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  • ClanRam Championship Rosters

    Who here has been lucky enough to field a championship roster? If you got one, who's on your squad?

    Here's my starting lineup for my West Memphis Pain Train of the Real Deal Football League (

    QB: Daunte Culpepper
    RB: Edgerrin James, Domanick Davis
    WR: Randy Moss, Muhsin Muhammed
    TE: Antonio Gates
    K: Lawrence Tynes
    DL: Patrick Kerney
    LB: D.J. Williams
    DB: Adrian Wilson

    I've gotten really lucky with trades (Rudi Johnson and Eric Johnson for Davis and Gates) and I've only had major injury problems on defense (I'm starting all backups in the championship game for Michael Strahan, Brian Urlacher, and Darren Sharper). It's been a pretty good year.

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    Re: ClanRam Championship Rosters

    This is for the St. Louis Fantasy League(The other Clan Ram league)

    Ke Johnson
    T Holt
    D Jackson
    L Tomlinson
    T Barber
    A Gates
    W McGahee
    P Edinger


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    • evil disco man
      Bar-bq Wins the 2007 ClanRam Cup!!!
      by evil disco man
      Congrats to Bar-bq on his repeat championship! Way to represent the Gold League. Kudos to Nick and RamOfDenmark for making it this far; everyone had very solid teams. Here's how the final week went down:

      RamOfDenmark (White League)

      QB Peyton Manning - 95PY = 3
      RB Brian Westbrook - 42RY + 57RY = 9
      RB Adrian Peterson (Vikings) - 36RY = 3
      WR Reggie Wayne - 87RY = 8
      WR Derrick Mason - 72RY = 7
      WR Andre Johnson - 74RY = 7
      TE Vernon Davis - 20RY = 2
      K Nick Folk - 2FG = 6
      D/ST Chargers - 17PA + 4 sacks + 1 int + 1TD = 13
      TOTAL = 58

      Bar-bq (Gold League)

      QB Tom Brady - 356PY + 2TD = 22
      RB Clinton Portis - 104RY + 27RY + 2TD = 24
      RB Frank Gore - 94RY + 21RY = 11
      WR Wes Welker - 122RY = 12
      WR Bernard Berrian - 28RY + 1TD = 8
      WR Roydell Williams - 59RY = 5
      TE Dallas Clark - 5RY = 0
      K Neil Rackers - 2FG + 6XP = 12
      D/ST Steelers - 2 sacks = 2
      TOTAL = 96

      Nick (Blue League)

      QB Carson Palmer - 316PY + 3TD - 1 int = 23
      RB Steven Jackson - 55RY = 5
      RB Adrian Peterson (Vikings) - 36RY = 3
      WR Anquan Boldin - 56RY + 1TD = 11
      WR Andre Johnson - 74RY = 7
      WR Brandon Marshall - 31RY + 114RY + 1TD = 20
      TE Heath Miller - 20RY = 2
      K Josh Brown - 2FG + 5XP = 11
      D/ST Jaguars - 1 sack + 1 int = 3
      TOTAL = 85

      Let me know if you see any errors. Cheers!



      PS: The Mighty Bombjacks will dominate in 2008.
      -12-31-2007, 01:17 AM
    • DJRamFan
      ClanRam Cup up for grabs on Sunday
      by DJRamFan
      Well, it's the final week of the season and we have our final two. First, here's a look at last week's semi-final matchups:

      RAMbunctious 122 - SoCal BlitzKrieg 110

      Big gamers were Favre (53) for SoCal and Roethlisberger (28) and Houston DEF (26).

      DJ's Dynamo 125 - FertersFantasyFreaks 105

      The Dynamo were carried by Trent Green (47) and Tony Gonzalez (29) while Ferter was hampered by an injured Volek. The rest of the freak train put up good numbers that couldn't make up the difference.

      ClanRam Cup Matchup
      #6 DJ's Dynamo (10-6) vs. #8 RAMbunctious (9-6-1)
      Last Meeting: DJ's Dynamo 97-84 (Week 11)

      Dynamo Roster
      QB T. Green
      WR A. Randle El
      WR Ro. Smith
      WR J. Gaffney
      RB D. Levens
      RB W. McGahee
      TE T. Gonzalez
      K D. Brien
      DEF Atlanta

      RAMbunctious Roster
      QB B. Roethlisberger
      WR An. Johnson
      WR J. Walker
      WR D. Stallworth
      RB J. Jones
      RB N. Goings
      TE B. Franks
      K J. Reed
      DEF Houston

      RAMbunctious is listing Big Ben as his QB, but picked up Tommy Maddox the day after Christmas. M. Schaub was also added to the roster however Atlanta has already announced they plan to start Vick. This is quite an amazing postseason as two of the three lowest seeded teams are viewing for the Cup.
      -12-30-2004, 01:07 PM
    • ZigZagRam
      Dynast League Roster
      by ZigZagRam
      Here's my Dynasty League roster for the 2004 season. I'd like to see what the Clan thinks.

      Starting Roster:
      QB: Daunte Culpepper
      RB: Edgerrin James
      RB: Rudi Johnson
      WR: Randy Moss
      WR: Steve Smith
      TE: Boo Williams
      K: John Carney
      DL: Michael Strahan
      LB: Brian Urlacher
      DB: Darren Sharper

      QB: Drew Bledsoe
      RB: T.J. Duckett
      RB: William Green
      RB: Chris Perry
      RB: Tony Hollings
      WR: David Givens
      WR: Reggie Williams
      TE: Itula Mili
      K: Aaron Elling
      DL: Patrick Kerney
      LB: Anthony Simmons
      DB: Aeneas Williams
      -07-22-2004, 12:30 PM
    • RamWraith
      Rate and tell us your team
      by RamWraith
      Well everyone. Fantasy drafts all over the country should be done. How did you do??

      Here is my team. What do you think?

      Rate the teams on a scale 1-10

      QB M. Bulger
      QB K. Warner
      RB R. Johnson
      RB D. McAllister
      RB S. Davis
      WR T. Holt
      WR A. Johnson
      WR D. Jackson
      WR T. Calico
      TE A. Crumpler
      TE M. Pollard
      PK J. Elam
      PK R. Bironas
      Def Eagles PHI
      Def Seahawks
      -09-06-2005, 05:37 PM
    • CanadianRam!
      ClanRam Gold League
      by CanadianRam!
      The other leagues have a thread, so why shouldn't we?

      Here's my roster, others can post theirs too

      QB Philip Rivers
      WR Reggie Wayne
      WR Larry Fitzgerald
      WR Braylon Edwards
      RB Willie Parker
      RB Reggie Bush
      TE Todd Heap
      K David Akers
      DST Philadelphia

      QB Matt Hasselbeck
      RB Ahman Green
      RB DeAngelo Williams
      WR Jerricho Cotchery
      WR Muhsin Muhammad
      TE Owen Daniels
      -09-03-2007, 03:48 PM