team league you're going to have depth issues no matter what, but these teams between them can be quite good in my view.

    QB's: Vick, Rivers, Manning, Ryan, Cassel, Tannehill/Garrard/Moore. Four or five of them are starters in smaller leagues so no worries there. Further, I can maybe get away with waiting until round 4 or 5 to grab Ryan, Rivers or Manning, in that order.

    RB: A lot of stars, and some potential as well. Starters: Matthews, McGahee, McCoy, Turner, Bush, Charles. Backups of: Brown/Brinkley/McClain, Hillman, Dion Lewis(?), Jaquizz Rodgers, Thomas, Hillis. While I probably won't pay for Turner(2nd round in a 16 team?), there are numerous options all the way down the draft. McGahee in the 3rd? Bush or Thomas could be servicable. Matthews' backups could get some play. Hillis is a RB2 in my eyes for this league. He'll get the rock inside the 10 and is looking good behind that line.

    WR: Tons of options. Decker, Thomas, Floyd, Meachem, Royal, Bowe, Baldwin, DJax, Maclin, Avant, Jones, White, Douglas, Bess. Can go early through late. I think the Philly receivers are going much too low and will be bargains.

    TE: Some of the top are in this set, with Gates, Gonzalez, Tamme. Moaki could do well and is forgotten after his season on IR. Celek could be top 7, if one of the other options gets hurt or if Vick finally finds him. Even as it is, he does get the ball enough to make him a good option. I want to go early with this position, and possibly will go with 2 TE, which will fill my flex spot. Go Gronk or Graham in the first and go with a week 7 guy a bit later?

    K/Def: No big deal either way, but I'd go with Denver or Philly for both if I could.

    So what do you guys think? One, can I pull off a roster in a draft without reaching too much, and two, can it work for the season? I won't talk about injuries because they can hit anyone. But while the rest of the league struggles through the bye weeks with one or two starters down, I can be at full strength for all but my week of forefit.
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    I believe!:ram:

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  • Atlas
    Request for opinions on my "first fantasy draft" results
    by Atlas
    Manning, Peyton IND QB Active @NYJ Week 5
    Barber, Tiki NYG RB Active @DEN Week 13
    Anderson, Mike DEN RB Active NYG Week 16
    McCaffrey, Ed DEN WR Active NYG Week 16
    Westbrook, Michael WAS WR Active @SD Week 10
    Pollard, Marcus IND TE Active @NYJ Week 5
    Vinatieri, Adam NE K Active @CIN Week 17
    Titans TEN DT Active MIA Week 4
    Batch, Charlie DET QB Reserve @GB Week 4
    Gary, Olandis DEN RB Reserve NYG Week 16
    Graham, Jeff SD WR Reserve WAS Week 2
    Harris, Jackie DAL TE Reserve TB Week 5
    Hanson, Jason DET K Reserve @GB Week 4
    Redskins WAS DT Reserve @SD Week 10

    I don't know. I think I did pretty good. I got Peyton as my starter and if I'm reading this chart right, it's copied exactly like it is on the website, I think I got the Titans defense. It's says DT, but I think it's my defense.

    I got Mike Anderson, one of my top three choices, behind Eddie and Faulk. Ed McCaffrey was another of my top choices. Not sure if Michael Westbrook, Marcus Pollard, and Adam Vinatieri are good picks or not. What do you think?

    I have both J.J. Stokes to replace Michael Westbrook and Jay Fiedler to replace Charlie Batch as my backup on my waiver list. I get the feeling the pecking order will change, so hopefully, I'll get them both. If I do, I think I'll have a pretty good team. Also Ike Hillard to replace Jeff Graham.
    -09-01-2001, 03:21 PM
  • Barry Waller
    Barry's BLOG Week 2
    by Barry Waller
    First off, isn't anyone else amused by the irony of an NFL team being involved in a situation with sophomoric sexual behavior towards a woman reporter that's owned by a guy named Woody Johnson ???

