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Horns and Pinstripes, what about you?

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  • Horns and Pinstripes, what about you?

    First off, Let me say that i'm happy to be here. It's great to know most of us like the Rams enough to join this forum. Secondly, I especially wish those Rams fans who came from the L.A. years, ALL THE BEST. I was with ya'll as a little boy in the Coliseum for a couple year, and then for about 10 in the Mighty Big A, and those were some of my best times cheering for the Horned Blue and Yellow.
    Now i'm gonna lay you out. THE NY YANKEES are my second ?favorite team :cool: I was about 6 years old and Bucky Dent hit the homer vs the BoSux and my dad bought me a Yankee cap and i never took it off, it was one of the only things he ever bought me, besides my construction boots (actually i stole those from him):evil: Anyways to make a long story short, the Rams and Yanks are my favorite pastimes, and I'm wondering what all ya'lls favorite other teams are. Feel free to crucify me about the Yankees, cause i've heard em' all before. RAMS AND YANKEES, HORNS AND PINSTRIPES, TILL I'M DEAD BABY
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    I'm a big Arsenal fan, perenial runners up in the English Premiership.
    Best moment - watching Michael Thomas score the last minute goal to win the League in 1989.
    Worst moment - flyiny to Copenhagen and watching from the stands as we lost on penalties to Galatasary. Then being spat at and sworn at by Turkish fans after the game.


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      So I take it you won't be going up to Anfield to watch the game next Wednesday. i had a chance of a ticket but the old " pressure of work" meant I had to turn it down.

      Which side was I going to support? not sure I was going with a Turkish mate but my wife is a scouser and i won't want to upset her would I?


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        My Brother`s just back from Canada, could see the smirk in his face when he asked me what happened in the Superbowl, Anyway he`s brought me back a Canadian Olympic Ice Hockey Jersey so looks like I`ll be supporting Canada during the Olympics.

        GO CANUCKS!


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          OK Mr. Blonde you got it half right, i'll give you the horns, BUT....

          pinstripes? the yankees? :eek: YYYUUUCCKKK i hate the yankees there's no way a team should be able to throw around that much money and win that much, it's bad sportsmanship. MLB sucks right now and will suck for a long time as long as Selig runs the league. You're definitely allowed to like a them though, there is plenty of history and tradition.

          I have no favorites in MLB - except that i hate the yankees and braves. I'm more into minor league and college baseball where guys actually play for the love of the game and not the paychecks. Yeah some of them have dreams of playing in the show, but i'm sure most of them are just happy to be playing ball. :p


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            My favorite baseball teams are the Angels and the Padres.Talk about longsuffering!!!!I should be a Dodgers fan,but I started rooting against the Dodgers to bug my Dad when I was little.I've never been able to like them since.I also follow the Lakers and the Kings.(I was born in L.A.)The only team that I am obsessed with is the Rams.Football and the Horns are my greatest passion.


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              Originally posted by DODRAM
              So I take it you won't be going up to Anfield to watch the game next Wednesday
              I'm staying well away from all games involving any English side against any Turkish side.
              A knife in the back is to high a price to pay for watching a football match.
              I just dread to think what will happen when England travel to Istanbul for the Euro 2004 qualifiers.


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                :nerd: Football is about it for me...with the exception of any sport my kids are in. They like basketball and my son does all sports.


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                  St Louis Rams and NY Yankees a good combination

                  Hey Mr.Blond, I agree with you. Horns and Pinstripes 'till we're dead.

                  The combination sounds good and sounds greater when you add Chivas de Guadalajara and the New Jersey Devils!!!

                  :ram: :helmet: :shield:


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                    Rams (of course) and also follow the Cowboys (I know, I know, sacrelidge, right?

                    Baseball faves are the Cardinals I also like the Yanks, Rangers, and to a lesser degree the Dodgers.

                    Hoops San Antonio Spurs! I also follow women's hoops Houston Comets.

