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  • Europeans in the NBA

    Is it just me or is the NBA draft about as useful as Marcus Allen's sports commentary?

    I think it has alot to do with the foreign factor, mainly the Europeans. We gym rats knew that placing the pros in the Olympic Games would cause an explosion in the sport worldwide, which isn't bad in my opinion. I personally enjoy a great textbook pass on a fast break for a layup instead of someone throwing a ball off the backboard and watching it bounce off the back of the rim during the dunk. That is why the NBA has virtually made the draft useless after the 6th pick.

    Look at the infusion: Divac, Gasol, Bagaric, Olajuwon, Stojakovic and so many more. They are mostly tall, but shoot free throws extremely well. Great vision on the court. Not much hot dog, well Vlade tries but he still has no rhythym. I for one am glad for it, I was getting sick of all the show boating.

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    I love have the Europeans in the NBA (most of them reside in Dallas which is turning into one of my favorite teams - behind the knicks of course), they tend to be more low key and less involved in risky business. Plus, it tightens things up in terms of roster spots - maybe it could help force more kids to go to college and actually learn how to play ball as well as get an education for when they flop. :confused:

    Keep 'em coming.....let's increase the talent pool...:o :nerd:

    (and i still say dirk is funny looking, but the man can play :o )
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