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  • ClanRam FFL Semi-Finals Matchups

    #4 SoCal BlitzKrieg (10-5) vs #8 RAMbunctious (8-6-1)
    Last Meeting: SoCal BlitzKrieg 106 - 78 (Week 4)
    SoCal BlitzKrieg Key Players: QB B. Favre, WR M. Harrison, WR D. Bennett
    RAMbunctious Key Players: QB B. Roethlisberger, RB J. Jones, DEF San Diego

    RAMbunctious avenged a late season loss to top ranked hoof hearted in the first round of the playoffs in what was a big upset in a week of upsets. They can pull another upset this week as Blitzkrieg has some very difficult matchups. But, at the same time, RAMbunctious also has some matchups against tough defenses. This could be a somewhat low scoring game. Roethlisberger hasn't been lighting it up lately, but that could change as the Steelers look to clinch homefield. Favre will be on national television on Friday where he could shine against a Vikings team that gave up 27 points last week.

    #6 DJ's Dynamo (9-6) vs #7 FertersFantasyFreaks (8-6-1)
    Last Meeting: FertersFantasyFreaks 106 - 100 (Week 13)
    DJ's Dynamo Key Players: QB T. Green, TE T. Gonzalez, DEF Atlanta
    FertersFantasyFreaks Key Players: QB B. Volek, WR E. Kennison, DEF Buffalo

    While the other game has the chance to be somwhat low scoring, this game will surely be high scoring. This will be the game of the week. The previous meeting between these teams was close and only three weeks ago. Ferter's key players alone last week put up 131 points, more than enough to take care of the #2 seed Milngavie Claymores. Volek has been on fire late, but faces a tougher defense with Denver at home. Buffalo travels to play the Whiners which should get Ferter some good points. Kansas City's game with Oakland will produce 3 key players for this matchup. Kennison put up 25 points last week and faces the horrible Raiders this week. However, across the stat sheets lies Trent Green for the Dynamo who should more than cancel out Kennison's point value. Dynamo will be waiting patiently for McGahee's status which remains at questionable.

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  • DJRamFan
    ClanRam FFL First Round Playoff Matchups
    by DJRamFan
    #1 hoof hearted (10-4) vs #8 RAMbunctious (7-6-1)
    Last Meeting: hoof hearted 106 - 71 (Week 14)
    hoof hearted Key Players: QB D. McNabb, RB C. Portis, DEF Pittsburgh
    RAMbunctious Key Players: QB B. Roethlisberger, RB J. Jones, DEF San Diego

    After dropping two of their first three games, hoof hearted is riding a strong six game winning streak where they've scored less than 100 points only twice in those games. hoof hearted's owner won the inaugural ClanRam Cup and looks to return the cup to the Lone Star State. RAMbunctious, however, had a four game win streak midseason, but as stumbled down the stretch, dropping three of their last five. hoof hearted has a solid, balanced team while RAMbunctious tails off a bit after Big Ben. RAMbunctious scored the fewest overall points by any of the playoff teams, recording 1245, fewer than six of the eight non-playoff teams. As a sidenote, these teams are #1 and #2 in total transactions with RAMbunctious putting in 28 and hoof hearted putting in 24.

    #2 Milngavie Claymores (9-4-1) vs #7 FertersFantasyFreaks (7-6-1)
    Last Meeting: FertersFantasyFreaks 114 - 91 (Week 2)
    Milngavie Claymores Key Players: QB C. Pennington, RB S. Alexander, TE A. Gates
    FertersFantasyFreaks Key Players: QB B. Volek, WR E. Kennison, DEF Buffalo

    Ferter made a flurry of questionable transactions following his 164 point blowup in the final week of the season as he picked up A.J. Feeley, Joey Galloway, and lion hearted Todd Pinkston. The Claymores traded off wins and losses with a tie mixed during the first seven weeks of the season before they rounded out their schedule 6-1 tear to finish #2. In all but one of those wins and the lone loss, they scored over the century mark. Ferter went 0-4-1 midseason before ending the season with a 4 game win streak. Both teams have a couple headliners and some nice matchups this week which could make this game very interesting.