                    Don't care for hockey much

                    Love soccer, enjoy watching Bundesliga best (Werder Bremen) and Premiership (Liverpool!! Wee-Wee on the gunners!)

                    Big college sports fan, Oklahoma State Cowboys!


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                      NFL: Rams......distant second, Bills
                      NHL: Buffalo Sabres (AHL Rochester Americans - home team and buffalo minor league team)
                      NBA: NY Knicks
                      MLB - everybody but yankees and braves, but the sport is going down the crapper anyway.

                      AFL: Buffalo Destroyers
                      AF2: Rochester Brigade
                      NFL EL: Rhein Fire (Sorry dez and Dod:o )

                      NLL: Rochester Knighthawks
                      MLL: Rochester Rattlers
                      (those are lacrosse teams - got season tix for both)

                      i think thats about everything....


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                        Hey guys!

                        It's been awhile since I've been on the forum. I think the last time was right before the Super Bowl. But, I wanted to add my teams in this.

                        The only other one that matters for me besides the Rams, are the Angels. So until the Rams won the Super Bowl I knew nothing but suffering. What makes it worse; is that I live in the bay area. So I put up with a lot of crap. But I do like the Lakers. But then again; basketball is a hobby not a sport.


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                          I also like the California I mean Anaheim Angels and San Diego Padres! as well as the Oakland A's. Hate almost everyone else, but LOVE THE GAME.:cool:


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                            And football, HATE almost everybody cept the BIGHORN RAMS. I like the Chargers and Cowboys very distant seconds. Loathe the *****, Falcons, Saints, Vikings, Titans everybody else. :superram: :lid: GO RAMS BABY YEAH :helmet: :lid: :angryram:


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                              Marcovizgo, Rams and Yankees? Right on brother!!!! And Chivas you mean the Tequila right? I'll just have my John Daniels rocks, but gimme the worm, ok?;) that's if i understood you correctly. :wiseman:


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                              • peramoure
                                by peramoure
                                I think for those of us who post on this board (I myself post irregularly butread frequently), this is a pretty amazing time for us. I don't put the Rams up on a podium above my personal life and I don't spend hours a week reading about the Rams, but I do watch the games, I do pay attention, and I can name every player, starters and reserves. ;-

                                I love the Rams. I'm 26, I grew up in LA, and my dad had a serious anger problem. Every time the Rams lost he would punch a hole through the wall or kick a cupboard door. The worst of it all was when the ***** came to town - I knew as a little kid that the ***** meant a grumpy dad later in the day. I didn't know Joe Montana or Jerry Rice as a 5 year old, but I grew up to know them well. As my dad's football expertise and attention level faded, my attention level rose to incredible heights. As an 8 year old I would get the team address from Beckett Magazine and would mail playing cards in for autographs. Jim Everett wrote me back and signed. Bettis, Bruce, Flipper Anderson, Kevin Greene. I have many other teams, but those Rams were important to me.

                                The point of this note is that the past 7 or 8 years have sucked. My best friend is a Seahawks fan, and I live in Dallas, Texas.

                                But something has changed. My girlfriend got back in town last night and smiled and said "The Rams won!". My neighbor stopped me to yell "YOUR TEAM WON DUDE!". My dad called to talk about how we beat the Seahawks - and that is important to me.

                                People know I'm a Rams fun. They didn't typically rub it in my face when we won 1 or 2 games a year but they share my pleasure and satisfaction that my team is (so far) competetive. That is what sports is about - that is what being a Rams fan means to me.
                                -10-05-2010, 12:20 PM
                              • general counsel
                                Sam Shields article in The Players Tribune
                                by general counsel
                                Someone please find the article by Sam Shields today in The Players Tribune online and post it to this site. It is one of the most inspirational, emotional and moving articles i have ever read. Shields describes his battles with concussions and his road back to the NFL in a way that is extremely moving and real. I am now a GINORMOUS Sam Shields fan.

                                Ramming speed to all

                                general counsel
                                -10-26-2018, 01:37 PM
                              • RamWraith
                                Get to know the Clansmen/women
                                by RamWraith
                                Every off-season (except lest season) I ask all the members to write a little blurb about themselves so we can all learn a little more about the people behind the posts.