    I mean the gang on "South Park" or "Family Guy" would have a f ield day with that one eh?? And I can't imagine what saying the name would do to Beavis and Butthead.

    Yea, the Rams are 0-2, but remember, rookie QB, super young tackles on the O-line, no #1 WR (Though Clayton is pretty darn close to being one), lack of depth at CB, DE etc ??

    People, let's enjoy the process here, can't anyone see the improvement, the promise of Bradford. People holloring for more long passes and maybe getting Sam hurt as a result need to chill.

    Minny is 0-2 facing a really tough schedule now, and THEY should be the f ans worrying. Dallas too, and the Niners.

    If the Rams win 6-7 games they are where we want them, and it doesn't matter what games they win.

    If the Rams return all their possible turnovers for scores like KC, THEY are 2-0, too. Or even maybe if they make all the chip shot field goals.

    As this defense starts to EXPECT turnovers, they maybe will start blcoking instead of watching after they get them, like the best defenses do. Lovie Smith's teams here practiced a LOT taking it to the house, and the Rams need to do the same now. James Hall missed both blocks on Steve Breaston in the Arizona game on the t urnovers he saved with tackle and strip.

    These are offensive guys trying to play defense after a turnover, which almost all cannot, so the stronger defenders hve to level the field of tackles when they get the ball, and SCORE.

    Love what I see of Rodger Saffold thus far, but Jason Smith needs to come on stronger on the right.

    Who would believe that the depth at TE could deplete in two games !!!

    Good to see Murphy make a play i his first game, ... need that guy to step up badly as the nickel, as Butler can't do it well enough.

    Love what I am seeing from Craig Dahl, best hittings afety here since Toby Wright, who I always called "The Man". Who can forget him knocking out Tiki Barber in 1997 or 1998. with a hit audible into the upper deck.

    If Chris Long gets any lower in his stance, he'll be under the carpet at the dome. That could be a real weapon for him, and he appears to be really coming on, despit lack of gaudy sack numbers, mostly because of lack of nickel and dime backs that allow the QB to find a second or third option.

    DO like what Fletcher and Bartell are doing, BUT, they both need to CATCH the ball when it comes at them. Of course they haven't faced Aaron Rodgers or Peyton Manning or a receiver like Andre Johnson yet either.

    If the G-Men want to lose Brandon Jacobs, I hope...
    -09-22-2010, 10:54 AM
  • AugustaRamFan
    More Rankings - RAMS QBs...
    by AugustaRamFan
    Here is a snippet from Fox News Hounds....

    ESPN had the Rams QB triumverate at #11....see where they ended up for FOX. Granted - it is a Fantasy Ranking, but still. Ya gotta like #3!!

    Nothing stirs up debate like a good set of rankings, and ranking all 32 NFL teams unit-by-unit is an annual tradition. This year, the debate comes with a little twist, as our rankings are grounded not in the conventional wisdom but in the advanced statistics of Football Outsiders.

    Fantasy Football Draft Guide

    Transform draft day into a title!

    Player rankings and projections
    Expert drafts
    Sleepers, flops
    Coaching styles
    Fantasy depth charts

    Any discussion of an NFL team usually starts with the quarterback, and our rankings are no exception. Rating quarterbacks as a unit means taking into account more than just the first-stringer on each team. However, quarterback is very different from other positions, because the bench players only see action if the starter is injured. So a lack of depth at quarterback is less of an issue than it is at other positions. (We're looking at you, Patriots.)

    Since we'll be rating each unit as it exists in 2006, we're taking into account performance over the last couple of years, but we're also considering age and injuries. All those teams whose starting quarterbacks are still iffy for the start of the 2006 season get penalized, as do teams whose quarterbacks are currently healthy but have a bad injury record. It's better for your backup to be a first-round rookie with potential than a mediocre journeyman, but Tennessee doesn't get to rank higher because Vince Young might be the best quarterback in football five years from now. Our judgment of inexperienced quarterbacks is guided in part by our new rookie quarterback projection system, the subject of a long essay in our upcoming book Pro Football Prospectus 2006. You can read an introduction to the system here.