    #3 Hammerheads (9-5) vs #6 DJ's Dynamo (8-6)
    Last Meeting: none
    Hammerheads Key Players: QB D. Carr, RB L. Tomlinson, RB B. Westbrook
    DJ's Dynamo Key Players: QB T. Green, RB W. McGahee, TE T. Gonzalez

    The Hammerheads had a 1-4 stretch midseason, but ended 5-1. The Hammerheads scored the most points in the league with 1578, an average of 112.7 points per week. The defending undefeated champions also struggled a bit in the midseason going 1-4. However, they finished 3-1 in the last month of the season. The Dynamo can be somewhat streaky as they've scored 152 and 67 points, both wins. This should be another very tightly fought game.

    #4 SoCal BlitzKrieg (9-5) vs #5 kodachakas (8-5-1)
    Last Meeting: kodachakas 135 - 64 (Week 9)
    SoCal BlitzKrieg Key Players: QB B. Favre, WR M. Harrison, WR D. Bennett
    kodachakas Key Players: WR T. Owens, WR T. Holt, DEF Washington

    Blitzkrieg started the...
    -12-14-2004, 10:00 AM
  • Atlas
    Playoff Advice Needed!!!!!
    by Atlas
    Holy cow!!! I made it!!! This is only my first year playing Fantasy Football. I finished with a 10-2 record, the best in the league. But, I'm scared ****less...:rolleyes: I just so happen to be playing one of two teams that beat me in an extremely close game.

    I will list my team and then the opponent. I will also list WR and RB free agents to see if any changes are recommended. Any help will be much more appreciated then you could possibly imagine!!!

    My team-

    Las Vegas Gamblers-
    Player TM Pos Status Next Bye
    Manning, Peyton IND QB Active ATL Week 4
    Barber, Tiki NYG RB Active ARI Week 12
    Martin, Curtis NYJ RB Active CIN Week 11
    Owens, Terrell SF WR Active MIA Week 6
    Moss, Randy MIN WR Active @DET Week 8
    Chamberlain, Byron MIN TE Active @DET Week 8
    Carney, John NO K Active STL Week 2
    Bengals CIN DT Active @NYJ Week 8
    Bettis, Jerome PIT RB Reserve @BAL Week 2
    George, Eddie TEN RB Reserve GB Week 3
    Hilliard, Ike NYG WR Reserve ARI Week 12
    Chambers, Chris MIA WR Reserve @SF Week 6
    Johnson, Kevin CLE WR Reserve JAC Week 7
    Chargers SD DT Reserve OAK Week 17

    Opposing team-

    HoustonStallions2002 NFL-
    Player TM Pos Status Next Bye
    Favre, Brett GB QB Active CLE Week 7
    Alexander, Shaun SEA RB Active @NYG Week 6
    Faulk, Marshall STL RB Active @CAR Week 8
    Rice, Jerry OAK WR Active TEN Week 6
    Bruce, Isaac STL WR Active @CAR Week 8
    Wycheck, Frank TEN TE Active @OAK Week 3
    Richey, Wade SD K Active @KC Week 17
    Buccaneers TB DT Active NO Week 2
    Flutie, Doug SD QB Reserve @KC Week 17
    Brookins, Jason BAL RB Reserve CIN Week 13
    Ismail, Qadry BAL WR Reserve CIN Week 13
    Muhammad, Muhsin CAR WR Reserve STL Week 14
    Price, Peerless BUF WR Reserve @ATL Week 5
    Dolphins MIA DT Reserve @NE Week 6

    WR Free Agents-

    Player TM NEXT
    Jackson, Willie NO @TB
    Shaw, Bobby PIT DET
    Martin, Tony ATL BUF
    Insley, Trevor IND NYJ
    Finneran, Brian ATL BUF
    Terrell, David CHI @WAS
    Dixon, Ron NYG SEA
    -12-18-2001, 11:08 PM
  • DJRamFan
    ClanRam Cup up for grabs on Sunday
    by DJRamFan
    Well, it's the final week of the season and we have our final two. First, here's a look at last week's semi-final matchups:

    RAMbunctious 122 - SoCal BlitzKrieg 110

    Big gamers were Favre (53) for SoCal and Roethlisberger (28) and Houston DEF (26).