                                So, this season is no different. Please take a few moments and introduce yourselves. Tell us all a little about you as a person. You may want to include age, occupation(s), sex, family, a funny story, location, how you found us, why you are a Rams fan, interests besides the Rams or just a plain ol' "hi" nice to meet you.

                                This thread should help all you lurkers out there to become part of the group. This is a nice way to break into the group in a very relaxed thread. DON'T BE SHY, we wont bite (well maybe Sam).

                                PLEASE EVERYONE, tell us about YOU!!
                                -07-11-2006, 02:46 PM
                              • Guest's Avatar
                                A Tribute To The Greatest Ramfan Of All-time.
                                by Guest
                                This is from therams1 AKA Jerry. Known to us here at ClanRam as Bloodnhall. I found it on his site and thought I would share it with you. If you have never been to his web site then you have to do so. Trust me its a gem full of unprecedented work.

                                A TRIBUTE TO THE GREATEST RAMFAN OF ALL-TIME.
                                MY FIRST MEETING WITH WALT

                                It was in September of 1966.

                                My Father bought season tickets to the Rams. I was six years old and couldn't wait to sit in My seat.

                                The LA Coliseum looked so big. I knew we had 4 seats and one was on the aisle. As I raced down those steep concrete stairs looking for number 22 because if I sit in that aisle seat it's mine.

                                I found our row sat in that aisle seat that would be mine for the next 13 years.

                                Looking at that football field and the Rams warming up was awesome. As I look to my right, this black man who has the aisle seat right across from me is smiling at me.

                                I get embarrassed and look away. He says to me "You know that seat right there is the best one out of them all, you sure are a lucky guy".

                                As my Father gets up and they shake hands introducing themselves. He says "my name is Walt Jackson".

                                I shake his hands and this is the beginning of 13 great years with Walt.

                                WALT WILL ALWAYS BE THE GREATEST RAMFAN
                                Walt will always be the greatest Ramfan of all-time.

                                I thought it was my Father who was the greatest Ramfan.

                                Dan of Ramsworld thought it was his Dad, along with every Dad.

                                You see, they all came in first place, it was a dead heat with all our Fathers.

                                So did Walt and he paid more so Walt wins.

                                IT WAS WALT'S RAMS
                                Walt had his seat since 1962.

                                Alway's sharp dressed and with that am radio in his shirt pocket with that white wire going to his ear listening to Dick Enberg.

                                In big games if the Rams turned the ball over I would automatically look to my right at Walt.

                                He would know I was looking at him but his eyes would never leave the field. But he would give me this head nod that said "don't worry about, our defense will hold them".

                                But what I loved was in big games when it was certain our Rams were going to win.

                                Walt would cross his legs, light up his chesterfield cigarette, lean back in his seat and look at HIS Rams with this proud smile on his face.

                                MAN I MISS THAT.

                                Walt's favorite player was Mr. Jones (as Walt would say)

                                HIS RAM KNOWLEDGE NEVER WILL BE EQUALLED
                                There are alot of Ramfans I know that are top gun when it comes to Ram football.

                                But, you can put them all together with the internet
                                -08-25-2004, 11:23 PM
                              • Guest's Avatar
                                Its my fault were losing
                                by Guest
                                I believe that the Rams winning, would make me TOO Happy, therefore the enemies I have in life are too strong right now and will not let that happen. I've loved the Rams since I was 10 years old, and the Horns, well, Theyre too beautiful *wipes tear*. Unfortuantely alot of people don't see the beauty I see, and wish to stop the Horns from advancing, moving ahead, winning. I only say to my enemies right now, go f youselves, you pieces of sh!t and I will see you to hell. As for the Rams and Rams fans, I'm sorry, I like your taste in team apparel and nicknacks, but, come closer.....*whispers* We suck. (right now)
                                -11-13-2005, 05:08 PM