    You'll see a lot of stats you recognize here, and one you may not: DPAR, or Defense-adjusted Points Above Replacement. DPAR takes every single play during the season and compares it to the league average based on situation and opponent, rewarding players for strong performance on third down and in the red zone and giving them less credit for meaningless gains like a six-yard scramble on third-and-12. For those interested, you can find all the 2005 DPAR numbers for quarterbacks on this page.

    Without further ado, here's a list of the NFL's quarterback units from best to worst.

    1. Indianapolis
    If you have been reading Football Outsiders over the past couple years, you know that there is no topic in football that we despise more than the never-ending, always irrational debate over who is the best quarterback in the NFL, Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. But since we're rating...
    -07-11-2006, 10:50 AM
  • Mikey
    Bye week activities
    by Mikey
    So do you guys have other games you want to watch?

    Family activities?

    Honey Do's piled up and going to clear them out?

    Personally tomorrow is my Brothers birthday so we'll have a get together for that then I'll spend a little time doing stuff around the house. If possible I'd like to watch some of the Eagles beat the Whiners.
    -09-27-2014, 04:28 PM
  • Nick
    ProFootballWeekly: The Way We Hear It
    by Nick
    -Broncos owner Pat Bowlen said during the team’s recent bye that he is “totally happy” with Jake Plummer and was adamant in his support of him as the quarterback of the future in Denver. However, Bowlen admitted he was not up to speed on Plummer’s contract status, which includes a $6 million roster option in March.

    -Redskins assistant head coach-defense Gregg Williams indicated this week that he has no intention of leaving after one season in Washington and harbors no head-coaching aspirations — for now.

    -A few Philly pass catchers, including WR Freddie Mitchell and TE L.J. Smith, quietly complained about QB Donovan **Mc*Nabb not looking anywhere except for WR Terrell Owens. But the two were quieted by teammates and coaches, who reminded them that Owens is often the first option on passing plays and that McNabb’s philosophy always has been that he throws it to whoever is open.

    -We hear hardworking rookie Niko Koutouvides has a good shot at becoming Seattle’s undisputed starter at middle linebacker next season.

    -Don’t be surprised if the Panthers give third-string QB Chris Weinke a half or possibly an entire game to show off his talent later this season just to get an idea of where he is as a player.

    -Falcons WR Dez White could be close to losing his starting job in the team’s three-WR rotation to rookie Michael Jenkins.

    -Look for Falcons DE Patrick Kerney to be more effective with DT Rod Coleman returning to the lineup.

    -Although Buccaneers PK Martin Gramatica isn’t expected to be released any time soon, the fact the team signed PK Jay Taylor to the practice squad is a sign the Bucs may be preparing for life after Gramatica.

    -We’re told Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden reacted angrily early last week to questions about former Tampa Bay and current Atlanta general manager Rich McKay because he didn’t want to spend all week having to answer questions about his former co-worker.

    -We’re told Saints head coach Jim Haslett decided to demote WR Donté Stallworth from the starting lineup in favor of veteran Jerome Pathon because he’s tired of using inconsistent players, even if it means putting less talent on the field.

    -Saints observers believe Haslett’s challenge to his players not to give up the season with the message that players are either with the team or against it is nothing more than desperate words from a desperate man.

    -The Colts are crossing their fingers that their banged-up defensive backs last down the stretch. No. 1 CB Nick Harper (shoulder) can’t practice most days, and his replacement, Joseph Jefferson, continues to battle chronic knee soreness. Rookie CB Jason David, according to coaches, has been the team’s most consistent cornerback of late, but he’s also dinged up.

    -WR Marvin Harrison denied telling ABC’s “Monday Night Football” that he was “frustrated” sharing...
    -11-16-2004, 07:54 AM