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  • Champ!!!!

    You are looking at the newest Fantasy Champ in our league. J-Ram is now 280.00 richer and has bragging rights for the year :king:

    Thanks to:
    Rams D
    TB D

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    Congrats J-Ram,

    I hope to join you this weekend as a 3 time champ in my league. I just hope the Bears win at 1pm as I have Warner, Faulk, Holt and Wilkins going for me and my backups are very suspect.


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      Congrats J-Ram!
      Well I got lucky too!!
      I came out on the top in my league after an exciting Super Bowl.

      My players:

      Kurt Warner
      Priest Holmes
      Jarmel White
      Marty Booker
      Tory Holt
      Byron Chamberlain
      Morten Andersen
      Eagles D

      Steve McNair
      Tyrone Wheatley
      Michael Bennett
      Olindo Mare
      Ravens D

      Maybe next year we could start a CLANRAM's league!!!!???

      GO RAMS


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        count me in for that, after two years in the top 3, i totally missed the playoffs this year, too many injuries and guys not playing well.:mad:


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          There are plenty of online sites, and we could have different leagues with all our Clan Warriors, and maybe have a playoff of the top teams. It sounds like fun but a logistical nightmare.



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            it can be done

            with todays software it can be done .... I belong to a company that you can draft over the net I can also post my results on the net. You can see it at the following address


            I am the Rattlers on the list.

            I will look into organizing something for next year


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              FFl winner

              :helmet: Hey guys, I was a winner in my league CBSsportsline. The name of the league was LA Rams Fan ,my team was West Chester Bulldogs I won on a 14-2 record etc playoffs etc....... I was informed that I won and all I got was a 500 CBS sportsline points to use for cheap ass stuff . So, I ask (It was 1st time doing it) where or what did I do wrong If you want I'll give you the id and password to get in . It said as prizes the league champ gets 1000 bucks to third place and some get other stuff so I thought I won something of importance guess NOT lol. Oh, I haven't posted anything lately but busy w/ work baseball season starting for us and field time is needed also my son has been speed skating in Mrytle Beach. He skayes in a rink,hardwood oval,hes rank 2nd in nation and 1st in his divsion. I know shut up already lol. Thanks for your time on my question on FFL dael.

              See ya,
              LAFAN1969 :shield:


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                The Omaha Flames join the ranks of the Champeeens from Clan Ram. The Flames ended with a 14-2 record, having defeated the two teams that beat them, one in the final game of the season. A special thanks to Issac Bruce AND Torry Holt along with Ernie C. and the Rams D.



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                    Fantasy Team '99

                    I picked Warner with my last pick in the 99 draft. I also took Bruce with like the sixth pick and got a resounding "Hamstring" taunt.

                    This was my team:
                    K. Stewart
                    S. Davis
                    M. Pittman
                    M. Harrison
                    I. Bruce
                    T. Wilkins

                    I can't remember the rest but needless to say, I won going away. I didn't even need to play the last week.


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                      I think it'd be awesome to have a ClanRam fantasy football league. Fantasy football is one of my very few hobbies.



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                        We will definently work on having a league amoung our members.


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                          Sounds great. Count me in


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