    DJ's Dynamo 125 - FertersFantasyFreaks 105

    The Dynamo were carried by Trent Green (47) and Tony Gonzalez (29) while Ferter was hampered by an injured Volek. The rest of the freak train put up good numbers that couldn't make up the difference.

    ClanRam Cup Matchup
    #6 DJ's Dynamo (10-6) vs. #8 RAMbunctious (9-6-1)
    Last Meeting: DJ's Dynamo 97-84 (Week 11)

    Dynamo Roster
    QB T. Green
    WR A. Randle El
    WR Ro. Smith
    WR J. Gaffney
    RB D. Levens
    RB W. McGahee
    TE T. Gonzalez
    K D. Brien
    DEF Atlanta

    RAMbunctious Roster
    QB B. Roethlisberger
    WR An. Johnson
    WR J. Walker
    WR D. Stallworth
    RB J. Jones
    RB N. Goings
    TE B. Franks
    K J. Reed
    DEF Houston

    RAMbunctious is listing Big Ben as his QB, but picked up Tommy Maddox the day after Christmas. M. Schaub was also added to the roster however Atlanta has already announced they plan to start Vick. This is quite an amazing postseason as two of the three lowest seeded teams are viewing for the Cup.
    -12-30-2004, 01:07 PM
  • MauiRam
    Blog: St. Louis Rams: Oddsmakers Have Rams Going 2-14
    by MauiRam
    By David Heeb May 10, 2012

    The offseason brings hope to every team in the NFL. With free agency and the draft, every team gets a chance to fill in a few roster holes and hopefully get some injured players ready to start the new season healthy.

    In April and May, hope springs eternal in the NFL. Right now, everybody is undefeated.

    So today, we all think our team has a chance to make the playoffs. That's what we're supposed to think, because we're fans, right? We are supposed to believe that our struggling right tackle is finally going to be the player we thought he'd be when we used the No. 2 overall pick in the draft to take him. We are supposed to think that this coaching staff, and this new GM, aren't going to make the same mistakes as their predecessors.

    But what about the people who make their money by being objective?

    Today I came across this interesting article where Cantor Gaming has released betting odds for the NFL season. So forget what us fans think right now. For just a minute, let's "put our money where our mouth is" and see what the oddsmakers are saying.

    Week 1: Rams @ Detroit, LOSS

    Week 2: Rams vs. Washington, LOSS

    Week 3: Rams @ Chicago, LOSS

    Week 4: Rams vs. Seattle, LOSS

    Week 5: Rams vs. Arizona, WIN

    Week 6: Rams @ Miami, LOSS

    Week 7: Rams vs. Green Bay, LOSS

    Week 8: Rams vs. New England (game played in London), LOSS

    Week 9: BYE

    Week 10: Rams @ San Francisco, LOSS

    Week 11: Rams @ NY Jets, LOSS

    Week 12: Rams @ Arizona, LOSS

    Week 13: Rams vs. San Francisco, LOSS

    Week 14, Rams @ Buffalo, LOSS

    Week 15, Rams vs. Minnesota, WIN

    Week 16, Rams @ Tampa Bay, LOSS

    Week 17: Because of uncertainty concerning which starters might suit up for the final week of the regular season, Week 17 lines were not available. So I'll call this one, Rams @ Seattle, LOSS.

    So the bad news is, the oddsmakers are saying the Rams are going to go 2-14. The good news, they are also saying the Redskins are going to go 4-12.

    Hey, at least the Rams will have two top-five picks, right?
    -05-10-2012, 03:32 PM
  • Nick
    ClanRam 2011 NFL Power Rankings: Week 1
    by Nick
    Oh, how the mighty have fallen. The Pittsburgh Steelers were the victims of a beatdown at the hands of the division rival Baltimore Ravens, causing them to slip down the ClanRam Power Rankings. Also in line for a drop are the NFC South powerhouse Atlanta Falcons, the Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts, and yes Virginia, the St. Louis Rams. Some surprise showings in Week One include the Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, and Washington Redskins, all of whom ranked rather low in the preseason ...
    -09-15-2011, 12:43 AM